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Hilarious Office Pranks That Got People Instantly Fired

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People who work in an office spend most of their day there. They are around the same people in the same room day after day. This can become boring and monotonous at times, which is why office workers like to pull pranks every once in a while. Here are some hilarious office pranks that got people instantly fired, or just made people laugh.

Taking Orders

Anyone who has ever worked in an office knows that a significant part of the job is taking orders from the boss. They give you a task, and you complete it. The person who decorated this rock wanted to have some fun with giving orders. They wrote, “Turn me over” on a rock. On the back, they wrote, “You just took orders from a rock.” It’s bad enough they were taking orders all the time from their boss. Taking orders from a rock is taking things a bit too far.

Creating a Work Of Art From a Mess

The man who works in this office spilled a huge cup of coffee all over the rug. Rather than leaving an unsightly spill, he turned it into a work of art. What was once a spill is now a cat who looks very frazzled. This is a perfect example of life giving him lemons, and he made lemonade.

Stop Asking Me!

Andrews sits at his desk all day, trying to get his work done. Unfortunately, people are always approaching him, looking for Ed. He finally got tired of it, so he created a flow chart that he put on the back of his computer. With this flow chart, he will never need to hear people asking where Ed is. It’s genius and also pretty funny.

The Paleontology Department

Who says that scientists have no sense of humor? These students in the paleontology department are allowed to wear whatever they want once a year. When their boss came in, he saw Marjorie, Jonathan, Alexis, Eddy, and Maureen all wearing the same outfit. They were wearing dinosaur costumes. It’s too bad they didn’t have a photo of the expression on their boss’s face when he walked into the office.

Productivity Report

Many office employees are required to give their boss a productivity report once in a while. This productivity report isn’t very good. Paul spent a lot of time making a huge Earth and a smaller Moon out of elastics. The area for his own productivity is empty. He probably should have spent more time on his work, and less time making the solar system out of elastic bands.

Parking Ticket

Many people who work in an office keep little trinkets on their desks. The person who sits at this desk collects Matchbox cars. One of their coworkers put a parking ticket on the car. It must have been in a shared space on the desk, which is unacceptable.

Casual Friday

Many offices have casual Friday. This is a day where men can leave their ties at home, and women can dress more comfortably. The people in this office took casual Friday to a whole new level. They all dressed up as Power Rangers. It is an odd choice, but according to the rules of casual Friday, you can dress in whatever makes you feel comfortable.


Behind this door are a group of computer programmers writing code. Their boss didn’t want anyone to bother them, so they made this hilarious sign. The boss wrote that the programmers scare very easily and may start to cry violently. Its a pretty funny sign, especially the part about singing Ave Maria when entering the room slowly.

The King Of Puns

The person who works in this office must have a lot of downtime. They created a funny set of puns using cardboard. The first said, “I’m bored,” and created a little man made from cardboard. The second picture had the same cardboard man, with a caption, “If face, you can say I’m cardboard.” The final picture said, “Sorry.” The creator knew that it was a pretty lame yet funny joke, so he had to apologize.

Date the Food Cans

The boss posted a note for all employees to be sure to date the food cans. One hilarious employee wrote a note of their own. They wrote that they tried on three occasions to date the cans, but they only think of him as a friend. It’s a pretty witty comeback.

Bring Your Dog To Work Day

This employee brought their dog to the office one day but had to make sure he was safe. This particular dog loves to hide under pillows and cushions, so the owner posted a note. It read, “Please don’t sit, Dachshund inside.” To prove the point, they posted a photo of the tiny dog peeking out from under the cushions.

Earthquake Detection Kit

In earthquake-prone areas, it is essential that people are ready for “the big one.” This office created an earthquake detection kit, but it didn’t have much. They glued a pair of googly eyes to the paper. They are basically saying that your eyes are all you need to detect an earthquake.

A Genius Way To Look Productive

Jenny steps away from her desk to handle personal tasks often. Her boss didn’t like her stepping away so often, so she came up with an idea. She printed out a cardboard photo of the top of her head and taped it to the top of her computer. When she steps away from her desk, she puts up the cardboard cutout. Each time her boss walks by, he thinks that she is busy working. Genius.

The Only Man In the Office

For Ben, there are a few upsides to being the only man in the office. One of the most significant benefits is that he had the men’s room all to himself. To prove this point, Ben put a B over the M in men and now is it Ben’s room.

Exit, Don’t Tweet

Millennials seem to tweet about everything. They hear an argument; they tweet about it. They ate sausage and eggs for breakfast, and everyone in the Twittersphere knows about it. This, in case of a fire sign is perfect. It read, “In case of fire, exit building before tweeting about it.” It may seem like an obvious thing to do, but millennials tweet about everything. It’s also pretty funny.

Coffee Breath

Everyone told Shaun that he had coffee breath. People didn’t want to get too close when talking to him because of his coffee breath. He didn’t believe them until he walked into his cubicle only to find hundreds of cups of Listerine. It’s not a very nice way of getting their point across.

Fish In a Drawer

When you work in a cubicle, you don’t really have much space on your desk. This person wanted to have a fish on their desk, but there just wasn’t enough room. Seeing as though the bottom drawer of their desk was empty, they decided to put a fish in the drawer. It may not have been the best solution to the problem since they can’t see the fish unless the drawer is open, but at least they got to have a fish at work.

Stop Eating Other People’s Food

When everyone in the office keeps their lunch in the refrigerator, people are on the honor system. Unfortunately, not everyone is honest. The people in this office created a flow chart. It makes it very clear that unless you brought the food in yourself, it isn’t yours to eat.

A Giant Ball Pit

Ball pits are a lot of fun. The people in this office got pranked by the boss when he filled the whole office with balls. The employees loved it so much that they were more productive than usual. This was something the boss never expected.

I Want a Raise

Stanley had been asking his boss for a raise for a month. Finally, his boss gave in, but not in the way that he had hoped. His boss raised his entire desk and chair up off the floor. It isn’t the raise that Stanley wanted, but technically, he did get a raise.

I’m Leaving

When a person announces to the office that they are moving on to work for another company, people don’t always take the news well. The people in this office wanted to send their coworkers off with a cake. On it, they had the baker write, “Why?! Do you hate us?” They just wanted the employee to know that they would be missed.


Most people who work in an office break up the monotony with sarcasm. The person who made this sign wrote that there had been zero days without sarcasm. The sign was great, but unfortunately, they spelled sarcasm wrong, and someone called them out on it.

A True Philosopher

This printer was sent to this department temporarily. The person who sent it there wanted everyone to know. The philosopher in the office added, “In the great scheme of things, aren’t we all?” It’s a very witty comeback to a sign that really wasn’t necessary.

Dave’s Green Tea

Dave brought in four green teas to work, and he wanted to keep people from drinking them. He must have forgotten that he wasn’t the only Dave in the office. The other Dave left a note that he drank the tea, and thanked him for it. At the end, he wrote, “Daves 4 Life.” The Dave, who brought the green tea in, must have been furious.

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