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Here’s What Everyone Was Eating In The Year You Were Born

Food Fads

Food fads come and go. Some foods we see on the shelves and on people’s plates for a short time, and some have stood the test of time. Have you ever wondered what the food fads were when you were a child? Did it stand the test of time? Here’s what everyone was eating in the year you were born.


Gelatin was a huge food fad in 1960, Knox released a cookbook dedicated to gelatin. When families went to potlucks, they could be sure that there would be a jello mold there. There were also recipes for corned beef and coleslaw draped in gelatin. Gross and everyone eats!


Chicken a la king is a creamy chicken dish and was a luxury dish for New Yorkers. In 1961, the craze is spreading through the U.S. and serves at weddings, fancy dinners, and formal get-togethers.


In 1962, no party was complete without cocktail meatballs. They envelop in a glaze of grape jelly, chili sauce, herbs, and spices, and serve with toothpicks on a tray. These appetizers were all the rage back then, and they are still popular today.


When Julia Child’s cooking show, The French Chef, debuted in 1963, it changed the way that Americans ate. Suddenly, Americans had access to French recipes. One of the most popular is her coq au vin, and serves in homes all over the U.S.


It may seem hard to comprehend, but before 1964, Pop-Tarts didn’t exist. Kellogg’s made these delicious toaster treats, and they are still popular today. Back in ’64, Pop-Tarts didn’t have frosting, and they only came in two flavors. Today, you can find dozens of flavors on supermarket shelves.


California Dip serves at every party and gathering back in 1965. It is a sour cream and dry onion soup mix. Nobody knows who invents it, and today, it is popular as French onion dip.


Chocolate Fondu was a treat that people loved to indulge on back in 1966. The dish creates by a Swiss chef, Konrad Egli, who worked at a Manhattan restaurant called Chalet Suisse. Before long, it serves in restaurants all over the country.


Julia Child didn’t invent crepes Suzette, but she did help it become popular in the United States. According to the legend, cook by a teenage boy named Henri Charpentier in 1895. He was trying to make a dessert one day when it caught on fire. After trying it, he thought it tasted great, and the dessert was born. Julia Child made it on her show, increasing the dessert’s popularity.


Jim Delligatti made a significant contribution to the culinary world. He invented the Big Mac in 1967. A year later, he sold the recipe to McDonald’s. Today, over 550 million Big Macs, taken every year in the United States alone.


In 1969, carrot cake cooks, and it becomes popular because people thought that it was healthy. Sure, it loads with carrots, but also with sugar. Although it isn’t good, it is still popular today.


In 1970, quiche Lorraine serves at brunches all over America. It came from the Lorraine region of France, and it is made of eggs, cheese, and bacon. It is basically a breakfast pie, and it is fantastic.


Brunch lovers got sick of quiche Lorraine after a while, so they needed another dish. This was when eggs Benedict was born. This wasn’t the only breakfast dish invented in 1971. This is the same year McDonald’s introduced their Egg McMuffin.


German immigrants brought granola to America, but it wasn’t very popular. When the wheatberry was switched with oats in 1972, people loved it, and its popularity soared.


Many restaurants today have salad bars, but that wasn’t the case before 1973. This was the year that restaurants stole the idea from RJ Grunts.


Wacky Cake was first invented during World War II when eggs and milk were rationed. In 1974, it became popular again and was served in homes all over the U.S.


Beef Wellington was a typical dish in 1975. It was invented in the ’60s, and by 1975. It was a typical fancy dinner dish.


Fast forward to 1980, and it was a fresh new decade with fresh new foods. To start off the new decade, people were enjoying Chicken Francaise. This Italian-American dish consists of fried chicken in a lemon sauce, and it isn’t served Italy. You will only find this in the U.S. and was a popular ’80s dish.


Today, you can’t go to a cookout without finding pasta salad on the table. Before 1982, people didn’t even know what it was. There are plenty of variations today, but the ’82 version contained pasta, vinegar, mozzarella, tomatoes, and black olives.


This list wouldn’t be complete without Buffalo wings. The sauce used for the wings was invented in 1964, and in 1983, it became popular around the country.

Microwave Popcorn

Microwave popcorn was invented in 1986, and it changed the way Americans snacked forever. Popcorn poppers were no longer necessary. All you had to do was put the popcorn in the microwave and set the timer for three minutes.


In 1992, salads changed forever when ranch dressing was invented. When people realized that ranch dressing was great with buffalo wings, the two grew in popularity.


Before 1996, many people were disgusted by the idea of eating squid. When someone decided to fry the squid, it became popular all over the United States. After 1996, squid was no longer used only as bait.


1996 wasn’t the only year in the ’90s where seafood had the spotlight. In 1997, crab cakes became popular. Crab cakes were popular in Maryland and Virginia for years, but it wasn’t until 1997 that people all over the country were eating this delicious dish.


Thanks to the popularity of Sex and the City, women all over the country were ordering Cosmopolitans. These pink drinks were always consumed by Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte, and everyone was drinking them.

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