Secrets That CINEMAS not want you to know

#1 Cinemas Make More Money From the ConcessionsMost people think that cinemas make most of their money on the overpriced tickets that they sell. This is not true. Most cinemas actually make the bulk of their money off the overpriced snacks that they sell at the concession stand. This is why they don’t allow you to bring outside food into the cinema. If they did, you would be seriously lowering their profits.

#2 You Will Be Arrested For Recording a Movie

There are plenty of people out there who buy a ticket to a movie and they hide their video camera in their coat. They do this so that they can record the movie and then sell bootleg copies or they post them online. If you think sounds like a good idea, you should know that if you get caught recording a movie, the cinema employees will call the police and you will be arrested. If you catch someone recording a movie and you have no problem ratting them out, you can leave the cinema $500 richer.

#3 The Sound Levels in the cinema Can Be DangerousIf you have ever been to the movies, especially an action movie, you know how loud it can be. According to the Center for Communication, the noise levels in cinemas can be loud enough that it can contribute to hearing loss. They say that there are certain cinemas that can leave your ears so stunned that it is equal to standing next to the speakers at a rock concert. This can be especially dangerous for small children.

#4 The Cinema Isn’t As Clean As You ThinkMany cinemas will go hours before the cinema gets cleaned. In some cases, the cinema won’t get cleaned at all until the last movie has ended. If the movies all end around the same time, the employees won’t have the time to get to every cinema to clean before the next movie starts. The next time you go to the movies, take a look around. Chances are you will see the snacks left behind by the audience who watched the previous show.

#5 There is Rarely Anyone in the Projection BoothYears ago, if you looked up into the projection booth at the movies, you would see the head of an employee sitting near the projector. Today, thanks to technology and automated digital projectors, you won’t see anyone sitting near the projector for most of the movie. Once the movie has started, the employee can walk away and take care of other things. For some, this fact ruins the whole wonder and mystery of the cinema.

#6 Snack Combos Don’t Always Save You MoneyMany cinema concession stands will have posters on the menu offering combo pack deals. This could include something like a hot dog, a popcorn, and a soda. In most cases, these combo deals won’t save you money at all. In fact, the only advantage that you will get by buying a combo pack is the cool paper holder that they give you to get your food to your seats easily. The next time you think that you are getting a deal at the movies, take out your calculator and do the math. Chances are, you won’t be getting a deal.

#7 The Cinema Manager Doesn’t Control What Movies Are ShownMost people believe that it is the manager at the cinema who chooses what movies are shown. When people don’t approve of the movies that are being shown, they bring their complaint to the manager. Doing this would be a waste of time. It is actually the cinema’s corporate office who decides what movies the cinema will show. The next time you have a complaint, send it to the corporate office and leave the manager alone.

#8 If You Find a Movie Offensive You Do Have OptionsIf you start watching a movie and you find it to be offensive or if you just aren’t enjoying it, there is something that you can do but you only have so much time. If you approach an employee in a nice, reasonable manner and you explain what you don’t like about the movie, they might let you go to a different cinema. If you want to do this, however, you need to make your complaint within the first 30 minutes of the movie.

#9 The cinema Staff Has To Interrupt Couples Being InappropriateMany couples go to the movies on date night. During the movie, many couples hold hands and focus on the film. There are, however, some couples who take their PDA to a whole new and inappropriate level. According to many cinema employees, they need to break up couples being inappropriate at least once a week. It must be awkward for both the couple and the employees.

#10 The Popcorn Isn’t Always Freshly Popped

When the employee who works the concession stand scoops your popcorn from the machine, you automatically think that it was just popped. In some cinemas, this isn’t the case. In the back room, there is a large bin full of bags of popcorn that has already been popped. When the popcorn in the machine starts to get low, the employee will refill the machine with the pre-popped popcorn. When it gets into the machine, it will heat up, making you think that the employee just popped the corn and that it is fresh. Every cinema doesn’t do this, however for those who do, this is one of the biggest secrets that CINEMAS not want you to know.

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