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Movies Where Celebrities Acted with Their Kids (And You Missed It)

“Bring your child to work” day has long been a favorite of parents across many professions. This is especially true for parents whose jobs make it harder for them to spend quality time with their kids. And sometimes those same kids, when they’re older, end up getting a job working for the same company. That way they have a career that allows them to be near their beloved parent. It’s a win-win.

But if you’re in the entertainment business, and especially if you’re a prominent actor or actress, there’s a great way to make sure you and your kid get to work together on a daily basis. Get them an acting job on the same show or film you’re working on!

There’s a long tradition of parent actors working opposite their children on set. Sometimes it’s when their kids are young and just starting out in the business. Other times it’s when the child has gotten older and has begun to make a name for themselves.

And of course, unless both the parent and the child are both super famous. You might not even realize it when parent-child duo is on the same show or in the same film. So that’s why we’re here to tell you all about it. Join Facts Verse as we tell you all about the movies where celebrities acted with their kids (and you missed it!)

Celebrities Acted With Their Kids: Will Smith and Jaden Smith in After Earth

If you’ve been paying attention lately, you know that Will Smith has engulfed in controversy because of his notorious slap to Chris Rock during the 2022 Oscars. And while the long-term effects of that slap on Will Smith’s career remain to seen. What we can say for sure is that Smith has enjoyed a long and incredibly remarkable acting career up until this point. His fame came at an early stage, after starring for many years on the seminal family sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Over time, however, he shifted from being a comic television actor to being one of the biggest Hollywood stars on the planet. He has starred in some of the biggest movies in the past few decades, ranging from Men in Black and Bad Boys, to Independence Day and I, Robot.

He also has quite the famous family. His wife Jada has had a stellar acting career as well, and their children are multi-talented starts themselves. This, of course, includes his son, Jaden. Jaden had started in his father’s footsteps as an actor by appearing in The Pursuit of Happyness in 2006 with his dad. Clearly this a good experience for both Jaden and Will, because Will then set about to make sure there’s a project set up specifically so he could act alongside his son again.

That project ended up being After Earth. The idea was that not only would the pair be able to act opposite each other. But that the film would set up a series of films in that burgeoning franchise, allowing them to keep acting together for years to come. Unfortunately, the movie didn’t turn out as hoped, and no franchise emerged. But on the plus side, the two Smiths got to act together for that movie. And probably had a great time doing it! Join Facts Verse as we tell you all about the movies where celebrities acted with their kids (and you missed it!)

Celebrities Acted With Their Kids: Meryl Streep and Mamie Gummer in Ricky and the Flash

We assume Meryl Streep needs no introduction here. She’s perhaps the most esteemed actor in American history, having turned in legendary performances since the 1970’s. She’s nominated for a whopping 21 Academy Awards, and won three. Her work in films ranging from Kramer vs. Kramer and Sophie’s Choice, to The Devil Wears Prada and The Iron Lady have won her not only accolades, but the respect and admiration of everyone in Hollywood. Not to mention millions of fans and admirers around the world.

Now if the name Mamie Gummer is not quite as familiar to you, we won’t blame you. For starters, having a different last name then your uber-famous mom won’t always make it clear  that it’s a mother-daughter pairing. But Mamie Gummer has followed in her mom’s path and has carved out quite a nice acting career thus far. She’s acting in TV shows like True Detective and The Good Wife. She’s also been in movies like Taking Woodstock and Side Effect.

So when the two got the chance to work together in 2015’s Ricki and The Flash, they jumped at the chance. Not only that, but they actually played mother and daughter in the film! When asked if she felt intimidated by working with her legend of a mother, Mamie responded that she didn’t. She noted that she’s probably one of only a few people in the world who wouldn’t be intimidated by working with Meryl Streep. So Mamie is lucky in more ways than one! Join Facts Verse as we tell you all about the movies where celebrities acted with their kids (and you missed it!)

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Tom Hanks and Colin Hanks in The Great Buck Howard

Tom Hanks might the male equivalent of Meryl Streep, in that he’s a legendary actor who is beloved by millions, and the awards hardware to back it up. Hanks is probably best known for movies like Forrest Gump, Philadelphia, A League of Their Own, and Captain Phillips, though that list just scratches the surface of his incredible work. He’s also known as an excellent producer and director.

His son Colin Hanks has made quite the name for himself as well. While it’s undoubtedly challenging to carve out your own success when you’re living in the shadow of perhaps the most liked man in Hollywood. But Colin has been able to succeed in the business as both an actor and a director. His work has been a solid mix of films and TV shows over the years, from movies like Orange County and King Kong, to shows like Fargo and Mad Men. Not too shabby for someone trying to live up to a legendary dad.

The two first got the chance to work together when Tom directed That Thing You Do. Colin played a bit part as a page. But their onscreen partnership really came to fruition in the move The Great Buck Howards. Colin landed the lead role, while Tom plays that character’s father. It’s about a guy who drops out of law school and then becomes an apprentice for a magician. The character’s father, played by Tom Hanks, is understably concerned about his son’s choices. Fortunately in real life, Tom seems to be very happy with Colin’s choice to be an actor like him! Join Facts Verse as we tell you all about the movies where celebrities acted with their kids (and you missed it!)

Kirk Douglass, Michael Douglass, and Cameron Douglass – It Runs In the Family

This one is pretty wild, cause it involves three generations of talent. The Douglass family is Hollywood royalty, and it was all started when Kirk Douglass became a major star during the Golden Age of Hollywood. He starred in hits like Spartacus, Ace in the Hole, and Paths of Glory. And his path continued by his son Michael, who became a Hollywood a-lister himself. Michael is best known for work in movies like Wall Street, The American President, and more recently the Ant Man movies. And while Cameron Douglass, Michael’s son and Kirk’s grandson, hasn’t been able to carve out quite as successful a career as his older relatives, he has appeared in a few films. Cameron’s career has likely stifled due to recurring issues with drugs.

But in the film, It Runs In The Family, all three Douglass men appear together. Unfortunately, the movie not particularly well-received. Was it the fault of any of the Douglass men? Who’s to say. But at least they probably enjoyed getting to work together throughout the movie’s production, and that’s at least something.

Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri Martino – ‘The Banger Sisters’

Susan Sarandon is another screen legend who has enjoyed a long and fruitful acting career. From her beginnings in Rocky Horror Picture Show and Bull Durham, to her Academy Award-winning role in Dead Man Walking, Sarandon has been a favorite of audiences and critics alike for many decades.

Her daughter, Eva Amurri Martino has followed in her mom’s footsteps and had a fairly access acting career as well. She’s had a dual focus on Tv and film, appearing in films like The Education of Charlie Banks and Middle of Nowhere, as well as TV shows like Friends and Californication.

This talented mother/daughter pair have actually acted twice opposite each other. The first was in the 2002 film The Banger Sisters. In The Banger Sisters, Susan and Goldie Hawn are best friends who, after many years of being apart, reconnect. Eva ended up playing Susan’s daughter in the film. Join Facts Verse as we tell you all about the movies where celebrities acted with their kids (and you missed it!)

The two appeared in the same film years later, in 2016’s Mothers and Daughters. That’s a pretty apt title for a movie featuring a famous mother-daughter pair!

Clearly Hollywood’s finest have no issues when it comes to keeping it the family. Or at least, sharing the big screen with them. Now it’s time to hear from you. Can you think of some of other parent-child movies that we missed? Do you think seeing parents acting alongside their children makes the relationship seem more realistic? Let us know in the comments section below. And before you go, make sure you give this video a like, and subscribe to Facts Verse if you haven’t already. Click the bell icon to stay updated on all our latest content.

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