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Lego’s Strange New Playset Is Making Parents Question Their Children’s Toys


When you think about toys, you think about Barbie Dolls, Hot Wheel, Play-Doh, and Transformers. These toys were popular for over three decades, and they are still popular today. Kids have fun with these toys, being creative, making up their own stories, and spending hours of fun playing. Another toy that has stood the test of time and is still popular today is Legos. Kids can turn these colorful blocks into anything they like. They just need a little bit of imagination. Years ago, Legos came in one large container, and they had many colors and sizes. Today, you can get a Lego kit complete with the directions, sort of like a 3D puzzle. There is a new set available that has people shocked. Lego’s strange new playset is making parents question their children’s toys. These new Lego sets may seem a bit controversial, but at the end of the day, parents think that they are a great idea.


Bestattungsmuseum is located in Vienna, and it is a very bizarre museum. It is a funeral museum, and there are exhibits that let you see many death rituals. Connected to the museum is a cemetery, where famous people like Beethoven are buried. A funeral museum where you can learn about death seems pretty strange but is a very popular tourist attraction. They have even created their own Lego set designed to teach children about death.

The Miniature Tram

The first set that they came out with was relatively safe because they didn’t want to panic children and their parents. It is a miniature tram that is based on the vehicles often used to move bodies around in the 1920s and the 1930s. This set was a pretty big hit, so they decided to add more sets to the collection.

Retro Hearse

Since people actually liked the miniature tram, the museum next came out with the replica of a retro hearse. According to the spokesman for the museum, Dr. Florian Keusch, parents were asking plenty of questions. Many didn’t know how to talk about death to their children, so they wanted to know where they could get the Lego sets that were on display to help.

Taking the Feedback To Heart

Florian was getting excellent feedback from parents. Many expressed their worry that funerals and burials were scary for kids. These parents thought that if a child could understand more about it using Legos, it could help with the grieving process. Florian decided to take this feedback to heart and push the envelope a bit.

The Dynamic Burial Set

The next Lego set released was the dynamic burial set. It came with a coffin that could be moved in and out of a grave. It also had a backhoe that is used to dig the grave, and there is a little man running the machine. Florian was a bit worried when the new set was introduced. He wasn’t sure if he had gone too far, but he was thrilled when the feedback was again, positive.

The Living And Dead Set

The next set was designed to teach children about death without sugarcoating it. The living and dead set contained figurines that were both alive and dead, all from the same family. These figurines may have been a bit controversial, but people loved them.

The Crematorium

The crematorium set is by far the boldest set created by the museum. It comes with a complete crematorium along with a casket which once held the body. It also comes with an angry looking undertaker holding an urn. When people first heard the name of the toy, some were shocked. After hearing the thought behind the toy, people understood and actually thought that it was a good idea.

The Cemetery Set

The cemetery set is what ties all of the Lego kits together. You can create your own cemetery, complete with headstones, flowers, trees, a pastor, and grieving family members. If a child has all of the sets, it ties the whole death experience together, making it easier to understand. When you have all of the sets, you can go through the complete burial process from beginning to end with your children. What better way to explain something so confusing and painful than using toys.

A Purpose

The museum didn’t create these toys for publicity or to cause a stir. They thought that Legos would be an excellent way for grieving children to understand what has happened. It may be unconventional, and a bit controversial, but each of the sets was very well received. If you want sets of your own, they go for about £100. The death sets are sold online and in the museum gift shop.

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