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Hot Dogs You Should Never Ever Buy

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are a staple for any cookout. They are also popular at carnivals and sporting events. Many people worry about what companies put in their hot dogs. Some people worry so much about this that they don’t eat hot dogs are made of, becasue some companies put some pretty nasty stuff in their hot dogs. There are some hot dogs that are good, and others that are bad. Here are some hot dogs that you should buy, and some hot dogs you should never ever buy.

Nathan’s Famous- Should

Nathan Handwerker made Nathan’s Famous hot dogs and shot to fame when he staged the first hot dog eating contest back in 1916. This has been a long-standing tradition ever since. Every 4th of July, you can tune in to see who the new reigning champion will be. These hot dogs have a lot of history, and you can’t go wrong with Nathan’s.

Sabrett- Should

According to the FDA, these hot dogs are gluten-free. They are a few hot dogs that have a gluten-free certification from the Gluten-Free Certification Organization, and they go beyond what the FDA requires. If you are on a gluten-free diet due to your dietary standards or celiac disease, you can have a Sarbett hot dog and feel no guilt or sickness afterward.

Applegate Farms- Should

The World Health Organization has declared processed meats to be a carcinogen. Part of the reason is the nitrites in these meats. These hot dogs are all-beef, and they contain no nitrates or nitrites. They are also very low in sodium. Also, they take the meat from animals who were raised with no antibiotics, plenty of space, and no alterations to their teeth, nails, and beaks, They are very animal-friendly.

Boar’s Head Lite- Should

If you are eating healthy, Boar’s Head Lite is the way to go. It is a 90 calorie hot dog with 6 grams of fat, and 270 mg of sodium. When it comes to a healthy dog, this is the healthiest you will get. If you are thinking about splurging and having a hot dog at your next barbecue, Boar’s Head Lite is the safest and healthiest option.

Trader Joe’s Uncured Chicken Dogs- Should

Chicken hot dogs are much healthier than all-beef hot dogs. Trader Joe’s chicken hot dogs contain only 60 calories, 250 mg of sodium, and 2.5 grams of fat. There is also 9 grams of protein. These hot dogs are the healthiest option. Best of all, the label says “Chicken hot dogs,” and they are actually made of chicken.

Ball Park- Shouldn’t

According to Berkeley Wellness, these are hot dogs that you should pass on. They contain 190 calories and 16 grams of fat. When you add toppings, these numbers increase. If you go with the jumbo Ball Park franks, you will be consuming most of your calorie intake for the whole day. You may have grown up eating these hot dogs, but as you get older, you need to start thinking about what you are putting in your body.

Oscar Mayer Turkey Dogs

These hot dogs are bad because they pretend that they are good for you. Turkey hot dogs are lower in fat than all-beef hot dogs, but they still have a high-calorie count. They are also high in fat and sodium. Just because something is labeled, “turkey,” it doesn’t mean that it is healthy.

Vegetarian Hot Dogs- Shouldn’t

In 2015, Clear Food did a study on 75 brands of hot dogs, and 14 percent didn’t contain what the package claimed. This included veggie dogs. If you want to know what you are putting in your body, these aren’t the best hot dogs for you, never ever buy this. There aren’t too many vegetarian hot dogs on the market that are completely meat-free.

Pork Free Hot Dogs- Shouldn’t

Hot dogs have a reputation for using mystery meat. Many people avoid pork products, and you would hope that labels like “Kosher” and “Halal” reflect what is in the dog. Clear Food found that these labels aren’t always honest. Three percent of hot dogs in the study were swapped for chicken or turkey. You may think that you are staying away from pork, but unfortunately, your hot dog may be loaded with pork.

Morning Star Corn Dogs- Shouldn’t

Corn dogs aren’t the healthiest option, never ever buy. Morning Star Corn Dogs contain 150 calories each, and a whopping 470 mg of sodium. This is a third of what you should consume in a whole day. They also contain fillers and ingredients that are designed to mimic the texture of meat. If you are trying to eat healthy, you are better off going with a hot dog rather than a corn dog. It is the coating that contains a lot of sodium and is very high in calories.

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