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Man Looks Out Window To See Some Unexpected Guests Having A Blast In His Pool


The animals that roam the Earth are pretty amazing. Animals have instincts that help them find food, have babies, and protect themselves and their young. Most people go to the zoo so that they can see these amazing creatures up close and personal. Seeing these animals contained and in cages is not quite as amazing as it is to see them in their natural habitat.


Some people don’t enjoy the zoo. They would rather see these animals in their natural habitat, which is why people go on safaris. On a safari, you get into a vehicle with a guide who takes you to the places where animals are. They make sure that you are safe the whole time, and it gives you the opportunity to see these animals in the wild.

Garth Bradley

Garth Bradley is a man from South Africa. Being from these parts, seeing animals in the wild is nothing new. There are plenty of people in his area who will take a group out to see these amazing creatures. While he has gone to see the animals many times, he never expected them to come and see him.

Broken Concentration

Garth was home from work one day. He didn’t want to go to the office, so he decided to work from home. This is something that he occasionally did, and this seemed like the perfect day to do so. He went into his home office, turned on the computer, and got started on his tasks for the day. Fortunately, he had an easy day, and he was expected to work for just a few hours. About an hour after he started working, he heard something that broke his concentration. It sounded like there were people swimming in his pool.

Local Kids?

At first, Garth thought that it was the local kids who were swimming in his pool. Normally, he was at work all day long. He figured that the kids in the neighborhood assumed that he was at work, and they decided to take a swim in his pool. He put his work to the side and went to his sliding glass doors to catch the kids in the act. When he got there, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Man looks out window to see some unexpected guests having a blast in his pool.


When Garth went to the door to tell the kids that they weren’t allowed to swim in his pool, he got the surprise of his life. It wasn’t a group of kids who were using his pool; it was a group of baboons. He stood by the window watching the baboons playing in the water and splashing one another. They were playing so well together that it could have been a group of kids. Garth went to get his phone so that he could get a video of the baboons playing together in his pool.

Swinging From the Trees

While Garth was watching the baboons, they were not only playing the water, but they were also climbing the trees in his yard. This is common for baboons and Garth knew this. He was just shocked because he had never seen baboons playing like this up close. He certainly never saw them playing in his yard. He says that the way that they were enjoying themselves was absolutely amazing.

Come Again

Garth says that the baboons are more than welcome to come back to his home and use his pools and trees anytime they would like. He says that the baboons have earned that right. He believes that when humans chose to move to the area for its natural beauty, they have moved into a space that isn’t their own. The animals were there first, and it is their home. Garth believes that people need to be tolerant of the animals. He also believes that it would be foolish for people not to expect animals to visit their homes from time to time.

Garth’s Property

Garth lives in a very scenic area of South Africa, which is why his rental property is so popular for tourists. He just never expected a group of baboons to show up to enjoy the peace and tranquility of his backyard.

A Show

Garth says that he hopes that the next time the baboons come to his house that he has tourists staying at his home. People travel to South Africa from all over the world to get a real life animal experience. If his guests were able to see the baboons splashing around in his pool as if they were children, it would be the sight of a lifetime for his guests. It isn’t too often that you can see baboons up close, taking a dip in the pool.

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