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Household Items With Hidden Purposes

Old TV antennas, Solo cups, ridges on the sides of coins, coat hangers and the tiny hole beside the iPhone camera lens all have something in common. They are common household items, which are used every day; however, they hide some very cool secrets. When used as intended, these items are meant to provide solutions for a number of little issues around the home.

Highlighted below are some common items that may be lying around your home, which are designed to save you money, time and amaze you with a cool unknown purpose you might not know. For example, here’s what the tiny hole on a padlock is for:

Padlock Hole

You may have noticed a little hole or two at the base of your padlock. These holes have 2 essential purposes for the padlock itself. Firstly, if water gets inside the lock, the holes enable it to drain out.

These locks are often used outside; therefore, they are designed to handle the elements. If no provision was made for the water to drain out, it could end up freezing. It can cause some serious damage to the lock because water expands as it freezes.

Secondly, these holes enable you to pour WD-40. Or oil into the lock if it becomes jammed and will not open. Without the hole that allows for pouring the oil, the lock would be rendered useless whenever it becomes stuck.

Loop on the Back of a Shirt

This mysterious loop is usually found on nice, collared shirts, specifically in the middle of the back of the shirt. The Navy is actually responsible for the loops on these shirts. There is not a lot of closet space in the vessel. These heroes are out at sea and sailors have loops so they can just hang the shirts on hooks.

In the 1960s, the loops were also used by college students. At the gym, they hang their shirts and prevent them from becoming wrinkled. Nowadays, manufacturers place them on shirts to signify quality and class. In addition, some young ladies pull on the hooks of boys they are attracted to. They have them on the shirts is still practical.

Dip In the Wine Bottles

If you are a wine drinker, you have probably noticed that substantial dip on the bottom of the bottle. It is a bit odd; however, it is there for a number of reasons. First of all, the ‘dip’ is actually known as a kick-up or a punt, even though the origin of the name is not known.

The punt is intended to give a bit more stability to the bottle. This prevents a strong wind on a picnic or a touch from easily knocking it over and breaking it. Additionally, the punt at the bottom of the bottle makes the bottle stronger.

This means that the bottle is able to endure higher pressure. If and if sparkling wine or champagne is put inside of it. Another great feature of the punt is that it makes it easier for steam to be distributed. The bottle is being cleaned before the wine is poured into it. Thus, ensuring the content is as immaculate as possible.

Colored Squares on the Toothpaste Tube

If you have ever taken a close look at the bottom of a toothpaste tube, you might have noticed a colored block. Typically, the block is black, green, blue, or red. This is not an indication regarding the chemicals used in the product as some have erroneously stated; neither is it an aesthetic option by the manufacturer. The colored blocks are actually known as “eye marks.”

They are meant to indicate to the assembly line machines where packaging should be cut and folded. Without the indicator, toothpaste tubes would be attached to each other. It is making it dreadfully challenging to get any onto your toothbrush. If you’re concerned about toxic chemicals in your toothpaste, simply read the ingredients on the tube. The colored block will not help you with that.

Arrow on the Gas Gauge

You may or may not have observed this before. On just about every car that has been produced since 2010, there is an arrow, right next to the gas gauge, which points to either the right or the left. A number of individuals might not have even realized it was there before someone pointed it out to them. The purpose of the arrow is to indicate whether the gas cap is on the right or left side of the car.

The majority of individuals do not need a prompt because after refueling their car once or twice, the side on which to pull into the gas station becomes instinctive. However, the next time you rent a car, remember the arrow is there to guide you. This will save you from pulling in the gas station with the cap on the opposite side.

Buttons Randomly Placed on Jeans

Avid wearers of jeans are undoubtedly aware of all the spare buttons that are all over their pants, typically around the pockets. While it may seem a little odd, you probably have just accepted that this is how jeans are designed. However, those extra buttons actually have a significant purpose.

These ‘buttons’ are actually rivets that are placed strategically on the pants to prevent them from becoming worn out at the ripping and seams. If you can imagine this happening at an inconvenient time, you will be happy your jeans are riveted properly.

Fun fact: Levi Strauss, the jean tycoon, actually owns the patent on rivets. The concept emerged around 1829 after miners grumbled about how rapidly their jeans were becoming worn. Mr. Strauss conceptualized this solution and now jeans can last for a very long time.

Flaps on Boxes of Juice

The heavy flaps on the top of juice boxes are meant to be unfolded so that it is easier for kids to hold the box. Bear in mind that juice boxes are intended for children aged between 2 and 10. Unfolding the flaps makes it easier for tiny hands to hold the box without dropping it. If this is news to you, do not worry because it is highly likely you are too old to be have a juice box anyway.

Red Solo Cup Lines

You may have noticed that a series of horizontal lines are on Solo cups. As you might have guessed, these ridged lines actually have a purpose. They indicate the amount of alcohol to put in your cup.

Starting at the bottom, the first line measures an ounce, which represents a single shot of hard liquor. A 5-ounce measurement is indicated by the next line up, which is ideal for a glass of wine. The top line measures 12 ounces, which is the typical size of a bottle of beer. The red solo cup is actually designed to prevent you from drinking in excess.

Extra Holes in Sneakers

Unless your shoelaces are always tied by someone else, there is no way you have missed the additional unused holes locate at the top of your sneakers. This is not a flaw in the design; the additional holes are actually there to benefit you.

Individuals who get foot blisters or those who can feel their feet moving around in the sneakers have the option of placing their shoelaces in those additional holes; however, this should be done in the opposite direction.

Doing this creates a loop on both sides, enabling you to cross the laces inside the two loops. Pulling down on the laces will create a tighter lock before your laces are tied normally. This technique is referred to as “heel lock” or “lace lock” and it helps in ensuring that the sneakers remain tight to your feet.

Holes in the Handle of Pots

If you are not a professional chef, you may not know why the majority of pots and pans have holes one the handle. Actually, there are two good reasons pots and pans have these holes.

The holes make it easy for the vessels to be hung on hooks when they are not in use or drying. This is typically seen in homes with plenty of space or in professional kitchens. The holes are also used by experienced to hold a utensil during the process of cooking.

For instance, if you just don’t want to set a stirring spoon on the counter or leave it in the pot, you can conveniently place it in the hole at the end of the handle. You should just try this the next time you prepare a meal and you can even impress your family or guests with your newly-acquired cooking skill.

Hole Beside the Camera on the IPhone

If you are an iPhone owner, you might have noticed a little hole right next to the lens of the camera. That hole is actually a microphone. Since the iPhone 5, there have been three microphones on all of these smartphones. One is located on the bottom edge of the device, one under the speaker grill and the one that is beside the camera lens.

The three mics make it easier to pick up sounds regardless of how you opt to hold the phone. This is actually quite convenient if you have voice recognition. The mic next to the lens is also essential when shooting videos with sound on your phone.

Dimples in a Golf Ball

The outer layer of golf balls has dozens of tiny dimples. This was not always so; however, shrewd golfers realized that older balls with nicks and bumps would go further. These ‘deficiencies’ actually produce turbulence in the air that is around the ball, which assists in lessening drag.

Golf balls were ultimately designed with the dimples as a method of manufacturing this turbulence so greater distances and more lift can be achieved. Unfortunately, if you have poor golfing skills, all the dimples in the world won’t to help you any. All in all, the dimples on golf balls are hugely responsible for professional players nowadays being able to hit the ball that much further in comparison to players in generations past.

Wooden Coat Hangers

Wooden coat hangers are upmarket and effortlessly denote class; however, but this is not the purpose for their existence. It is specifically designed to help in repelling unwanted critters like moths that could cause damage to your wardrobe. Heavy clothing, especially coats and woolen dresses, can be susceptible to damage from different types of insects. Cedar wood is used to make wooden hangers and its pleasant scent is renowned to assist in repelling moths and other pests.

Bumps on the Keyboard

If you explore the keyboard of a computer, you will find a little bump on both the J and the F keys. For those who took a typing class in high school, you are probably aware of why the bumps exist. For those who are unaware, the bumps exist for users to find their way around the keyboard while their eyes are on the screen.

If you are properly typing with both hands, they will be positioned so the right pointer finger will be on J and the left pointer finger will be on F. Without looking at the keyboard, you will be able to use your fingers to feel these bumps and know that your hands are properly aligned and ready to go.

Plastic Cup Lids

Plastic lids that are designed for disposable cups are meant to double as a coaster. The lids should definitely be left on the cup if you plan on shaking it or you are riding in the car. However, when you are seated and ready to enjoy your beverage, the lid has ridges that are ideally designed to serve as a coaster that holds closely to the base of the cup.

While it might not seem like it, these lids were designed with this purpose in mind. Most of the time, there is an actual method to the madness around us and this provides a remarkable example.

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