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Fury As Dog Tied To Short Chain Made To Stand On Back Legs All Day In Sweltering Heat

Owning a Dog

A lot of work and responsibility go into owning a dog. It is up to you to make sure that he is fed well and has plenty of water. You need to take him for daily walks to get the exercise that he needs, and you need to take him out to relieve himself a few times a day. Most of all, your dog needs love and attention if he is going to be happy. Most dog owners go above and beyond to make sure that their dogs are happy and feel loved. Unfortunately, other dog owners don’t give their dogs love. Instead, these dogs live a life of abuse and neglect.

Dog In Teloloapan, Mexico

In the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood of Teloloapan, Mexico, animal lovers all over the world are furious. Photos of a dog being forced to stand out in the scorching heat have gone viral. The dog had no water, and the outdoor temperature had risen over 100-degrees. As if this weren’t enough, the dog is chained to a window. The chain is so short that the dog is forced to stand on his hind legs to keep from being choked to death. The treatment of this dog is beyond cruel.


Many people driving by the house noticed the dog standing there, fighting for his life in the sweltering heat. Many of them stopped at the house to confront the dog’s owners. They tried to let the owners know that what they were doing to the dog was wrong, but unfortunately, the owners didn’t seem to care. Instead, they just chased them away. One stranger managed to take a few photos of the dog standing there. They uploaded it to social media, hoping to get the attention of the authorities. The stranger knew that someone had to intervene before it was too late.

The Post

The post was shared by an Instagram user who calls themselves, jbdean. The post read, “Cesar, can you call the police? It would carry a lot of weight if they heard from you. Thank you!” Along with the caption were a couple of photos of the dog trying to remain on his hind legs. In the post, it was written that the owners claimed that their dog was doing just fine and they wanted people to mind their own businesses.


When jdbean posted the story, he quickly received a message from Stanley Burnett, the President of Friends of Mexican Animals Welfare. The message read, “Thank you for reaching out to us regarding this poor dog. I don’t know why this has just resurfaced on the internet, but it is from September 2016. We were contacted by another animal lover in 2017 regarding this dog based on the information provided, could not identify the location in Mexico. The closest we could get was a city in the state of Guerrero and could not confirm the story. Again, thank you for your email and concern, but rest assured, it is not a current event.”


It is unknown what happened to the dog. Since the photos were taken back in 2016, there is no way of knowing what happened to the dog or where he is today. What this post did do was create awareness for mistreated and abused dogs all over the world.


Neglectful owners, like the people who own this dog, need to understand that mistreating a dog is not acceptable. People will call anyone out who is mistreating an animal. People do this because animals don’t have voices of their own. It is up to the humans who witness the mistreatment to stand up for these dogs and speak out. It is the only way that things for these animals will change.

Speak Out!

According to the ASPCA, an organization dedicated to stopping the mistreatment of animals, if you see a dog being abused, neglected, or abandoned, you need to report it. This is the only way to help the dogs and have their owners prosecuted. Dogs don’t have a voice of their own, so it is up to you.


There is no information regarding the reason that these photos keep finding their way back onto social media. This is the third time that the same images have gone viral. It is likely that the dog in the photo has since been saved from the horrible conditions he was forced to endure.


If anything, these photos serve as a reminder that there are cruel people out there who mistreat their pets. The more we put animal abuse in the spotlight, the better our chances are of stopping animal abuse. If animals cannot speak up for themselves, it is up to us. This photo sparked fury as dog tied to short chain made to stand on back legs all day in sweltering heat. Fortunately, this is an old photo, but it is a reminder that things like this happen every day.

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