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Man Sees Deer Sleeping On Road Then Looks Closer

Steve Knoop

Steve Knoop and a friend were driving down the road one day. He had been living in a rural community for a long time and had never encountered anything out of the ordinary. Woods bordered the road that they were driving down, and there wasn’t much traffic on the road. They were having a normal conversation when Steve saw something strange, and he slammed on the breaks, it is a deer.

An Animal

When Steve slammed on the breaks, his friend had no idea why. Steve pointed out a small brown lump in the road. They knew that it was an animal, and they assumed that it had been hit by a car. Steve decided to get out of the car and check it out. Man sees deer sleeping on road, then looks closer.

Deer Sleeping: A Fawn

When Steve got closer, he realized that it was a fawn lying in the road. The baby deer’s legs had collapsed in a strange way, and her eyes were open. Steve couldn’t see any visible signs of injury and had no idea why the fawn was lying on the road. Steve’s friend thought that maybe the fawn was crouching like this trying to hide. They thought that perhaps the fawn had just been born, and she couldn’t stand up yet. Either way, they knew that they couldn’t just leave her in the middle of the road.

Guarding the Fawn

At first, they weren’t sure if they should move the fawn. If the mother came looking for her, they wanted her to be there. Steve decided to move his truck sideways so that she couldn’t get hit by a car. He was going to stay there until she was able to get up. They weren’t sure how long they would have to protect the fawn. When they were discussing it, they heard a rustling sound from the woods behind them.

The Mother Of A Deer Sleeping

Just like Steve and his friend thought, the fawn’s mother came from the woods. She was peeking at them thought the leaves. They knew that if the baby deer was going to survive, she was going to need her mother. The mother was clearly afraid of humans, and they couldn’t scare her off and let her abandon the baby. They decided that they had to get the baby off the road and into the woods near her mother.


The men knew that they had to be careful with the baby deer, and they didn’t want to scare her. Steve’s friend, Paul, went over to the fawn and bent down beside her. He put his hands under the fawn’s hind legs and gently scooped her up. She didn’t seem spooked at all. When he had her in his arms, he lifted her up, and she started to move. As Paul carried the deer off the road into the grassy shoulder, her legs began to move. Steve yelled to his friend not to drop the baby deer. He was worried about dropping the baby, which could injure her.

Into the Woods

When Paul finally got the baby deer into the woods, she spotted her mother peeking out from between the leaves. As soon as she saw her mother, she stood up and walked over to her. Steve and Paul were thrilled. They were excited that they were able to get the baby off the road safely, and she was reunited with her mother.

Posting the Video

While Paul was rescuing the baby deer, Steve was standing close by catching the whole thing on film. They posed it on social media, and it was viewed over a million time, and the responses varied. Many people congratulated the two men for reuniting the mother and the baby and keeping the baby from being hit by a car. Many of the comments were positive, but there were some negative ones.

Negative Comments About The Deer Sleeping

No matter what video a person posts on social media, there is always going to be someone who has something negative to say. Some of the people who saw the video told Steve and Paul that they should have just left the baby deer alone, and eventually, she would have found her way to her mother. Regardless of the negative comments that the men’s video received, they felt that they were right in saving the deer. Had they not stopped, a distracted driver could have run the deer over.

Wildlife Experts

According to wildlife experts, humans shouldn’t touch baby deer unless absolutely necessary. If the mother smells a human scent on her young, she could reject them. They made to add that what the men did was not wrong. The deer was on the road, which was dangerous. They agreed that she could easily have been hit by a car. Steve and Paul don’t care about the negative comments, and they are proud of the fact that they brought the mother and baby back together safely.

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