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Mom Make Grave Mistake When She Takes Selfie In Her Daughter’s Dorm Room

Deanna and McKenna Pilling

Deanna Pilling and her daughter, McKenna, were very close. Before McKenna went off the college, the two did everything together. During her senior year in New York, McKenna told Deanna that she was planning to go to college at Utah State. Deanna was heartbroken. She was hoping that McKenna would go to college close to home, but it was McKenna’s life and her decision, so Deanna supported her.

Deanna’s Surprise

At the end of her freshman year, McKenna was planning to head back to the East Coast to spend the summer with her family. Deanna decided that she would surprise her. The day before McKenna was scheduled to return home, Deanna decided to fly out to Utah to surprise her. She was going to help her daughter pack so that they could fly home together.

Last Minute Flights

Deanna went online to find a last-minute flight to Utah. She knew it would be expensive, but seeing the surprised look on her daughter’s face would be worth it. She was sure that McKenna would love the help packing and she would prefer flying home with someone.

A Casual Phone Call

At the airport, Deanna decided to give McKenna a call. She was going to casually ask about her plans for the evening so that she could be sure that McKenna would be in her dorm when she arrived. She tried to call McKenna up until she boarded the plane, but she didn’t answer. Deanna figured that she could find out where Deanna was when she landed. After a five hour flight, Deanna landed in Logan, Utah. After getting off the plane, Deanna got in a cab and went to surprise McKenna at her daughter’s dorm.

No Answer

While Deanna was in the cab, McKenna called her. She didn’t want to spoil the surprise, so she denied the call. She wasn’t too far from the dorms, and she would speak to her soon enough. When the cab pulled up on campus, Deanna realized that she wasn’t too sure where McKenna’s dorm was. Deanna had only been there once when she dropped McKenna off, and it was nine months ago. When she got out of the cab, she did her best to remember where her daughter lived.

Cautiously Searching

Because the students were all leaving for the summer, there was a lot of activity on campus. Deanna searched for her daughter’s dorm room, but she was cautious. She didn’t want any of McKenna’s friends to see her and spoil the surprise; she kept her head down while she was looking for the dorm room. Finally, Deanna found the dorm. When she walked in the building, she saw a few familiar faces that she remembered from McKenna’s social media posts. She was relieved because she finally found the right building. When she got to McKenna’s door, she knocked.

Walking In

She knocked on the door, but there was no answer. She turned the doorknob and realized that it was locked. Deanna thought it was a bit odd because McKenna was very vigilant when it came to keeping the door locked. When she walked in, a few girls were packing their things up. Deanna waved to them and headed to McKenna’s room. She was surprised to walk in and find everything packed. McKenna had taken everything off the walls, and she was ready to go.

Needing To Rest

Deanna had been traveling all day, and she was exhausted. She sat down on McKenna’s bed and was going to take a nap. Just as she was falling asleep, she realized that she wouldn’t be able to see the look on McKenna’s face when she walked in, so she didn’t want to fall asleep. After waiting a while, Deanna had a better idea. She was going to take a selfie on McKenna’s bed and send it to her. She took the picture and sent to McKenna. She added a text that read, “Look where I am!”

9 I’m In My Dorm Room

When Deanna got a response from McKenna saying that she was in her door room, she panicked. Deanna jumped up when she realized that she was in the wrong room. She couldn’t figure out why the girls she saw on the way in didn’t say anything to her. When McKenna and Deanna realized that Deanna was in the wrong room, they both panicked. Deanna quickly got up and went to find her daughter.


McKenna thought that it was hilarious that her mother was in the wrong room, so she posted the photo and the text messages to Twitter. It wasn’t long before the post went viral. McKenna thought it was great, but Deanna wasn’t happy about all of the attention. Mom make grave mistake when she takes selfie in her daughter’s dorm room. It was something that she would never forget for the rest of her life.

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