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Here’s How Much Meghan And Harry’s Baby Has Cost So Far

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Harry and Meghan met on a blind date set up by a mutual friend. Neither expected to fall in love, but they did. Meghan was living in Canada, working on the television show Suits. Harry was living his life as a part of the Royal family. When the two met, sparks flew. They knew that they belonged together, and their wedding was like a fairy tale.

Starting a Family

When Meghan found out that she was pregnant, she and Harry were over the moon. The Royal family and the couples’ fans were all happy as well. Due to the family’s considerable wealth, no cost was spared when it came to their child. Here’s how much Meghan and Harry’s baby has cost so far.

The Eve Of the Party

The night before the shower, Meghan stayed at the 5-star Mark Hotel in New York. The rooms are very expensive. A penthouse room for one night costs an outrageous $75,000. Serena covered the cost of the shower.

Dinner Before the Baby Shower

When Meghan was pregnant, she had a very lavish baby shower. The event was held in February 2018, and it was put together by her two best friends, Serena Williams, and Amal Clooney. The night before the shower, Meghan went to dinner with Serena. They went to dinner at a bar where the alcohol can cost thousands. Obviously, Meghan wasn’t drinking.

The Shower

The baby shower took place at the Mark, where Meghan was staying. There were many famous people invited, including the two hostesses, Gayle King, Abigail Spencer, Markus Anderson, makeup artist, Daniel Martin, and Misha Nonoo. The venue was impressive, and Meghan and her guests had access to six bathrooms, two wet bars, two powder rooms, a grand ballroom, and a rooftop terrace. It was a beautiful place to hold a shower.

Flower Arrangements

One of the activities at the shower was flower arranging. Each guest made their own arrangement; then the flowers were donated by Meghan to the Repeat Roses charity, who brought the arrangements to patients in local hospitals. Erin Hill played her harp for the guests, and chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten handled the food.

The Gifts

Meghan got plenty of gifts after her shower. Away gifted her 17 suitcases, which she gifted to her guests. She didn’t open her gifts at the shower because she wanted to take them home to London so that she and Harry could open them together. Some of her gifts were leaked to the media before she returned home. For example, she was photographed leaving the hotel wearing a necklace that read, “Mummy,” the British spelling of Mommy. It is unknown who gave her this gift. All that is know is that it is a piece from Jennifer Meyer.

The Expenses

The shower cost $200,000, but Serena Williams paid for it. Security had to be there, but it is unknown who paid for it. Scotland Yard refused to confirm or deny that the money came from the British taxpayers. She also didn’t fly commercial from London to New York. Her friends from Toronto paid $100,000 to fly her out on a private plane.

Maternity Clothes

Royals aren’t allowed to accept free clothes from designers, so Meghan bought all of her clothes on her own. A clothing website called Love the Sales did some research, and claim that Meghan spent $500,000 on her maternity wardrobe. Each outfit she was photographed in sold like hot cakes after.

The Baby’s Nursery

Before the couple’s son, Archie was born, they moved into Frogmore Cottage. They hired workers to make it the family-friendly home they always dreamed of. The house has ten bedrooms, a new nursery, a gym, and a yoga studio. The renovations cost between $2.5 and $3.8 million. This money came from money set aside by the Queen; however, the cost of soundproofing, the furniture, and the appliance came from Meghan and Harry’s private fortunes. This cost $65,560.

Other Costs

Meghan used acupuncture during her pregnancy to boost blood flow to the uterus. Her treatments cost about $11,100 during her entire pregnancy. The couple also took a “babymoon” and stayed at Heckford Palace for four days. The hotel charges $13,000 a night. Their son, Archie was born at 5:26 am on May 6, 2019. Before he was born, he already cost the family millions. The couple plans to spare no expense on their little boy, which only means that they will be spending millions of more dollars in the future. Royal children get only the best, and Meghan and Harry are going to make sure that their son gets everything that he deserves. This is one very lucky little boy.

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