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Tina Louise Confessed the Sexiest Gilligan’s Island Cast Member

Besides bickering about whether Ginger or Mary Ann was hotter, one of Gilligan’s Island fans’ favorite things to do since the show’s initial airing has been to imagine which of the show’s castaways would’ve become romantically involved if they had been given the chance. Recently, Ginger actress Tina Louise has come forward revealing which of the male castaways she would’ve hooked up with if only she had the opportunity. Join Facts Verse as we explore how Tina Louise confessed the sexiest Gilligan’s Island cast member.

In the Gilligan’s Island fandom, there has always been a great deal of debate over which of the show’s female castaways was the more attractive. Over the years, the majority of the fans seem to have gone with the character of Mary Ann, who was portrayed by the actress Dawn Wells. However, there are still plenty of fans that prefer the taller Ginger, who was a movie star in contrast to Mary Ann’s girl next door aesthetic. This rivalry, among other things, led to the actresses that played the two characters not always getting along. The character of Ginger was portrayed by Tina Louise, who is the show’s last surviving main cast member. Dawn Wells passed away recently after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

Although Tina Louise and Dawn Wells didn’t always get along well over the course of their lives due to the Gilligan’s Island rivalry, they made up before Dawn Wells’ recent death. The two had an amicable relationship towards the end, and both found the debate over which of their characters was the more attractive to be childish. Besides debating which of the two female castaways was the more attractive, Gilligan’s Island fans have also always loved to speculate about which female castaway would’ve gotten together with their male counterparts if given the chance.

Recently, Tina Louise has put much of this speculation to an end with the revelation that there was one male castaway that she had a strong preference for over any of the others. This castaway was the millionaire Thurston Howell III, who was played by actor Jim Backus. The reason that Tina would’ve liked to have seen her character hook up with Jim’s is because Tina actually had a thing for the actor in real life.

Tina Louise and Jim Backus were good friends on the set of Gilligan’s Island, and Tina claimed that one of the reasons she got along so well with Jim was because of his humor. Jim also had a very evenly keeled personality, as he was an avid believer in psychiatric therapy. Tina found Jim to be a calming presence on the set of the show, and the two had a great deal of respect and appreciation for one another.

In regards to the show’s other male castaways, Tina felt that the character of the Professor was more interested in his studies than in finding love and that Gilligan was simply too hapless and nervous to ever truly impress the ladies. Of course, many of the show’s fans would’ve liked to see the character of Ginger hook up with Gilligan himself, but Tina is adamant that she would’ve much preferred being with Thurston.

Today, Tina Louise is single, though she’s open to the idea of accepting a new man into her life. The actress is currently 87, though she prefers to think of her age as just a number. She certainly looks incredible for her age and claims that she spends much of her time hanging around at health food stores. If she’s not at the health food store, she’s perusing for books at Barnes & Noble or walking around Katharine Hepburn Garden, located in her home of New York City.

If Tina was stranded on a deserted island with someone nowadays, she says she’d like to be stuck with someone who has a good sense of humor. Once again, it seems like humor is incredibly important to the legendary television actress. One example Tina has given of someone she finds attractive in the modern entertainment industry is John Oliver, the late-night television talk show host.

Tina made her acting debut performing in Bette Davis’ 1952 Broadway musical Two’s Company. In the late 1950s, she appeared in an issue of Playboy magazine, and the photos featured in the issue became much more sought-after once Tina achieved fame via her role on Gilligan’s Island. When Tina found out that she had gotten the part of Ginger, she was performing in the 1964 Broadway musical Fade Out-Fade In. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! While you’re at it, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

Tina Louise was the perfect actress for the role of Hollywood starlet Ginger. According to Tina, she used a bit of Marilyn Monroe and a bit of Lucille Ball to get the character’s voice down. At first, Tina wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the show’s scripts, especially when it came to her character’s dialogue. Eventually, Tina felt that the character of Ginger was developed better and became more satisfied with her work on the show. However, she never seemed to appreciate her time on the show quite as much as her fellow cast members, with her neglecting to appear in reunions.

After Gilligan’s Island came to an end, Tina continued to act in various capacities. However, her time on Gilligan’s Island has certainly come to represent the peak of the actress’s career success. Other roles that Tina has been seen in include stints in the films The Stepford Wives and O.C. and Stiggs. Robert Altman directed the later feature, while the former has become a science fiction cult classic.

While Tina Louise didn’t return for any Gilligan’s Island reunions, Dawn Wells did. Perhaps Dawn Wells being there was the reason that Tina Louise didn’t want to go, although the two set aside their differences later on in life. While Tina has just recently come forward with the revelation of which male castaway she would’ve liked to have seen her character hook up with on the show, Dawn had previously expressed before her death that there was one male cast member on Gilligan’s Island that she had her own special relationship with. That cast member was Russell Johnson.

Due to contract disputes, neither Dawn Wells nor Russell Johnson was credited by name in the opening of Gilligan’s Island. They were the only two main cast members to suffer this fate, and they were instead credited simply as “the rest”. This unfortunate happening caused Dawn and Russell to relate to each other early on. The two started developing in-jokes around the fact that neither was properly credited on the show that was proving to be their big break.

Over time, Dawn and Russell’s relationship on the set of the show grew into a close friendship. Because of this, the character of Mary Ann would’ve most likely hooked up with the character of the Professor if she were given the chance, which was the character that Russell played on the show.

Tina being credited by name while Dawn wasn’t ended up being another thing that caused tension between the two stars on Gilligan’s Island’s set. While Dawn got along incredibly well with Russell, she shared before her death that she never got along with Jim Backus. Apparently, the cast of the show was divided into two separate cliques to some degree based on whether they liked Tina Louise or Dawn Wells better. This was then mirrored coincidentally in the aforementioned bickering amongst Gilligan’s Island fans over which of their characters was the most attractive.

While Dawn Wells shared that she had the closest on-set relationship with Russell Johnson over the course of Gilligan’s Island’s filming, she was also the cast member that ended up becoming the closest to the show’s titular star. Of course, Gilligan was played by actor Bob Denver. During his life, Bob was notoriously private about his personal affairs. Because of this, few of his costars were ever granted the privilege of being invited into Bob’s home. Dawn ended up being one of Bob’s few costars to join the exclusive group of friends that the actor was willing to let into his personal life. So, although Mary Ann would’ve likely ended up with the Professor if given the chance, it seems that Gilligan could’ve still given him a run for his money.

Besides Russell and Bob, Dawn also had a friendly affinity for actor Alan Hale Jr., who played the character of the Skipper. According to Dawn, Alan was exactly the same size as her father. Whenever Alan gave her a hug, she felt the same as when her father hugged her when she was little. This proved to be a comforting experience for Dawn on the set of the show. It seems that Russell, Bob, and Alan were all predominantly in Dawn Wells’ camp, while Tina Louise and Jim Backus had their own thing going on. Later on in life, many speculated that Dawn and Bob had begun dating.

Dawn Wells ended up passing away on December 30, 2020, which is the moment that Tina Louise became Gilligan’s Island‘s last surviving main cast member. The rest of the show’s cast members had all passed away beforehand. At 87, Tina is still doing incredibly well for herself and looks fantastic for her age! Although she and Dawn Wells didn’t always get along before the latter’s death, the two had long since made up by the time that Dawn passed away in 2020. Tina expressed deep remorse when Dawn’s death was announced, saying that she wished the two could’ve set aside their differences much sooner.

Although Tina Louise has made it very clear which of Gilligan’s Island’s male castaways she would’ve preferred the character of Ginger to have gotten together with romantically, it’s still fun for fans to come up with their own theories about which castaways would have hooked up! Comment down below to share which Gilligan’s Island characters you think were getting together when the cameras weren’t rolling, or if you were surprised to learn that Mary Ann had a thing for the Professor! As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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