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Man Demands Wife Bury Him With All His Money – Her Genius ‘Solution’ Has Him Turning In Grave


There are two types of people in this world; there are the savers and the spenders. The savers of the world work hard, and they put the money into their bank account. They spend their money on only the essentials such as food, shelter, and clothing. Savers will wear the same clothes for years, even though they have gone out of style. They only buy clothes when they have literally worn theirs out. They won’t buy clothes until they are literally forced to.


Spenders are different. Spenders work just as hard as the savers, but they enjoy everything that they have worked for. Spenders go out at the end of the week, and they shop. They buy clothes, shoes, and other items that they don’t need, but they want. Rather than finding a cheap place to live, they move into luxurious, extravagant houses. They take vacations and enjoy buying things that they don’t even need. Spenders enjoy throwing money around.

Opposite Couples

When a couple gets together, and one is a spender, and one is a saver, it can cause problems. The constant struggle between saving and spending often results in fights. Some couples cannot overcome these differences, while others manage to compromise. This was how the couple in this story made their marriage work.

The Couple’s Dynamic

This couple spent decades together. The man was a saver. In fact, many would say that he is incredibly stingy with his money. He saved for years and years and hated to spend one cent. His wife wasn’t quite as thrifty as he was. She liked to spend money. She wasn’t a compulsive shopper, but she understood that there are times that money needs to be spent. This drove her husband crazy, but they managed to make things work. They were fortunate because their spending habits were the only thing that they didn’t have in common. For a couple who has been together for over 50-years, having just one difference is impressive.

Falling Ill

When the husband fell ill, the doctor told him and his wife that he should get his affairs in order. The doctor let him know that he didn’t have much time left. The couple was distraught. They had been together for five decades. The woman didn’t know what she was going to do without the love of her life.

Final Wishes

After the doctor left, the man asked his wife to sit with him so that they could discuss his final wishes. She assumed that he would let her know the type of funeral he wanted and where he wanted to be buried. She thought that she was about to have a loving conversation with the man that she loved. When he started talking about his final wishes, she was shocked.

The Money

The man told his wife that she needed to take care of his money. She thought that he wanted her to save a bit so that it would last her the rest of her life. She was wrong. Her husband told her that he wanted to be buried with all of his money. He told her that he worked hard his whole life and saved. Even though she spent a bit, he was different. Since it was his money and he worked so hard for it, he wanted to be buried with it. His wife was shocked.

The Funeral

The woman made sure to give her husband the least expensive funeral as possible, per his wishes. She purchased the cheapest casket possible, had him dressed in his old, ratty clothes, and didn’t have a reception after. These were all things that he wanted. The woman made sure to do everything that he asked, including burying him with his money. Sort of.

Talking With a Friend

As the casket was lowered into the ground, the woman’s friend came over to offer her condolences. She asked the grieving widow if she followed her husband’s instructions of burying him with his money. She told her friend that she was a good Christian woman and a good wife. She said that she did exactly what her husband wished. The woman was shocked. She asked the widow how she would support herself now that the money was lowered into the ground.

The Revelation

The widow told her friend that she would have plenty of money for the future. She explained that she took all of her husband’s cash from the house and opened a bank account. She put all of the money in the bank and wrote a check for the entire amount and buried it with her husband. Man Demands Wife Bury Him With All His Money – Her Genius ‘Solution’ Has Him Turning In Grave. It was the perfect way to respect her husband’s wishes while planning for her future. Genius.

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