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Life Hacks To Improve Your Health

Life Hacks To Improve Your Health

#1 Drink a Glass of Lemon Water Every MorningWhen you wake up each morning, you should start the day with a glass of water that contains either freshly squeezed lemon or lemon oil. Just be sure that what you are using is edible and 100 percent natural grade and not synthetic oil. Drinking lemon water will flush your body of any toxins, and it will help your digestive system function properly. Also, it will help fight off inflammation and give your immune system a boost.

#2 Don’t Risk Getting Sick By Eating a Bad EggThere is nothing worse than eating a bad egg. In some cases, the egg will just taste bad and make you want to throw up. In other cases, the egg will really make you sick and you will actually throw up. If you want to test your eggs and make sure that they are fresh, all you need is a bowl of water. If the egg sinks to the bottom of the bowl on its side, it is fresh, but it could be too fresh for hard boiling. If the egg tilts to an upright position when it sinks, it is fresh enough for eating or hard boiling. If the egg floats at the top of the water and it doesn’t sink, it is too old and it will make you sick if you try to eat it.

#3 Remove Pesticides From Your Fruit and Vegetables With Baking SodaIf you are worried about what the chemicals in pesticides will do to your body if you ingest them, you can easily wash them from your produce. All you need is one to two cups of water and a few teaspoons of baking soda. Combine the mixture in a spray bottle, and spay it on every nook and cranny of your produce. This will rinse away the dangerous chemicals and it will make your fruit and vegetables taste better.

#4 Create a Water Bottle To Ensure That You Are Drinking 8 Glasses Each DayIt is important to stay hydrated throughout the day if you are going to stay healthy. Doctors recommend that you drink 8 glasses of water each day. If you have a hard time drinking the whole 8 glasses, you can create a water bottle that will help. All you need is a 1-quart bottle and a Sharpie marker. Divide the bottle into 200 ml intervals that coordinate with each hour of the day. Each hour, drink enough water to get the water level to the next hour. By the end of the day, you will have finished all 8 glasses.

#5 Save Your Fresh HerbsAn herb garden is a great way to get the fresh herbs that you need to create your favorite meals. If your herbs are starting to turn brown or if they are beginning to wilt, you don’t need to throw them away. Start by chopping up the herbs and put them in an ice cube tray. Next, fill each tray with olive oil and put the tray in the freezer. When you are ready to use the herbs, you can take the cube from the tray. Since the herbs are frozen in olive oil, they will be ready to saute or to add to your favorite sauce.

#6 Work Out While You Watch TelevisionIf you are planning to spend the day on the couch watching television, it doesn’t mean that you cannot be active. While you are watching your favorite shows, wait for the commercials. During the first set of commercials, you can spend the time doing sit-ups. During the next set of commercials, you can do push-ups. During the next set of commercials, you can do jumping jacks. During the last set of commercials, you can do squats. If you do this for every show that you watch during your day on the couch, you can burn an excessive amount of calories while relaxing on the couch.

#7 Never Buy Another Rotten AvocadoAvocados are very good for you. Unfortunately, when you are at the supermarket, it can be difficult to tell if an avocado is ripe or not just by squeezing it. To know if the avocado is fresh, you will need to lift the stem. If it is dark green under the stem, it isn’t ripe yet and it will need more time. If it is brown under the stem, it is rotten and inedible. If you look under the stem and it is yellow-green in color, it is perfect for eating.

#8 Marshmallows Can Treat a Sore ThroatFor centuries, people have been using the sap from the marshmallow plant to treat coughs, colds, and sore throats. The marshmallows that you eat today have a coating of gelatin. This coating can help to soothe a sore throat.

#9 Visit a Sauna If You Are Trying To Quit SmokingThis is one of the smartest life hacks to improve your health. Quitting smoking can reduce your risk of developing cancer and a variety of other serious health conditions. If you are trying to quit but you are struggling, you should go to a sauna for three days in a row. The sauna will help you to sweat out the nicotine, which will get it out of your body faster. This will make it much easier to quit.

#10 Treat a Mouth Ulcer With Tums There is nothing worse than having a sore in your mouth. It can make eating and drinking very difficult. If you want to ease the pain of a mouth sore, all you need is a Tums pill for heartburn. You would simply need to put the Tums pill in your mouth over the sore. Within a matter of hours, the sore and the pain will be gone.

#11 Listerine Can Dry Up a PimpleMost people cringe when they see that they have a pimple. If you want your pimple to dry up as quickly as possible, put a dab of Listerine directly on the pimple. The alcohol will dry it up quickly and it will help the pimple fade by morning.

#12 Cure a Pimple With the Liquid From an Advil GelIf you have an important event coming up and you cannot wait 24 hours for your pimple to go away, there is a way that you can cure it right away. All you need is an Advil liquid gel and a safety pin. Simply poke a hole in the top of the Advil so that you can squeeze out some of the gel. Rub it over the pimple and it should cure it right away.

#13 Improve Your Chances Of Passing a Test If you are taking a tough test, you are going to need all of the help that you can get. When you are studying for the test, chew gum the whole time. When it is time to take the test, put the same flavor gum in your mouth and chew. This will improve your memory and you will be able to remember what you studied.

#14 Cure a Sore Throat NaturallyIf you are suffering from a sore throat and you don’t want to take any drugs, you can create your own remedy with ingredients that you likely have in your kitchen. In a small bowl, combine hot water, 2 tablespoons of honey, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and a dash of cinnamon. Mix the ingredients well and drink. Within an hour or two, your sore throat should be gone.

#15 Remove Unwanted Hair For One Week Without Shaving Or WaxingIf you hate shaving or if you just don’t have the time to shave as often as you would like, you can create a homemade mixture that will keep the hair from growing back for up to a week. Simply combine 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds with one teaspoon of baking soda. When the baking soda combines with the coffee, it will intensify the compounds that will break down the hair follicles right at the root. This will remove the unwanted hair painlessly.

#16 Help Your Hair Grow FasterIf you want your hair to grow faster, you should start eating more salmon. There are certain enzymes in salmon that will help both your hair and your nails grow faster.

#17 Do You Want To Remember Your Dreams?Have you ever had a dream that you wanted to tell someone but by the time you saw anyone, suddenly you had forgotten the dream? This is a problem that many people have. If you want to remember your dreams, there is a way that you can make that happen. If you drink a half a glass of water before you go to bed and then a half a glass when you wake up, it is a psychological cue that will help you to remember what you dreamed about. You will no longer need to keep a notebook by your bed to write down your dreams. They will all remain in your memory.

#18 Prevent Running Cramps By Breathing the Right WayWhen you go running and you want to keep from getting a cramp or if you want to keep from putting too much stress on one side of your body, all you need to know is how to breathe. When you are running, you should exhale on alternate feet when you are running. If you start doing this, it can completely change how you feel when you are running.

#19 Replace Your Chicken Nuggets With CauliflowerEveryone knows that chicken nuggets aren’t the healthiest food that you can choose. If you love chicken nuggets but you hate that they aren’t healthy, you can replace them with cauliflower. If you dip a piece of cauliflower in barbeue sauce, it will taste just like a chicken nugget, but it is much healthier.

#20 Slouching Is Bad For DigestionIf you slouch when you sit, it can slow down your body’s digestion. This can result in serious problems down the road, including cancer. Also, when you slouch, your internal organs won’t have anywhere else to go other than out. This can make you look fatter than you really are. Finally, slouching can result in back pain if you are sitting long enough.

Bonus Tip: Eat Celery Before Each Meal To Lose WeightIf you eat a meal when you are very hungry, you risk overeating. If you start out feeling full, you will eat less. Before you sit down for your meal, you should eat a stalk or two of celery. The celery will fill you up a bit and best of all, there are only about 6 calories in each stalk. This is a great way to decrease your calorie intake. If you don’t like celery, try drinking an 8-ounce glass of water before eating.

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