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Movies That Are Too Difficult To Watch All The Way Through

Horror Movies

Many people love horror movies. These people think that the scarier the film is, the better it is. If there isn’t enough blood and gore in a film, they don’t want to watch it. There are some movies that even the most hardcore horror lovers can’t bear to watch. Here are some movies that difficult to watch all the way through.


Darren Aronofsky is known for his disturbing and surreal movies. When Mother came out in 2017, fans said that he didn’t disappoint. The film is about a famous poet named Him, who moves to a rural and secluded house with his girlfriend, Veronica. Him’s deluded fans show up at the house, and they start turning violent toward Veronica. These scenes are especially brutal. Critics and audiences liked the movie, but it is highly controversial due to the religious allegory, infanticide, and cannibalism.

Too Difficult to Watch #1 Veronica

Veronica is a Spanish-language horror film on Netflix. It is loosely based on the death of Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro in 1991. She is said to have died while using an Ouija board. In the film, she is using the board to contact her dead father when she becomes possessed by an evil demon. Critics praised the film, but many people who have seen it say that it is the most terrifying film ever made. Many say that it was too scary to finish watching.

Too Difficult to Watch #2 Meet the Feebles

Meet The Feebles might look like a children’s film, but it really isn’t. Peter Jackson is the man behind the movie, and he got his inspiration from The Muppets. It might not be incredibly gory or scary, but seeing family-friendly puppets behaving so badly can be unsettling.

Too Difficult to Watch #3 Revenge

Revenge was released in 2017 by the French director, Coralie Fargeat. The film starts with a woman being assaulted by her lover and his friends. Later, they leave her for dead in the middle of the desert. The beginning scenes are disturbing, but what happens later is worse. She manages to survive in the desert and goes after revenge. The scenes are violent, psychologically, disturbing, and very graphic. The film was so intense that Matilda Lutz, the woman who played the character looking for vengeance, says that she was very uncomfortable while filming. During the film’s premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, an audience member had a seizure and needed medical attention. Many believe that it was the disturbing scenes that caused the seizure.

Too Difficult to Watch #4 Green Inferno

This 2013 jungle-based horror film is so disturbing that most people couldn’t sit through the whole thing. It is about a group of student activists who stumble on a tribe of cannibals in the Amazon rainforest. The scenes of torture are too much to watch. When Roth was asked why he pushed the bar with this movie, he said, “I don’t want people who watch this film to walk out of the theater, I want them running away in fear.”

Too Difficult to Watch #5 A Serbian Film

A Serbian Film was released in 2010, and it is filled with abuse and torture. It is about a broke adult performer named Milos, who agrees to star in an arthouse film to make some money. He is forced to perform acts that are so horrendous; they will turn your stomach. The film is so disturbing that it has been banned in Germany, Norway, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand. According to the director, the film wasn’t intended to shock the viewers; it is a metaphor for power and how those in charge can trick us into doing things that aren’t in our nature.

Too Difficult to Watch #6 Raw

This movie follows a vegetarian college student, who during her first semester in veterinary school, eats meat for the first time. It isn’t long before she starts craving human flesh. When the film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2016, some of the audience members fainted during the particularity violent scenes and needed medical assistance. Because of its graphic nature, the movie didn’t make it to many theaters in the United States. Most countries have never heard of it because it is banned.

Too Difficult to Watch #7 Hereditary

The 2018 low-budget film, Hereditary, was a massive hit due to its balance between shock value and psychological thrills. The film ended up making almost $80 million, which is ten times more than what it cost to make. Critics say that the cast helps make this film so terrifying because you really believe that they feel every ounce of their pain.

Too Difficult to Watch #8 Caligula

Caligula is based on the life of the Roman Emperor, Caligula. The film attempts to show the degradation of the power-crazed rule of the region. There is plenty of sex and violence in the movie. It was produced by Penthouse Magazine, and the whole cast was made up of adult film stars. The movie was so bad that the film critics walked out halfway through. Many countries refused to show the film at all.

Too Difficult to Watch #9 Martyrs

The 2015 American remake of Martyrs, is nowhere near as disturbing as the French version that came out in 2008. When this film was released at the Cannes Film Festival, there was a mass walkout. Even the people who created the movie could barely sit through it. The movie is about a young girl who is imprisoned and tortured in an abattoir. The film was reviewed in the New York Times, and the reviewer wrote, “Even the most devoted horror fans will think twice before watching Martyrs.

Too Difficult to Watch #10 The Woman

This movie is about a dysfunctional family’s attempt to civilize a feral girl. To do this, they imprison her and subject her to horrendous physical abuse. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011, and many of the audience members called it inhumane and without any public value. Some even believed that it should be banned altogether. It is too much for many to watch.


This film is filled with graphic sexual and physical violence. If this isn’t enough to make you stop watching, the filmmakers added sounds of a frequency that cannot be heard by the human ear but can cause physical discomfort and distress. When the film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, hundreds of people walked out. There were even reports of people fainting. One of the movie’s lead actresses, Monica Bellucci, said that she never saw the film after they finished shooting it. She says that it was too disturbing to revisit.

The Angel’s Melancholy

You shouldn’t even attempt to watch this movie if you have a weak stomach. The film shows horrific acts of animal cruelty and hyper-violence that is too much for even the biggest horror fan. Many people who have seen the film say that the movie exists only to shock and disgust the audience. If you walk out of this movie before the end, you will be doing yourself a favor.

The Great Ecstasy Of Robert Carmichael

Director Thomas Clay intended this 2006 film to be a political commentary on the Iraq War. The film follows a young man named Robert Carmichael, who falls into a gang involved with violent crimes and drugs. People found this film to be way too graphic, and when it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, many people got up and walked out.

The House That Jack Built

This film follows a serial killer during a 12-year murder spree. The film was banned from the Cannes Film Festival for years because of a few comments supporting Hitler. In 2018, the committee allowed the Danish director, Lars Von Trier, to show the film, but they regretted it right away. During the showing of the film, dozens of people walked out, and he was disqualified from the award nomination because of the graphic content in the movie.

Goodbye Uncle Tom

This film was released in 1971, and it portrays the brutal realities of slavery in the United States. The filmmaker may have had good intentions; however, critics and audiences found it to be disgusting, exploitative, and racist. Even the hateful group, the Ku Klux Klan, spoke out against the movie, saying that it was a Jewish conspiracy to incite a race war. If a hateful group like them hated the movie, you know its really bad.


When the film Bite, premiered, the theater put barf bags on all of the seats. This is how you know it will be bad. The movie is about a woman who is bitten by a bug on vacation in Central America. Soon, she starts transforming into an insect. The transformation was very graphic and gory. Many of the people who saw the film required medical help due to the gross nature of the film.

The Human Centipede

This movie made quite a stir when it was released ten years ago. It is about three twenty-somethings who get kidnapped by a psychotic surgeon and subjected to his horrific experiment. He sews his victims’ mouths over the person’s anus in front of them. He then forces them to eat, knowing what will happen next. This movie is so disgusting that even people with the strongest stomachs couldn’t handle it. Most people don’t even make it halfway through the film before turning it off. It is a truly disgusting and depraved movie.

The Bunny Game

This movie is about a sex worker who is kidnapped and tortured by a deranged, drug-addict truck driver. The woman who plays the lead role took it to try to come to terms with her own past as a sex worker. The woman ends up going through real-life abuse, including branding, which is too much for most people to watch. There is not one part of this movie that is easy to sit, though.


Baskin is about a group of police officers who accidentally stumble through a portal to hell. There, they experience all types of unspeakable violent acts. The movie is so violent and so graphic that it isn’t for the faint of heart. Most people are unable to make it through the film, and it has earned the reputation of being the goriest and most disturbing film ever made.

Requiem For a Dream

This movie is about four addicts trying to reach their own happy endings, but failing in horrible ways. Many people who have seen the film say that it isn’t easy to watch, and it will leave you feeling the effects for days.


Gummo was released in 1997 and was so horrific that most of the audiences around the country walked out in the middle. It is about a group of teens living in a rundown house in Ohio, who pass the time in disturbing ways. Between the animal abuse and the satanic rituals, This movie is too much for most people. The premise and the screenplay had to have come from a very depraved mind.

The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain has a number of disturbing scenes that feature mutilation, sexual assault, and the most disturbing things imaginable. It is rumored that the director, Alejandro Jodorowsky, took LSD before making the film. The actors were said to be under the influence of psychedelic mushrooms during filming. Some say that this was the only way they could get through filming.

The Cannibal Holocaust

This film masqueraded itself as “found footage,” the same way that The Blair Witch Project did. The movie focuses on a group that gets lost in the Amazon jungle, and they encounter a tribe of bloodthirsty cannibals. The director did such an excellent job of showing brutal murder and treatment on the film, that many people who saw it weren’t sure that it wasn’t fake. Those who thought it was real called the police. The director, Ruggero Deodato, was arrested an charged with obscenity and murder. After an investigation, and the police confirmed that the actors weren’t murdered or tortured, the charges were dropped. He may have been a free man, but his movie came to an end. After his release from prison, the film was banned all over the world.

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