Here’s What Happened to the American Chopper Cast After the Show Ended

There’s something mesmerizing about watching an expert build a complex machine. It’s impressive to see them shape it into a beautiful result. There’s also a compelling quality to family drama. Seeing father and son scream at each other is like a car crash you can’t look away from. American Chopper provided both of these elements. A team of skilled professionals would argue over who was right or what to do. It kept the series going and reappearing for decades.

How did they deal with its cancellation? Keep watching to learn what happened to the American Chopper cast after the show ended.

Paul Teutul Sr.

Paul Teutul Sr. was the owner of Orange County Choppers. He managed to keep the company alive with a new team after the show ended. This didn’t keep him from legal troubles.

His former business partner Thomas Derbyshire sued him in April 2017. He claimed he’d used the money he gave him for personal expenses. He also alleged that he purposely delayed production and refused to film scenes with the Coones family of American Choppers even though they signed a contract. His lawyers denied these claims.

He was sued again in July of 2018 by JTM Motorsports. They claimed he’d made a deal with the company to promote their brand if they fixed his Corvette for free and didn’t uphold his end of the bargain.

These court battles made Paul Sr.’s debt even worse. He reportedly owed over 50 creditors over $1 million but had a net worth of only $1.8 million.

His Montgomery, New York estate on the market also went into foreclosure. He owed $870,000 on its $1.5 million mortgage by 2016, so he put it up on the market in 2019. Then, he sold it for $1.65 at a loss compared to the original $2.9 million asking price.

He filed for bankruptcy a few months later in July of 2018. The case added more fuel to the fire when he allegedly had to be escorted out of court after lunging at a lawyer. His representatives deny this version of events. They said that there was a heated exchange of words but no violence was involved.

Paul Sr. then tried to get back to his passion. He also knew just where to do it, telling WFLA News Channel 8 that he could “feel the freedom” in Florida in a way that he couldn’t in New York. He established Orange County Choppers and Museum and Florida in 2021. It houses 15 of his most iconic motorcycle builds for fans. It also includes a museum, restaurant, and music venue. Time will tell if it’ll bring in enough money to restore him to his former glory.

Paul Jr.

The drama between Paul Jr. and his father was part of what made the show interesting. It got even worse and went to court behind the scenes.

His father fired him from Orange County Choppers, the company they co-owned. He also signed a non-compete clause saying that he wouldn’t start another similar business. He tried other projects such as designing a dog park in Montgomery New York and restoring Coleman’s RoadTrip Grill.

The non-compete clause eventually ran out, and Paul Jr. started his own company, Paul Jr. Designs, in 2010. It created the idea for the spinoff series American Chopper: Seniors vs. Junior. Paul Jr. is enjoying his current life. He’s been married to Rachael Biester since 2010, and they have a son. His design talents aren’t going to waste, either. He helps create motorcycles for video games such as World of Warcraft and movies such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows. Then, he stated PJD ELECTRIC, an electric motorcycle company. He also wrote a book about his life and launched a podcast in 2021.

Michael Teutel

Even a reality show can have its comedy relief, such as Chumley from Pawn Stars. Michael “Mikey” Teutul filled that role for American Chopper. He was always ready to provide a quip or serve as a mediator during the arguments between his father and brother, but they eventually became too much to handle.

His alcohol addiction left him ousted from the business. He went to rehab and came back to Orange County Choppers and Paul Jr. Designs.

Time off helped him discover himself. He founded FarQueue LlC, a pasta sauce company. He’d found a new passion for art and opened an art gallery in Montogmery New York that closed in 2014.

He created a web series to highlight homelessness in New York called Bummin’ Around. He also has a YouTube channel where he creates short documentary videos and parodies. American Chopper’s comic relief has even dipped his toes into stand-up comedy.

Jason Pohl

Jason Pohl always wanted to be a designer. He joined the Marine Corps in high school but got a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts instead. He started to work on a licensed pinball game with designs from Orange County Choppers. Paul Sr. was so impressed he hired him.

He went from motorcycle designer to industrial designer after American Chopper ended. He may not be famous for it, but he designs unique parts using 3D printing. He’s the Brand Ambassador at Solidworks. He also has his own company known as Jason Pohl Designs. He presented his favorite at the Makers Design Summit.

Jason has appeared in a few shows since American Chopper, including the spinoffs American Chopper Senior vs. Junior and Orange County Choppers in 2013. He was never known as the hothead of those programs, but he did throw a motorcycle off a lift in one episode after criticisms from Paul Sr. At least he never has to deal with that again because he now lives a peaceful life with his wife Krystel and their four children.

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Vincent DiMartino

Vincent was the charmer and a fan favorite of American Chopper. He worked at Orange County Choppers from 2002-2007.

He was just as passionate about his work as any other cast member, but his dream was to start his own business. And he told Record Online that being his own boss would let him build his own way and treat his customers the way he wanted to.

His first attempt was a motorbike business called V-Force Customs in Rock Tavern, New York. He co-founded it with co-star Cody Connelly. They attracted clients that would help them later.

He also worked with Paul Jr. at Paul Jr. Designs on American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior while running that business. The two former costars still collaborate today but don’t see each other as often as they’d like because of how busy they are.

The market shifted and forced Vincent’s business to change. It eventually morphed into DiMartino Motorsports Automotive and Truck Repair. They offer maintenance for cars, bikes, and trucks.

Vincent has over 30 years in the automotive industry. That background should be enough to help him adapt to any further changes.

Nick Hansford

Nick met Paul Sr. at Daytona Bike Week in 2000. He joined Orange County Choppers as a bike servicer and southeast distributor by 2002.

He appeared on American Chopper and Orange County Chopper until 2019. Also, he worked with the other crewmembers but never became one of the most famous.

He remains a bit secretive today. He’s married and lives in Virginia with his wife and two kids. There aren’t many other concrete facts known about his professional or personal life.

Rick Petko

Rick is experienced in all areas of metal fabrication. He’s a master blacksmith and metalworker.

He appeared on Orange County Choppers for 13 years until the show ended in 2010. Also, he stayed with Paul Sr.’s custom bike shop. He showed up in the 2013 series Orange County Choppers and the 2018 revival of American Chopper.

He had to leave once he got married and a three-hour commute became too much. It all worked out because he found a great job and got to take his family to races and bike shows.

Rick became a custom fabricator at Pocono Mountain Harley-Davidson in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. He’s close to the shop’s owners, Jim and Linda Schlier. He loves the freedom his job offers and says “If they can dream it up, we can build it.”

He also has his own business from home, RPD & Co. It offers several metal goods, but the best-sellers are the impressive chef’s knives.

Cody Connely

Cody was the youngest member of the American Chopper cast, but he showed immediate promise. Paul Sr. and his company paid for him to study at the American Motorcycle Institute.

That goodwill only lasted so long. He filed a lawsuit claiming that he wasn’t fairly compensated for his work there. The case was settled and all charges were dropped.

It strained their working relationship, but the screen wasn’t done with him. He showed up on American Chopper Senior: vs. Junior from 2010-2012.

He left in 2007 to join Vinnie DiMartino at V-Force Customs. Then, he joined Paul Jr. at Paul Jr. Designs.

Cody is one of the more private members of the cast today. Reports say he works at a utility company. He seems to want to distance himself from his time at American Chopper and avoids all connections to fans or social media.

Jim Pratt

Jim Pratt narrated American Chopper after Mike Rowe left. He was also narrating other shows at the same time, including Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment and Airline Repo.

He was another cast member who went completely quiet after leaving. His most recent credit came in 2019 when he was a radio announcer on the show Bob Hearts Abishola. He otherwise stays out of the spotlight and is difficult to find in searches.

Mike Rowe

Mike had an almost opposite showbiz career. Instead of going black after American Chopper, he used it as a springboard for his career.

He left as narrator in 2010. That led to roles in other projects such as Dirty Jobs, Deadliest Catch, Ghost Hunters, and Returning the Favor. His most recent TV show was The Story Behind the Story, which was based on his podcast.

Mike also has other passions. He’s an activist for trade professions and produces his own whiskey. He’s also earned accolades such as the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award from the Boy Scouts of America.

The Show

American Chopper was such a popular show that it couldn’t seem to be kept down. Spin-offs and syndication kept it alive.

Interest remained even a decade after its cancellation. The show returned for an hour-long special on Discovery Go. The team had to make a bike for the American roofing and siding company ABC Supply Company. They had a deadline of only eight weeks. It forced Paul Sr. and Jr. to find a way to work together and make their final bike. That’s the kind of family drama that makes quality television.

A similar situation came in 2020 with a final two-hour episode titled The Last Ride. Father and son had to work together once again before the original Orange County Choppers building was demolished.

What’s possible for its future? The team’s been brought back so many times and claims that it’ll be their “last chopper” never seem to be true. There could be more spin-offs or remakes to come, but only the future will tell.

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