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Life Hacks Which You Didn’t Know About

Life Hacks Which You Didn't Know About

#1 Removing the Yolk

If you want to make an egg white omelet, you need to remove the yolk. The same is true if you are making a recipe that calls for just the yolk. Most people don’t have an egg separator, so they need to find another way to do it. It is actually easier than you think You just need a water bottle. Break the egg on a plate and hold the water bottle over the yolk. Squeeze the bottle to create suction that will suck up the egg yolk and you can either discard it or keep it depending on your needs.

#2 Lotion On The Go

If you want to carry hand lotion, tanning lotion, or sunscreen with your but you don’t want to take the whole bottle, a contact lens case is a great idea. You can put two different types of lotion in the case or fill both wells with the same lotion. It will take up much less space than if you were carrying the bottle and the lotion won’t dry up over time.

#3 Store Your Sheets in the Pillowcases

Most people have more than one sets of sheets. If you want to keep your linen closet neat while making your sheets easily accessible, you should try this handy trick. After you have folded up your sheets, store them in one of the set’s pillowcases. It will keep each set together and everything will be organized.

#4 Use a Soda Tab To Make Extra Space In Your Closet

If you have too many clothes in your closet to fit on the curtain rod, there is a way you can make more room. All you need to do is save the tabs from your soda cans. You can put the hole from the tab at the bottom of the hook and then hang a hanger from the other hole. It will give you two for your clothing which would double up your space.

#5 Use Nail Polish to Identify Your Keys

If you have several keys on your ring, it can be hard to find the right one when it is dark out or if you are in a hurry. To identify each key, you can paint the top with different colored nail polish. It will make it so you never fumble to find the right key again.

#6 Keep Your Frozen Vegetables Organized and Save Room in the Freezer

This is one of the smartest life hacks which you didn’t knew about. If you keep your frozen vegetable stacked up, it can take up room in the freezer. If you used just half of the bag, you would need to close it securely. There is a way that you can save room, keep the vegetables closed, and keep your freezer organized. Simply take a binder clip and clip the bags of vegetables to the bottom of the freezer rack.

#7 Increase the Volume of an iPhone With a Needle

If you want your speaker volume on your iPhone to be as loud as possible, you just need to use a needle. Simply stick it into the holds in the case that cover the speaker. This will increase the volume by up to 40 percent.

#8 Heating Your Food in the Microwave Evenly

If you are heating up leftovers on a plate, you may have noticed that the food never heats up evenly. It can be cold in some spots and very hot in others. If you want to heat your food evenly, you should space it out so that there is a circle in the middle of the plate with no food. This will ensure that the food is the same temperature all around.

#9 Remove the Stem (Hull) From A Strawberry With a Straw

If you need to get the stem out of your strawberries quickly, you just need a straw. All you need to do is push the straw into the top of the strawberry and push it all the way through. It will push the stem completely out of the strawberry.

#10 Open a Blister Pack With Ease

Most people struggle to open blister packs when they buy something new. Many of these packages can be difficult even with a pair of scissors. The best way to do it easily and without cutting yourself is to use a can opener. You should attach it to the blister pack the same way you would with a can and twist. The package should open right up.

#11 Fixed Damaged Wooden Furniture With a Walnut

If your chair legs have scuffs and scratches on them, you can make them look better by simply rubbing a walnut over the scratches. This won’t work with deep scratches or if there are chunks taken out of legs, but for minor scratches and dings, it will work great.

#12 Hold Your Spot on a Roll of Tape

It can be very difficult to figure out where your tape starts when you go to use it. One way to make it much easier and less time consuming is to stick a plastic bread tab to the edge of the tape. This will ensure that your tape is always ready when you need it.

#13 Keep Your Wrapping Paper From Unrolling

When the holiday season is over, it is time to put your wrapping in storage for another year. If you have already started using the roll, it can come unrolled easily. This can lead your wrapping paper becoming crumbled or ripped. The best way to keep this from happening is to use a toilet paper tube. Simply cut it straight down and wrap it around your wrapping paper. It will keep it safe and secure.

#14 Use Zip Ties On Your Weed Whacker

If you run out of string for your weed whacker or if you are struggling to get it on, all you need are two zip ties to get the job done. You can hook them to the two holes on your weed whacker, and they work just as well, if not better than the expensive string that is needed to cut.

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