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A Wife Gives Birth To 6th Baby And Dad Looks Down And Starts Screaming

Finding Out the Gender

Most parents today look forward to the day that they have the ultrasound to let them know if they are expecting a baby boy or a baby girl. Most parents want to find out so that they can buy gender friendly clothes and furniture. Most want to settle on a name before the baby is born. There are some parents who choose not to find out what they are having because they prefer to be surprised. There are some cases where the parents cannot find out the sex of their baby because the baby isn’t cooperative. If the baby won’t turn to face the camera or open the legs, the gender of the baby cannot be determined.

An Addition To the Family

A man and his wife already had five children, and they were all girls. After their first daughter was born, the father hoped that they would have a boy next. This happened after they had their second daughter, their third daughter, their fourth daughter, and their fifth daughter. The man felt as though he was destined to be the only man in the house surrounded by all girls.

Enough Pink Already!

After each birth, the man and his wife were thrilled that they had a healthy baby. Deep down; however, the man was a bit disappointed that he didn’t get the son that he had always wanted. After each birth, the man and his wife would bring more pink baby clothing and furniture into the home. Deep down, the man was thinking, “Enough pink already.”

Wanting To Be Surprised

During each pregnancy, the man and his wife decided not to find out the sex of the baby. They believed in being surprised. During each pregnancy, the man had a gut feeling that his wife was carrying a boy. By the time they had their third daughter, he was sure that the fourth would be a boy. What were the odds of them having another girl? When baby number four was born, he couldn’t believe it when the doctor announced that it was another girl. He was sure that baby number five would be a boy. When the big day came, he was in disbelief when again, he found out that he had a daughter.

Waiting For Baby Number Six

The man and his wife loved each and every one of their daughters. When they found out that baby number six would be arriving in nine months, again, they decided that they wanted the baby’s sex to be a surprise. Although the man told people that he didn’t care about the sex as long as the baby was healthy, he was hoping and praying for a boy. He wanted a son to carry on the family name. He wanted to stop playing dolls with his daughters for a while and play ball with his son.

The Day Arrives

Finally, the day came, and the woman started having contractions. The man knew that soon, he would find out if he was going to have a son or a daughter. He was honest about wanting to have a healthy baby, but he really wanted to have a healthy baby boy. After having five girls, he was sure that this would be another girl. He was convinced that it was his destiny.

Getting Ready For the Birth

When his wife was nearing the end of her labor, the man got ready. This was something he had done five times before so he didn’t need much help. He knew where to get his mask, cap, and dressing. He knew how to put everything on himself. He says that practice made perfect.

Getting It On Video

Like most fathers, the man wanted to get the birth of his baby on video. This was his sixth child, and he was just as excited about this birth as he was with his first child. The video started out normal, but when the baby was born, things got a bit crazy. When the wife gives birth to 6th baby dad looks down and starts screaming.

It’s a Boy!

When the doctor told the man that he had a son, he lost it. He jumped out of his chair screaming, “I can’t believe it.” He repeated that over and over again. At one point, the doctor had to tell him to calm down because he was going to scare people. Even with the doctor’s warning, he couldn’t control his excitement. A nurse asks him if this was his first boy and he let her know that he had five girls at home. You could tell that it was the most joyous moment in the man’s life.

YouTube Description

When a couple finds out that they are expecting, they often have an idea in their mind of what they want, a boy or a girl. In some cases, they get exactly what they want. In others, they don’t, but they are still thrilled to have a new baby in the home. The man in this video knew full well what he wanted. He wanted a boy. He already had five girls at home, and he was ready to have his first boy.

Like most fathers, he got the birth of his child on video. It wasn’t until his wife gave birth that he completely lost it. He was yelling and jumping up and down. He was so loud that the doctor had to tell him to calm down because he was scaring people. To hear the whole story and to see his reaction to his new baby, you have to see the video.

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