Humans With Real Superpowers

#1 Eye-Popping Man

A man named Claudio Pinto has an amazing ability that most people don’t have. He is able to pop his eyes 95 percent of the way out of their sockets. When he does this, he looks super human. There are no other known people who can do this. According to Pinto, what he can do is just a God given talent. While his talent can’t give him x-ray vision or to be able to see remarkably far distances, it looks pretty freaking, earning himself a spot on this list.

#2 Super Visual Memory

An autistic man named Stephen Wiltshire has an amazing ability. He can look at a subject just once, and can then draw the subject in complete detail and amazing accuracy. One day, Wiltshire took a helicopter ride over New York City and was able to draw the city with unbelievable accuracy. Most people would need to take hundreds, even thousands of helicopter rides in order to get all of the detail that Wiltshire got after one short ride. Many people call him The Human Camera.

#3 Rubberboy

Daniel Browning Smith is the most flexible man alive. If he were a superhero, his name would be Rubberboy. Many people often refer to him this way. He is considered to be the most flexible man in the world and has earned himself seven Guinness World Records for his amazing ability. He is so flexible that he can dislocate his arms so that he is able to fit himself through an unstrung tennis racket. He has used his amazing ability to boost his career as a cartoonist, actor, television host, comedian, sports entertainer, and a stuntman.

#4 The Man With the Teeth of Steel

A man named Rathakrishnan Velu from Malaysia has a super power that can be compared to Superman’s powers. His nickname is “King Tooth” because he can move incredibly heavy things using just his teeth. He is able to pull weights of over 200 tons. He has even moved an entire train, weighing a bit over 260 tons with just his teeth, which earned him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. According to Velu, he obtained this power when an Indian Guru taught him to channel all of the power into one single part of his body. He was only 14 when he discovered his power.

#5 Awake Man! The Man Who Never Sleeps

Hai Ngoc is an insomniac from Vietnam who is best known for never sleeping. According to Ngoc, he had the flu in 1973 and has not slept since. According to his doctors, there is no medical reason for his condition. For decades, he did not suffer from any side effects of sleep deprivation. He continued to live his regular life and continued his job of carrying 110-pound bags of pig feed 2.5 miles each day. In 2006, after 33 years of not sleeping, he finally began having some side effects. He stated that he felt like a plant that has been deprived of water.

#6 The Man With Super Human Reflexes

Isao Michii from Japan has an incredible super human power. He is able to process his surroundings differently than normal people. While most people can see items move through the air, Michii can anticipate the exact location of the item with amazing accuracy. He uses this amazing talent to entertain the public. He is very popular on the internet for chopping up airsoft pellets that are being fired directly at him. The pellets can travel at incredibly fast speeds. Most people have trouble seeing the pellets going through the air, therefore, being able to chop them in thin air is amazing.

#7 The Ice Man

Wim Hof is a Dutch man who has an amazing power that makes him impervious to the cold. To prove his amazing power, he climbed to the top of Mount Everest wearing nothing but a pair of bicycle shorts. The temperatures on the mountain can reach temperatures of as low as 140 degrees below zero. These are temperatures that can kill a human within minutes if they were not dressed warmly enough. He holds 20 world records for a variety of stunts where he was able to withstand the cold including staying immersed in an ice bath for 1 hour, 13 minutes, and 48 seconds.

#8 Seeing With Sound

The ability to see with sound is an ability that most people don’t have. Ben Underwood is one of the lucky ones who can do just that. At the age of three, Ben lose his eyesight due to cancer. Over time, he learned to use clicking sounds in order to judge the echo produced. It helps him to understand his surroundings as well as the obstacles in his path. Thanks to his unique ability, he is able to ride a bike and walk around without any assistance. His amazing super power has made it possible for him to have a relatively normal childhood. Sadly, at the age of 16, his cancer came back and he passed away.

#9 The Man With Super Human Endurance

Dean Karnazes has an amazing superpower. He has more endurance than the normal person. He has used his super level of endurance to run on a treadmill for 80 hours straight without ever stopping for a break. In the end, he ran 350 miles. He also ran 50 marathons, in 50 states, in 50 consecutive days. Most people train for months for a marathon and it takes them several days to recover afterward. His amazing endurance has baffled his doctors and the scientific community.He has definitely earned his place on this list of humans with real superpowers.

#10 Dragon Ball Z

This little boy closely resembles Son Gohan, a fictional character in the children’s cartoon, Dragon Ball Z. He is also able to jump as high as his cartoon counterpart.

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