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Joaquin Phoenix Flipped Out On Set While Filming Joker – And Jimmy Kimmel Chose To Shame Him For It

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix is an amazing actor. He got his start at a very young age. Early in his career, he was known as Leaf Phoenix when he had roles in TV shows, including Hill Street Blues, Murder She Wrote, and The Fall Guy. Under the name Leaf, she also starred in films, including Space Camp, Ruskies, and Parenthood. Later, he took on roles under the name Joaquin Phoenix, and he starred in movies like Gladiator, Sings, and he wowed audiences with his portrayal of Johnny Cash in Walk The Line. He is a very talented actor, capable of playing a variety of roles.


Joaquin’s most recent film is Joker. It is based on the DC Comics character, the Joker. The movie is the story of how the Joker came to be. The film was set back in 1981 when the Joker was known as Arthur Fleck. He was trying to make it as a stand-up comedian, but he was failing miserably. During the day, he painted his face for his day job as a performing clown. During the night, he tried to feel like part of the world around him. He felt isolated, bullied, and disregarded by society. This pushed him into madness, which transformed him into a criminal. The film is the first of its kind to show how the Joker was born, and what led him down his path of madness.

After seeing the film, audiences have a better idea of who the Joker really is. Joaquin plays the joker, and the film revived high praise. It premiered at the 76th Venice International Film Festival on August 31, 2019, where it won the Golden Lion. Joaquin’s performance was incredible, and he had to go to great lengths to play the part.

According to IMDB, it was recently announced that there will be a Joker 2, and Joaquin will reprise his role as both Arthur Fleck and the Joker. There is no word as to what the plot of the story will be, when it will start filming, or when it will be released.

Joaquin’s Sacrifice

In order to play the part of the Joker, Joaquin had to lose 52 pounds in a relatively short period of time. In the beginning, he had to stop socializing with friends because he knew that people would be eating and drinking, which he wasn’t able to do. He had a great deal of willpower and stuck to his diet of eating almost nothing. He came to a point where he was so weak that he had to psych himself up just to climb a flight of stairs. And he says that for 30 seconds, he would tell himself, “I can do this, I know I can do this.” Soon, he says that the hunger started to turn him mad, similar to the character that he played in the movie.

Jimmy Kimmel! Live!

To promote the film, Joaquin appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel! Live! His October 2019 appearance was unforgettable. At the beginning of the interview, the two men discussed as much about the movie as possible without Joaquin revealing too much, ruining it for everyone. They also talked about Joaquin’s excellent ability as a dancer and how difficult it was to make the movie. He admitted that the rapid weight loss required was difficult. Just then, Jimmy queued up an outtake from the film, and Joaquin wasn’t expecting it.

The Clip

The clip was short, and Joaquin is seen in his Joker makeup, sitting in a chair. He is writing some notes in a pad, and it looked as though something was bothering him. There was nobody around, and he starts saying things that didn’t make much sense. In the clip, he says, “You started the Cher thing, Larry. It’s not even an insult. Cher, really? She’s a singer, actor, dancer, fashion icon, how that a f**king insult?” When the clip ends, the camera moves back to Joaquin and Jimmy, and Joaquin looks mortified.

An Explanation

After shuddering with embarrassment, he explained to Jimmy that the rapid weight loss, not eating, and the stress involved with filming turned him a bit mad. He explained that Larry is the film’s cinematographer, and had been calling Joaquin, Cher. He told Jimmy that there were many people filming in a small space, which sometimes got intense. Then he added that what he was saying was supposed to be private, and he was embarrassed. He also apologized for his behavior.

A Good Laugh

After Joaquin explained himself, he and Jimmy had a good laugh about it. Jimmy explained that he showed the clip all in good fun and was happy that Joaquin took it the way that he meant it as a joke. Joaquin Phoenix Flipped Out On Set While Filming Joker – And Jimmy Kimmel Chose To Shame Him For It. In the end, Jimmy, Joaquin, and the audience got a good laugh.

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