Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

#1 Make it Easy to Find Your Luggage

If you are taking a trip and you plan to check your bags, it can be a hassle to check each bag that looks similar to yours before you find the right one. To make this easier, get a brightly colored ribbon and tie it to the handle. When you see the bag with your ribbon, you will know right away that it is yours. It will save you the time of checking each bag for your name tag.

#2 Use a Rubber Band to Keep a Door From Latching

If you are going to be going in and out of the house with your hands full, you will need to keep the door from closing all the way. If your hands are full, you won’t have a free hand to turn the doorknob. To avoid needing to turn the knob, you just need an elastic. Simply wrap it around both of the doorknobs so that the elastic is holding the latch inside the door. This way, you would just need to push the door open.

#3 Keep a Room Smelling Fresh With a Dryer Sheet

If your room is starting to smell because you haven’t opened the window all summer, a dryer sheet can help. Tape one over the vents on your air conditioner. When the air blows out, it will smell good, keeping the room smelling fresh until you can open up the windows. This can also work with the clothes in your drawer. If you want to keep your clothes smell fresh for weeks after washing them, simply place a dryer sheet in each of your drawers. Each time you put something on, it will smell great.

#4 Stop Losing Business Cards

This is one of the smartest life hacks in that will make your life easier. If you have important business cards in your pocket that you are afraid to lose, you should take a photo of it on your cell phone. It will be saved on your phone, therefore, if you lose it you will always have it stored on your phone. Since most people have their phones with them at all times, the business cards will be with you at all times as well.

#5 Keep Food and Juices From Leaking Through Your Trash Bags

If you often throw away food and juices that leak through your bag and end up on the bottom of the trash can, there is a solution. Take an old newspaper and fold it up and place it flat down in the bottom of the trash can. If anything happens to leak, the newspaper will absorb it, preventing a leak.

#6 Keep Your Dirty Laundry From Smelling Bad When Traveling

There is nothing worse than getting home from a trip and opening your bag with the dirty clothes in it. They often start to smell, especially if they were damp. To keep the clothes from smelling and stinking up your bag, all you need is a couple bars of scented soap. Simply put the bars in the bag that will hold the dirty clothes and they will smell good until you can get them into the washing machine. If you don’t have any scented soap in the house, you can use dryer sheets. If you throw three or four in the bag, it will work just as well.

#7 Hold Your Cookbooks Up in View Without Buying an Expensive Book Holder

If you are cooking with a cookbook, you need to have the book right in front of your face. Instead of going out and buying a book holder, all you need to do is go into your closet. Get a pants hanger with clips and clip the book. Next, hang the hanger over the handle of your cabinet. Your book will be right in front of your face when you need it and it won’t cost you a penny.

#8 Make Pancakes With No Mess

Making pancakes can sometimes be messy. When you pour the pancake batter from the bowl to the pan, it can drip all over the sides of the pan. To keep this from happening, empty out a squeeze bottle of ketchup and wash it out. If you fill the bottle with pancake batter, it will squirt right out into the pan with no mess. Also, you can make enough for a couple days and put the bottle in the refrigerator until the next day. This will keep you from needing to find another bowl with a cover for storage.

#9 Use a Hanging Shoe Rack to Store Cleaning Supplies

If you have plenty of cleaning supplies to store but not enough room in the closet or under the sink, you should buy a hanging shoe rack. You can hang it over the closet door and there would be room for 24 different cleaning products. This will free up your closets and your cabinets.

#10 If you Need AA Batteries You Can Use AAA

If you need to put AA batteries in a toy or a remote, and you only have AAA batteries, all hope is not lost. All you need to do is put aluminum foil between the batteries and the circuits on the device. It won’t be a permanent solution, however, it will allow you to use the device until you can get out and buy some AA batteries.

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