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Linda Lavin Reveals the Secrets to Aging Gracefully

Linda Lavin may be best known for portraying the titular single mother in the hit 1970s and 1980s series Alice, but she is still working today at the age of 84! In fact, Linda is busier now than she’s been in a while, with her having just recently finished work on the second season of the new CBS series B Positive. Linda’s character in the show lives at a retirement facility, but Linda doesn’t need any assistance living in the real world! Join Facts Verse as Linda Lavin reveals the secrets to aging gracefully.

Although actress Linda Lavin may be most famously remembered for her tenure as the titular character on the 1970s and 1980s series Alice, she is still keeping busy today at the age of 84. The actress’s biggest role nowadays is portraying the character of Norma on the CBS series B Positive. The character of Norma lives in a retirement facility, and Linda is hoping that the real-life citizens living in such facilities can relate to the character and her struggles, as well as her more empowering qualities! Although Norma is stuck in a retirement facility, she doesn’t let it get her down. Similarly, Linda Lavin is thriving in her old age.

The second season of B Positive has recently begun airing on the CBS network, and audiences will also get the chance to see Linda Lavin later this year on the big screen! Linda is portraying the real-life character of Madlyn Pugh in the upcoming I Love Lucy biopic Being the Ricardos. The film is being written and directed by Aaron Sorkin. Besides Linda, the film will feature Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem as Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, respectively. With her upcoming turn in Being the Ricardos and her ongoing gig as Norma on B Positive, it appears as if Linda is keeping very busy!

Besides appearing on B Positive, Linda Lavin could also be seen in recent years on the television series Santa Clarita Diet. However, it’s hard to deny that the actress remains best known for portraying the character of the titular single mother on the hit 1977 sitcom Alice. Other television series that Linda has been seen on over the course of her career include Barney Miller, The Doctors, and The Good Wife.

Besides making steady appearances on television over the course of her career, Linda Lavin has also been a reliable presence on the stage. The actress even received a Tony Award for her performance in the 1980s production Broadway Bound. Besides this win, the actress has received five other Tony Award nominations. The other productions that Linda has found herself nominated for include The Lyons in 2012 and The Diary of Anne Frank in 1998.

With her more recent role as Norma on B Positive, Linda has been hoping that the character connects to audiences in as big of a way as her titular character on Alice did. Linda’s character on Alice became a hit with single mothers who found themselves empowered by her. Similarly, Linda is hoping that her character on B Positive can empower those living in retirement facilities.

In addition to empowering the elderly through her tenure on B Positive, Linda has also shared some words of wisdom about how she manages to maintain her energy and vitality into her old age. The reason that Linda is able to play a character living in a retirement facility is because many people her age are actually living in them. However, Linda has done her best to stay active and healthy, and is nowhere near needing assistance in her daily living.

Two of the most important things that Linda tries to remember in order to maintain her healthy outlook on life are to be positive and to be resilient. When Linda encounters age-related setbacks, she doesn’t let that stop her from doing everything in her power to overcome them. Getting bogged down by negativity can prevent people from moving forward, so Linda is sure to face every challenge that she meets in her twilight years head on. She also isn’t afraid to laugh at herself, and doesn’t waste time pretending that she’s the exact same young starlet she once was.

Besides being positive, Linda has also expressed the importance of her resilience. She has had to adapt over the years to maintain her place in the entertainment industry. However, she has continuously managed to take on roles that have taken advantage of real-life changes, like her current role on B Positive. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! As well, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

While positivity and resilience have certainly been beneficial skills for Linda Lavin to practice in her older age, she is also incredibly active! She routinely goes for walks, and plays with her dogs in her yard. She’s also sure to cook healthy food for her and her husband, and practices mediation.

Although Linda Lavin isn’t running laps in her 80s, she stays active by routinely walking and playing with her dogs. As well, she stays incredibly busy with work. In addition to all of her television work, Linda released an album by the name of Love Notes in 2020. Beginning her tenure on B Positive required her and her current husband to move out to Los Angeles, which has been a fun adventure for them.

Sadly, Linda’s husband found himself out of town when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, which caused the two to have to spend a couple of months apart due to travel restrictions. During this time period, one of Linda’s beloved dogs got sick and had to be put down. While this was a difficult period for Linda and third husband Steve Bakunas, they have since overcome and are doing better than ever!

Linda has expressed that the third time has been the charm when it comes to her marriages. She had been married twice previously before meeting Steve, with her two prior husbands being Ron Leibman and Kip Niven. Linda married Ron in 1969, and they divorced in 1981. She then married Kip in 1982, and they divorced in 1992. Linda didn’t remarry until 2005, though her marriage to third husband Steve has already proved to be her most successful yet!

Linda grew up in Portland, Maine, and was introduced to the world of performing at a very young age. Her mother was an opera singer, and she could be heard on both the radio and television. Sadly, Linda’s mother ended up giving up her career as an opera singer after Linda was born. However, she would go on to live vicariously through her daughter once Linda started showing many innate talents herself.

At her mother’s insistence, Linda attended college. After graduating, she went to New York City with the goal of becoming an actress. She worked for a time at Bloomingdales’ handkerchief department while building up her profile on the stage. She received many roles in various musicals and plays during her time in New York City before eventually deciding to head out to California.

Linda made the decision to head out to California hoping that she could become a successful Hollywood actress. She moved to California in 1973, and got her titular role on the series Alice in 1977. The series rocketed Linda to superstardom, and also made her an unlikely advocate for the rights of single mothers everywhere. Although Linda was never a single mother herself, single mothers in the audience related to her character on the show.

Linda Lavin portrayed the titular character on the show Alice for nine seasons before it eventually came to an end. The show followed the titular character working as a waitress at a diner in Phoenix while trying to pursue her dreams of being a successful popular singer. The show featured the character working for both equal pay and equal rights in general, which was something that the audience at home related to.

Because of her role on Alice, Linda became an unlikely spokesperson for single moms everywhere. She even made a few public appearances, though always dressed up as the character of Alice. Linda felt that the audience related to the character of Alice better than her, and the character eventually became a symbol for single mothers everywhere.

In addition to playing the titular character on the show, Linda Lavin also sang Alice’s memorable theme song. The song was subtly changed over the course of the show’s nine seasons, with a different iteration each year.

Linda is now 84 years old, and is happily living with her husband Steve and their dogs in Los Angeles. Linda and Steve met around the turn of the millennium, at a time when Linda wasn’t remotely interested in finding a third husband. However, she couldn’t stop the sparks from flying!

Steve is also an actor, as well as a drummer. Linda and Steve met while performing together in the Broadway play Hollywood Arms. Together, the two established a theater in Wilmington, North Carolina, where they can sometimes be seen putting on productions.

The theater is called the Red Barn Theatre, and some of the productions that Linda has appeared in at the venue include Driving Miss Daisy, The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife, and Doubt. The couple later lived in New York, and are now calling California their home for the time being so that Linda can continue her work on B Positive, as well as in films.

Besides Linda Lavin’s aforementioned tips about how to get the most out of your twilight years, the actress has also always considered Bea Arthur a role model when it comes not only to performing, but also to aging gracefully. Comment down below to share if you were inspired by any of Linda’s words about how to age gracefully, or if you were surprised to learn that the actress is still so active at the age of 84! As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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