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Friends That Uncover An Old Abandoned Military Silo Soon Stumble Upon A Truly Chilling Sight


There are places all around the world where “No Trespassing” signs are posted. Some are posted by homeowners and landowners who don’t want people on their land. Some of these signs are posted by the government to keep people away from classified or dangerous areas. When you see a “No Trespassing” sign, you should do what the sign says. There are some people who see these signs and ignore them so that they can explore.

The Bunker

There is an underground bunker located in Deer Trail, Colorado. It is about 60 miles east of Denver. The bunker once held one of the first Titan 1 intercontinental ballistic missiles that the United States ever had. This bunker was once fully functioning. Today, it a piece of history frozen in time.

The Cold War

History enthusiasts know that Titan 1 was a significant part of the early Cold War. These missiles were capable of delivering a substantial nuclear payload at any place in the world. This was something that the U.S. desperately needed back then. Today, the bunker is empty, and you aren’t supposed to go in. However; this didn’t stop a group of explorers from going in. These friends that uncover an old abandoned military silo soon stumble upon a truly chilling sight.

A Creepy Scene

When the group got into the bunker, it was creepier than they had expected. Judging by the bunker’s appearance, they realized that they weren’t the first group to explore and they knew that they wouldn’t be the last.


When they got into the bunker, there were two tunnels for them to go down. They decided to use the right-side shaft. They walked down the dark chamber, and they were worried when they saw what was up ahead. It was very dark, and the beams that they were supposed to walk on were falling apart and missing sections. They had to be very careful while they stepped on the beams.


The walls were covered in graffiti. There was writing all over the walls. In some areas, there were creepy figures on the walls with glowing eyes. Most of the graffiti inside of the bunker had an eerie vibe. Most of the explorers found everything in the bunker terrifying.


The group kept going down the pitch black tunnel. The only light that they had was from their flashlights. The group knew that if their batteries ran out, they might never find their way out of the bunker. Everyone quickly focused on what they thought was blood and they all panicked. It wasn’t until one member mentioned that it could be hydraulic fluid that they began to calm down. This wasn’t the last thing that would panic the group during their time in the bunker.

Blasted Doors

The group came upon a room that was once sealed with huge metal doors. Something had blown the doors out, and they were now lying partially on the ground. Everyone agreed that this bunker looked like something from a horror movie. There were even messages to Satan on written on the walls. The group was wondering what type of people had been in this bunker before them.

The Final Two Scares

Before the group left the bunker, they had two more major scares. The first was when they saw what they thought was a body hunched over in the corner of the room. When they got closer, they realized that it was just a pile of rotting trash. Next, they saw a hand coming from a hole in the wall. When they got closer, they discovered that it was a dirty old glove. After this, they decided that it was time to leave the bunker.

Getting To the Surface

The group was ready to leave the bunker, but they didn’t have to go in the way that they came. They saw a light at the end of a tunnel, and when they went to the light, they found a ladder that would take them back to the surface. When they got to the surface, they realized that they were in the middle of a field. The hole that they came from was far from the entrance that they used, and it wasn’t covered. They were all happy to be out of the creepy bunker and had no intentions of going back inside. For most of them, the one experience was scary enough.

YouTube Description

When a group of explorers heard about an underground bunker in Colorado, they decided that it was a place that they had to see. After getting their cameras, their flashlights, and the rest of the gear together, they headed into the bunker. They had no idea what was inside waiting for them.
They expected a piece of history frozen in time. While the bunker was a piece of history, it wasn’t frozen in time. The group found plenty of frightening things inside the bunker that they never expected to see.

They took photos of what they saw and when it all became too much, they headed out of the bunker in a different entrance than the one that they used to get in. Most of them just wanted to get out as quickly as possible. If you want to see what the explorers saw deep in the bunker, check out the video. It is something right out of a horror movie.

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