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This Bride Was Dancing With Her Dad On Her Wedding Day. Then Suddenly He Turned Her Toward The Stage

Lisa White and Paul Getz

On April 24, 2015, Lisa White went on Facebook to announce her engagement to her boyfriend, Paul Getz. In her post, she wrote, “I’m so beyond excited to be marrying my best friend and the love of my life.” Lisa was so excited to be getting married. They set their wedding date for August 27, 2016. Lisa selected her Maid of Honor and her three bridesmaids. They even hired a band called Jellyroll to play at the reception. They planned the wedding for two years to make sure that they had plenty of time to make sure that everything was just right. Lisa knew that her marriage would be forever, so she wanted everything to be perfect.

The Wedding

The wedding was beautiful. The reception was being held at a grand reception hall called, Vie in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There were chandeliers hanging above the beautiful dance floor, and the couple’s monogram flashed on the screens and the floor around the room. Everything was perfect. So far, it was the perfect day.

Father-Daughter Dance

Lisa and Paul wanted to stick with tradition on their wedding day. When it came time for the father-daughter dance, Lisa chose the song, My Little Girl by country start Tim McGraw. The couple got up on the dance floor, and Jellyroll got their instruments ready. Little did Lisa know, but her father had a huge surprise in store for her. Her father loved his little girl, and he wanted to do something great for her wedding. Little did Lisa know that the surprise was more amazing than she could have ever imagined.

The Surprise Guest

When the song began, nobody realized that there was a surprise guest on the stage. Everyone was so focused on Lisa and her father; people didn’t look at the stage. Lisa didn’t even look. During the dance, Lisa’s father twirled her around so that she could see the stage. This bride was dancing with her dad on her wedding day. Then suddenly he turned her toward the stage. When she looked, she saw that Tim McGraw was standing there singing. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

Is it Really Tim McGraw?

Lisa says that it took her a few seconds to realize what was going on. At first, she thought that maybe it was a Tim McGraw impersonator. Her father assured her that it really was Tim McGraw. He told her that Tim had been sitting backstage for two hours waiting to come out to surprise the couple.


After the song ended, everyone at the wedding stood up and applauded. Lisa hugged her father, then went over to hug Tim McGraw and thank him for being there on her big day. Little did she know was that the surprise was far from over. He didn’t leave after one song. He played a concert for the couple. In all, he sang 11 songs, including Live Like You Were Dying. Lisa couldn’t believe that he was going to say at her wedding to keep playing. This was the greatest gift that her father had ever given her.

How Did He Do It?

Lisa’s father refused to reveal the secret of how he got Tim McGraw to the wedding. She says that he kept the surprise a secret and even after the wedding, he refused to tell her how he got in touch with Tim McGraw and how he got him to agree to play at her wedding. If her father was good at anything, it was at keeping a secret. Even after all this time, he still hasn’t explained how he got Tim to sing at her wedding. It is probably something he will take to his grave.

Radio Interview

When the local radio station heard about Lisa’s wedding gift from her father, they brought her in for an on-air interview. She said that he was incredibly gracious and he couldn’t wait until for his three daughters to celebrate their special day.


After the couple’s unforgettable wedding, they went to the luxury resort, Sandals in St. Lucia. Lisa says that they had a fantastic time. Her wedding was more amazing than she could have ever imagined and the honeymoon was perfect.

One Year Later

A year after Lisa’s incredible wedding, she created another post on Facebook, just like she did when she got engaged. This time, it was to announce that she was pregnant with her first child. She included a picture with the post. There was a pumpkin with the words, “Baby Getz 2018.” She also included a framed photo of her sonogram. She and Paul had an amazing future ahead of them, and it all started with a private wedding concert by Tim McGraw.

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