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Here’s What I Means If Your Cat Follows You To The Bathroom And Other Cat Behaviors


Cats are very curious creatures. They want to spend time with you and to love you, but only on their terms. They enjoy knocking things off the table, and they often have temper tantrums when it comes to taking a bath. You may think that your cat is weird, but in most cases, their behavior is normal, and there are explanations for it all. If you want to get to know your cat better, there are a few things that you should know. When you are able to get a glimpse into your cat’s secret life, you will understand their behavior much better.

Cats Behavior: Saying Hello

If your cat is always bumping into your legs or rubbing his face on yours, you shouldn’t worry. He is actually doing this for a good reason. This is how cats show their affection, and in their own unique way, your cat is trying to say hello. When your cat gives you these little head-butts, he is trying to let you know that he trusts you. Also, when he bumps your legs or rubs your face, he is transferring his pheromones to you, trying to mark you as their territory. This behavior is known as bunting, and it is actually adorable. He wants all other animals to know that you belong to him. If you watch closely, you may see your cat bunting with the other pets in your home, as well.

Expression Through Eyes

Since cats cannot speak, they have to find another way to let you know how they are feeling. According to experts, cats can communicate with you through their eyes. If you pay close attention, you can learn a lot about how your cat is feeling. If your cat looks at you and blinks slowly, he is trying to tell you that he loves you. Since he cannot say the words out loud, he will tell you with his eyes. If your cat is staring at you, he is likely trying to get your attention. Once he gets it, he will break his gaze. If the stare is very long and very intense, he is threatening you. You could have done something to make him angry, or he could just be frustrated.

Cats Behavior: Attention Seekers

As much as you love your cat, he may drive you crazy sometimes. When you are trying to read a book, it is not uncommon for your cat to sit on the book and block your view. The same is true if you are watching a movie, trying to work on your laptop, and even trying to sleep. When your cat interrupts you when you are busy, he isn’t trying to be annoying. He does these things because he wants your attention. Your cat wants to be your first priority, and he wants you time together to be when he wants it, and on his terms. As frustrating as it can sometimes be, give him the attention that he craves. It won’t be long before he sets his sights on something out, and you can go about your business.

Cats Are Stubborn

If you call your dog’s name, he will stop everything he is doing to run to you. Cats are different. If you call your cat’s name, he might look at you, but he won’t move. This is because cats are very stubborn creatures. Your cat won’t come when you call him unless he wants to. You may look at this behavior as being disobedient, but your cat just wants everything to be on his terms. He will snuggle with you when he feels like it, and will only show affection when he wants to. It can be frustrating, but cats have their own minds. You have to give them credit for that.

Soft Spots aka Kneading

When your cat was a kitten, and he was still nursing, he would press on his mother’s mammary glands to get milk. This is one behavior that will stick with him during his entire life. If your cat comes over and starts kneading on a soft part of your body or on a blanket beside you, it isn’t a bad thing. In most cases, your cat is associating you with the comfort that he felt when he was with his mother. He is trying to let you know that he feels content. In some cases, your cat will knead to reduce his stress. For example, if you are having a large gathering at your home and your cat is kneading, he may be stressed out, and he is trying to soothe himself.

Cats Behavior: Sniff, Sniff

Cats are curious creatures. They like to know what is going on around them and everyone around them. If you notice that your cat sniffs you often, there is a reason why he is doing this. He is looking for your scent because he finds it familiar and comforting. If your cat starts sniffing close to your face, he isn’t going to bite you or scratch you. He just wants to confirm that you are not a stranger. Smelling your scent will put your cat at ease, so he will try to sniff you often. If your cat is trying to sniff you, let him. It will soothe him and make him feel safe.

Chewing Plastic

Not all of your cat’s behavior is amusing and harmless. Chewing on plastic or other objects that are food is one of them. If your cat is doing this often, he could have a condition called pica. This is a condition that is seen in cats and in humans. Experts believe that cats do this when they are feeling anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed. This behavior is not something that should be ignored. If your cat is eating things other than food, it can be harmful to his digestive system. This type of behavior is something that you should mention during your annual visits to the vet.

Cats Behavior: Chattering

Your cat will make chattering sounds when he is feeling frustrated. There are different chattering sounds that cats make, and each one means something different. A steady chattering sound means that your cat is frustrated. It is not uncommon to hear this when your cat is in the window, watching a bird. If it is a quick chattering, your cat is likely even more frustrated because he cannot catch his prey. While some experts believe this theory, there are others who don’t. Some experts believe that your cat chatters to warm up his muscles before going after his prey. You should understand that his frustration has nothing to do with you. Cats are natural hunters, and your cat just wants to hunt.

Turning His Back

If a human were to turn their back towards you, it is a sign of disrespect or anger. It is the exact opposite in the cat world. If you go up behind your cat and he turns his back, he is telling you that she trusts you, and he is allowing you to get closer. If he turns his back and lifts his tail, that is also a good sign. He is opening up to you and letting you know that he is entirely comfortable in your presence. If your cat turns his back or raises his tail, make sure to pet him. You want to let him know that the feeling is mutual.

Rolling Around

If you see your cat lying on the ground rolling around, he likely wants to play. He is trying to get your attention so that you can join in on the fun. If he is rolling around on the floor, sit beside him and pet him for a while. He wants to engage you in his game, so you should join in. In some cases, he could be trying to leave his scent on the rug, trying to mark his territory. Either way, give him a few minutes of your time and engage in his game.

Nocturnal Animals

When you are ready to turn out the lights and go to bed, there is a good chance that your cat won’t be ready to do the same. Cats and humans have different sleep schedules, which is why you may hear your cat knocking things down and running through the house during the night. If your cat is wailing in the middle of the night, it doesn’t mean that he is hurt or even that he wants to play with you. He is likely trying to catch something in the house like a mouse. His wailing could also mean that he is frustrated. The only way to get your cat to calm down and relax during the night is to set aside some playtime before you go to sleep. This will wear him out a bit so that he won’t be running through the house all night long.


Cats love to hide. It isn’t uncommon to find your cat hiding in the strangest places such as under the sink, in a box, and even in a paper bag. Your cat does this as a defense mechanism. Your cat is seeking out a small place to hide when he feels threatened. Many cats find small places, far from the rest of the chaos in the house to be calming. If your cat hides, it doesn’t mean that he is hiding from you. It just means that he is feeling overwhelmed, and he needs a quiet place to calm himself down.

Restlessness and Running Around

Have you ever noticed that your cat often bursts into a room at top speed? If you have, you aren’t alone. This is something that most housebound cats will do. They cannot go outside to hunt, so this type of behavior is their way of unwinding a bit. Since your cat cannot go outdoors, this is the only way that he can release his energy. If his fits of restlessness bother you, there is a way that you can make these bouts less frequent. If you set some time aside to play with your cat and let him release some of his pent up energy, his bouts of restlessness may occur less frequently.

Bringing Home Nasty Gifts

Many cat owners have found a dead mouse or a dead bird in the home. This is not uncommon. As off-putting as it can be to see a dead animal on your steps or in your home, your cat isn’t trying to scare you or gross you out. He is actually leaving these disgusting things around where you will find them because he loves you. When your cat was a kitten, his mother would bring him food. When he leaves dead things on your steps, he is giving you a gift to thank you for taking care of him. As disgusting as it sounds, it is actually a sweet gesture.

Fully Relaxed

If your cat lies beside you on his back with his legs open, you should take it as a compliment. It means that he feels safe and secure with you. Your cat won’t lay this way if he feels vulnerable or threatened. He is letting you know that you have earned his trust. When he does this, he doesn’t see you as a threat, and he feels extremely comfortable in his surroundings.

Covering the Poo

Cats in the wild cover up their poop so that predators cannot find them. It is a way for them to cover their tracks. House cats will also cover up their poop in the litter box. This is great for you because it masks the smell. If your cat is no longer covering up his poop, it could mean that he doesn’t like the litter box. If it is new, he is trying to tell you that he hates it. It can also be his way of telling you that he is anxious, stressed, or if he isn’t feeling well due to a health issue.

Ear Signals

Cats don’t just use their eyes to communicate; they also use their ears. Cats use signals, and it is essential that you can differentiate between them so that you know how your cat is feeling. If his ears are twitching, it means that he is feeling agitated. If he is pointing his ears forward, it means that he is happy. If he moves them back, he is feeling irritated and defensive.

The Foot Attack

If your at jumps on your feet for no reason at all, it doesn’t mean that he is angry with our or that he is trying to hurt you. It simply means that he wants to play. If his behavior is distracting and annoying, give him a toy. If he has something to play with, he might leave you alone.


Cats are known for being independent and self-reliant. This is why many cat owners are puzzled when their cat follows them to the bathroom. There is actually a good reason for this behavior. Here’s what it means if your cat follows you to the bathroom. Your cat isn’t a voyeur, and he isn’t a stalker. Your cat follows you to the bathroom because he feels vulnerable when you aren’t in his sight. He could also be following you because he is curious and wants to see where you are going.

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