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Woman Laughs At How Grandpa Handles Spoiled Brat


Studies have shown that laughing can be good for your health. It can reduce your stress levels, which can promote heart health. Laughing often can also make you happier and even smarter. If you need a good laugh today, this is s story that you need to hear.

Kids In the Supermarket

If you have ever taken your child to the supermarket, you know that it can be hit or miss. Your child could be on their best behavior the whole time, staying close to your shopping cart quietly while you shop. Things could also go in the opposite direction. Your child could run around the supermarket while you are chasing them rather than shopping. They take items off the shelf and throw them in your cart. Your child can also cry if you don’t allow them to keep the items that they have chosen. You never know what your shopping experience with children will be until you get there. This is something that a grandfather found out on a shopping trip with his grandson.


A woman was watching a grandfather and his grandson in the supermarket. Unfortunately, things weren’t going very well for the grandfather. As the woman watched, the boy was screaming. He was running up and down the aisles, screaming. The grandfather tried to keep his cool while he wrangled the boy. He calmly looked down at the boy and said, “Easy, William, it won’t be long. Easy, boy.” The woman watched and was pretty impressed because the man was keeping his cool.

Screaming For Treats

The woman happened to be going down the same aisles as the man and his grandson. When they got to the cookie aisle, the boy started screaming for treats. The grandfather was on a strict budget, so he didn’t have the money to buy the boy everything that he wanted at the supermarket. The more he said no, the more the boy screamed. He looked down at the boy and said, “Be calm, William. We will be done here soon, and we can go home.

Crying For Soda

When they got to the soda aisle, the boy saw all of the fizzy drinks on the shelf. He decided that he wanted some, so he asked his grandfather. When he said, no, the boy didn’t like the answer. He started screaming again. He was holding onto the carriage so that the man couldn’t move. The young boy sat down on the floor and dug his heels in. He wasn’t going to allow the man to move the carriage until he got his fizzy drink. The man tried to pry the little boy’s fingers from the cart and said, “Calm down, William. This shopping trip is almost over. We will be home soon.” The woman watched what was happening. She was impressed that the man was able to keep his cool and speak to the boy in a calm and loving manner.

Knocking Things Off the Shelves

The next aisle was the paper products aisle, and the man thought that it would be a safe aisle. There was nothing in the aisle that the boy could possibly want. The man thought that he would have a break from the madness, but he was wrong. The young boy started running up and down the aisle, pushing the paper towels and toilet paper from the shelves. The man was trying to keep up so that he could pick up everything that his grandson was throwing on the floor. The woman watched the whole thing from the end of the aisle and was impressed by the man’s patience.

The Checkout

Waiting at the checkout can be difficult. Kids hate to wait. There is also plenty of candy at the checkout, right at the child’s reach. The boy wanted everything on the shelf. He couldn’t get what he wanted, so he cried and screamed. The man didn’t lose his patience. Instead, he calmly said, “It’s okay buddy. We will be out of her in just a few minutes. Just a few more minutes, William, and we will be in the car.”


The woman happened to be at the next register over from the man. She watched as the young boy screamed and cried, but the man remained completely calm. The woman couldn’t believe how he was taking things all in stride.

Walking To the Car

The woman left the supermarket at the same time as the man. She walked over to him because she wanted to let him know how impressed she was by his patience and understanding with his grandson. She approached him and told him how she felt. What she said next left her shocked.

The Revelation

The woman approached the man and said, “I can’t believe the way you were with William in the store. You were very calm and patient. You are amazing. The man looked at her and said, “I’m William. This little brat is my grandson, Kevin.” The whole time, the man was talking to himself, trying to stay calm. Hope you enjoyed the chuckle. This woman laughs at how Grandpa handles spoiled brat.

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