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Famous TV Couples Who Actually Hated Each Other in Real Life

We all have that one coworker that we just can’t stand. Sometimes, it’s an issue of conflicting personality types. While other times it’s a matter of two diametrically opposed ideologies or interests. But what happens when someone is forced to like that pesky coworker? If it’s your literal job to pretend to love that problematic person, what do you do?

This is the tricky dilemma faced by many famous television couples who hated each other off-screen. While to the viewing public, beloved television couples always try to do their best to give off an impression that their characters live happy-go-lucky, lovey-dovey lives together. There have been plenty of instances in which cherished TV twosomes actually hated each other’s guts.

That’s not to say that there haven’t been TV couples who got along quite nicely in real life. But that subject wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining to cover in a Facts Verse video!

Many people turn to television as a much-needed escape from the harsh realities of their everyday lives. Maybe their personal lives are full of trauma and strife. In this day and age, the majority of people have to contend with people in their bubbles that are toxic and difficult to coexist with.

So, when they flick on the tube and watch television shows involving characters with seemingly healthy relationships. It’s easy forget that the actors that they are watching are just people doing their jobs. And that, just like in any other field, not everyone in their work environment is going to be pleasant to deal with.

When actors pretend to like somebody that they actually despise, they are, if you really think about it, taking their acting abilities to new heights. Even though they often appeared in comedies, there no laughs shared between the actors were about to discuss in this facts-packed video.

As you’ll soon see, even an on-screen couple that was featured on one of the most iconic CBS sitcoms of all time had a rather acrimonious behind-the-scenes relationship. In the majority of cases, actors successfully convinced the viewing public that they loved their television partners. But when it came time to take a smoke break or go to a cast and crew holiday party, the tensions flared. And it became very difficult for the folks were about to cover to get along with their co-stars.

So without further ado, get ready and Join Facts Verse to learn all about a few Famous TV Couples Who Actually Hated Each Other in Real Life!

Vivian Vance and William Frawley – I Love Lucy

These two actors should awarded all of the accolades under the sun for their tremendous performance as one of television’s most iconic on-screen couples of all time. That’s because, in reality, they absolutely detested each other. And could barely stand being in the same room together when they didn’t have to.

Their troubles started after William overheard Vivian complaining about his age. He was 22 years older than she was, and this evidently bothered her immensely.

William, on the other hand, resented the fact he had to work with her. He wanted nothing more than for her to return back to her home state of Kansas. It’s also a matter of public knowledge that Vivian would often hurl insults at him. Calling him names like ‘that stubborn-headed little Irishman’.

It’s worth noting that William was a notorious alcoholic who had a nasty reputation for being a pain in the rear and hot-tempered.

The two stars later declined an offer to appear alongside each other in a potentially lucrative spin-off series as they didn’t want to have to work with each other ever again. It’s said that Vivian even jokingly ordered a bottle of champagne to celebrate after learning of William’s death. If that’s not true hatred, then we don’t know what is! Join Facts Verse to learn all about a few Famous TV couples who actually hated each other in real life.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher – That 70s Show

Although this celebrity couple is now happily, their relationship wasn’t always sunshine and roses. When Kunis and Kutcher first met on the set of the hit sitcom That 70s Shows. Where they respectively played the characters Jackie and Kelso, the two stars couldn’t stand being around each other.

For their scenes together, the two actors had to suck it up and pretend to like each other even though, in reality, they couldn’t get along.

Perhaps their bitter on-set friction had to do with maturity levels, considering that both actors were relatively young and idealistic at the time. Or maybe it had to do with a generation gap. Kunis was just 15 when That 70s Show premiered, and Kutcher was 20.

Years later, after the two ended up getting together in real life, their former co-stars pretty shocked, to say the least.

As an interesting side note, Kutcher was even Kunis’ first kiss when the two actors locked lips in character.

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Joan Collins and John Forsythe – Dynasty

Nowadays, the majority of the most prominent primetime dramas and reality series have taken at least a few pointers from Dynasty. Whether their creators will admit it or not.

This hugely influential 1980s primetime soap opera was all about fame, fortune, and juicy interpersonal drama.

Blake Carrington, the show’s lead male star, was an oil tycoon whose tumultuous life became increasingly trouble-ridden after his ex-wife, Alexis, rolled back into town.

Blake and Alexis on-screen relationship deliciously complicated. But even though that made for great television. Some of that contentiousness appears to have carried over to the actor’s relationship when the cameras weren’t rolling. Or at least that’s how it was when the series was still in production.

Joan Collins reportedly believed that Forsythe never really wanted her to be on the show in the first place. That was likely to do with the fact that his character despised her as much as he did. Collins later revealed that for an entire season of the hit drama. She and John didn’t even talk to each other between takes.

Julie McCullough and Kirk Cameron – Growing Pains

There’s much to said about sticking to your guns and not backing down from your beliefs. But for Kirk Cameron, he may have taken things a bit too far.

During the production of Growing Pain’s fourth and fifth seasons, the character he portrayed, Mike, fell madly in love with Julie McCullogh’s character, Julie.

But as the two young lovers geared up to exchange wedding vows on the show. Behind the scenes, Cameron apparently hated his young, attractive co-star. It’s said that at one point, he even demanded that Julie fired from the show’s cast.

The main issue that proved to their biggest point of contention likely had to do with the fact that Cameron was a devout follower of Evangelical Christianity. Kirk apparently very much so opposed to Julie posing for Playboy. It which she did for the adult magazine’s February 1986 issue.

Years later, Cameron attempted to justify his actions by stating in his autobiography that Julie only ever supposed to be a short-term character. But many of the show’s fans don’t buy into that explanation. Getting a colleague fired because you don’t approve of their previous career choices doesn’t exactly look like you’re showing that Christlike unconditional love you claim to be all about—and it’s certainly not a very professional move! Join Facts Verse to learn all about a few Famous TV couples who actually hated each other in real life.

Jason Alexander and Heidi Swedberg – Seinfeld

Seinfeld frequently gave viewers a look at characters that were every bit as charming as they were irritating.

The Character Susan, played by Swedberg, was George’s on again-off-again girlfriend. Later on in the series, she became his fiance as well. As you may recall, Susan ended up meeting a rather grisly end after dying from licking too many envelopes!

Fans of the series might have felt that her departure from the series at the end of season 7 was somewhat abrupt. But apparently it was a long time coming. Behind the scenes, Jason and Heidi couldn’t get along to save their lives. They found it nearly impossible to work together. And frequently exchanged bitter jabs while on the set of the ‘show about nothing’.

What seemed to be there biggest divide wasn’t a matter of conflicting personality types, but rather different working methods. Or at least that’s what Alexander has said about the topic.

Regardless of the reasons why the two actors couldn’t get along. The cast of the series all seemed to dread having to do scenes with Heidi so much . So that they even petitioned the show’s creator Larry David to write her off the program. Join Facts Verse to learn all about a few Famous TV couples who actually hated each other in real life.

Jean Hagen and Danny Thomas – Make Room For Daddy

Throughout the first several seasons of the iconic sitcom Make Room For Daddy, Danny Thomas’s character, Danny Williams, wed to Jean Hagen’s character, Margaret.

The show’s plot frequently dealt with scenarios in which Margaret managed the household as a homemaker while Danny was out and about bringing home the bacon. Back in the day, show was pretty novel. There simply weren’t other series on the airwaves that covered similar themes. Audiences also felt drawn to the series due to Thomas and Hagen’s on-screen chemistry, which was downright electrifying.

Yet, not everything was as it appeared. While it seemed like the couple were blissfully in love and worked well together. Sharing the burdens of running a household and raising a family, Thomas and Hagen reportedly constantly fought on the set and disdained each other.

Hagen so tired of being on the show and having to pretend to play nice with Thomas that after wrapping up the series’ third season, she left of her own volition. Thomas reportedly so peeved at her for leaving that he demanded that the show’s writers kill off her character. Join Facts Verse to learn all about a few famous TV couples who actually hated each other in real life.

Were you surprised to learn that the TV couples discussed in this video hated each other so intensely? And can you think of any other television couples that couldn’t stand being around each other when the cameras weren’t rolling? Let us know in the comments.

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