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Joaquin Phoenix Stormed Out Of An Interview After A Question About Joker Pushed Him Over The Edge


Joker is a new film coming out that is expected to be amazing. When the movie premiered in August 2019 at the Venice Film Festival, it received an eight-minute standing ovation. The people loved it. To prove this point even further, the movie got a 73 percent favorable review on Rotten Tomatoes. The early reviews say that this film will be a hit.

Batman Franchise

If you have seen any of the Batman movies, you know who the Joker is. He even made an appearance in the film Suicide Squad. The Joker is known to be insane. He has done some very horrific things to many innocent people. Basically, the Joker is the villain. In the film, Joker, it is all about him.

Who Are the Stars Of the Film?

Joker stars two Hollywood powerhouses. Joker, aka Arthur Fleck, is played by Joaquin Phoenix, and Robert De Niro played Murray Franklin. To prepare for the film, Joaquin had to lose 56 pounds. The other people starring in the movie include Zazie Beetz, Frances Conroy, Brett Cullen, Shea Whigham, Bill, Camp, and Glenn Fleshler, among others. The film is expected to be amazing, and currently, there is a lot of press to promote its October 4th release.

What Is the Movie About?

As mentioned earlier, Joker is all about the Joker. The movie gives you the backstory as to why the Joker became insane in the first place. Most people aren’t born to be insane, violent killers. Something happens in their life that pushes them over the edge and causes them to do the irrational and horrific things that they do. This was the case with Arthur Fleck, who is the Joker. As a younger man, he suffered from severe self-esteem issues. He tried his hand at stand-up comedy, only to fail. His crushing lack of success doesn’t help his self-esteem any, and it causes him to have dark thoughts that he would never act on. Street bullies see him as a target, so they beat him up often. It almost makes you feel bad for Arthur. Finally, he has had enough and buys a gun. When he kills the street bullies, he finally f gets the self-confidence that he had been looking for in his life. Finally, Arthur feels powerful, and it is the beginning of the dark criminality that causes him to take on the persona of the Joker.


One thing that this movie has is violence. There is so much graphic bloodshed in the film that it has been considered controversial. If you don’t have a taste for violent films, this is one that you certainly should not go see.

A Request For An Interview

Any actor who is the star of a film has to do press for television, magazine, and websites. It is a way for the film to create a buzz before and right after its release. Joaquin is not new to acting, and he understands the importance of interviews and press. When film critic, Robbie Collin asked Joaquin for an interview for the British newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, he agreed. As a successful actor, he knows that plenty of press means big numbers at the box office.

The Interview

Joaquin and Robbie sat down, and things started as a typical interview. It wasn’t until Robbie asked one particular question that Joaquin walked out. Joaquin Phoenix stormed out of an interview after a question about Joker pushed him over the edge. During the interview, Robbie asked Joaquin if the thought that Joker would perversely end up inspiring exactly the kind of people it’s about, with potentially tragic results? In other words, he wanted to know if the violence that the bullied Arthur caused would give other bullied people the same idea, which would result in tragedy. After the question was asked, Joaquin walked out without a word.

Continuing the Interview

When Joaquin Phoenix walked out of the interview, he went to see the Warner Brothers’ Public Relations people. Nobody knows what was said during the interview, but he returned to finish the interview. Robbie never got an answer to the hot-button question, but his sensational walk-out was all over the media after. It may not have been Joaquin’s finest moment, but it gave the film a lot of attention.

People’s Opinions

Many people considered Robbie’s question, and the opinion is split. For the most part, people don’t believe that violent films cause people to be violent. If that were the case, there would be a slew of murders every Halloween when scary, gory movies are released. The more conservative people believe that this will be a catalyst for bullied people to commit violence. Some even claimed that it could cause a tragedy like the Aurora movie theater during Batman Begins when a shooter open fired during a midnight showing.

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