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Man Removing Bricks Discovers A Huge Hidden Surprise Behind Them

The Joys Of Home Ownership

Most people save for years to buy their first home. While there is a great sense of pride and accomplishment in owning a home, there are also some downsides. If something in the house needs to be repaired, it would be up to the homeowner to cover the cost. You no longer have a landlord to call and handle the problem. One homeowner discovered an issue in their home, and it was more than they ever imagined.

The Family

A family from Tennessee started noticing a strange sound in their home in late September. It was coming from the walls, so they assumed that it was some sort of animal that had made its way behind the wall. Since critters are known to chew wires, eat insulation, and even die behind the walls.


When the noise became louder, the family realized that it was an insect infestation. To treat the problem, they decided to try a DIY bug bomb. When they set it off, they hoped that it would be the end of the issues. Unfortunately, the noise continued, so they decided to call a professional exterminator.

David Glover

The family decided to call David Glover, who was a well-known pet expert in the area. He had an excellent reputation ridding homes of bugs. When he got to the house, he first listened to the sounds behind the walls. Next, he went to check the exterior of the home. He found a weep hole in the brick, which is a small gap where insects get into the home.

Hi-Tech Gadgets

David brought his hi-tech gadgets to the home, so he set up an infrared camera so that he could see the extent of the infestation. He couldn’t believe what the camera showed. Whatever the insect was, it made a huge home in the family’s wall.

Creating a Plan

David decided that he would first smoke out the area just in case what was in there had painful stingers. He also sprayed some repellent to make sure that whatever was in the wall didn’t try to escape inside, making the problem worse. After preparing the area, he removed the first brick. This was the only way that he could get to the infestation. Man removing bricks discovers a huge hidden surprise behind them.

Many Layers

David removed one brick, then another, and then another. What was behind the wall was a beehive, and it was huge. He had been in the extermination business for many years, and he had never seen a hive so big. He ended having to remove five rows of bricks just to get the whole hive out. When he was able to inspect the colony, he found that it had 13 capped queen cells and each of them had its own queen virgin. He discovered right away that the hive wasn’t just active; it was thriving. What was going on behind this family’s wall was something that David had never seen before. For some exterminators, this would be a hassle. For David, it was a great moment in his career.


David found some dead bees on the left side of the hive. He believed that it was due to the chemicals that the family had used during their DIY attempt to get rid of the infestation. David couldn’t just rip out the whole hive. He didn’t want to kill the bees. It was his hope to maintain the colony and find the bees a more suitable place to live. Fortunately, he knew exactly where to take the bees.

Bee Prints

After David put the bees in storage where they would be safe during their long trip, he had to clean up the mess and destruction that they had caused. He was shocked to discover thousands of tiny bee footprints on the wall behind the brick. David apologized to the family for removing a section of their outer wall. When the family saw the size of the hive that was living behind the wall, they didn’t mind at all. Had the hive had been allowed to exist, it would have stretched around the entire house. A problem like this is something that could have completely taken over the home. The family shook David’s hand and thanked him for all of his hard work.

Rehoming the Bees

David knew a number of beekeepers in the area, so he decided to bring the bees to them. He split the hive and took them to a couple of local keepers. The local beekeepers were thankful. Bee experts know that the bee population has drastically increased thanks to people destroying hives and killing the bees rather than trying to save them.

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