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Wife Reads Out Her Husband’s Affair Texts Instead Of Her Vows During Ceremony


For most people, their wedding day is the most important day of their lives. Most people plan their wedding for years, and Casey is no exception. When her boyfriend Alex proposed, she started to plan everything. Her friends say that if she could have controlled the weather, she would have.

The Night Before

Casey didn’t want to see Alex before the wedding, so she and her bridal party checked into a nice hotel, and they were going to have a girl’s night. They had champagne, appetizers, and they all got in their pajamas. The idea was to spend one last night together while Casey was still single, so they could share stories and have a good time.

3 Cold Feet

While the women were talking about marriage, honeymoons, and sharing lives, Casey started to get cold feet. Suddenly, she began to wonder if she was making the right decision. Her fears went from 0 to 60 in about two seconds. Her friends knew that she was just having cold feet, which was normal. They tried to calm her nerves, but nothing seemed to be working. Her best friend, Jennifer, realized that there was only one way to help Casey. It would be breaking the rules, but she knew that her best friend needed some help to calm her down.

Calling Alex

Jennifer took Casey’s phone, and she called Alex. She explained how Casey was feeling and that it was normal. She let him know that she just needed to hear his voice, and it would help calm him down. Alex knew that this was breaking one of Casey’s most important rules, so he knew that it was serious. Jennifer gave Casey the phone, and she took it into the bathroom. When she came out 20 minutes later, she seemed much better. All of her fears were gone, and she was ready to get some sleep so that she could marry the love of her life in the morning. She had been with Alex for six years, and she was sure that he was the one.

Text Messages

While Casey was busy thanking her best friend for saving her wedding, she received a few text messages on her phone. She was sure that it was well wishes from friends and family members, and she decided to ignore it. She was spending time with her friends. When she got another text, her curiosity got the best of her, and she checked the phone to see who it was. She was a bit surprised when she noticed that it was an unknown number. After reading the first text, she realized that it was someone that she didn’t know, but her fiance did.


Casey looked down at her phone, and she was devastated. She stood in the bathroom alone for 15 minutes, with tears pouring down her face. After a while, her friends started to worry about her, and they knocked on the bathroom door. When she saw her friends come through the door, she realized that this time, there was nothing that any of them or even Alex could do to make things better. It was her worst nightmare.

Husband’s Affair

The texts that Casey received were from a woman that Alex was having an affair with. She sent Casey screenshots of messages between herself and Alex. Some were from several months ago, and others were from just a few days earlier. At the end, the woman texted, “I wouldn’t marry him. Will you?” She couldn’t believe that he was cheating on her. She never expected this from him. After six years of being together, she never even suspected that Alex was cheating that her soon to be husband’s affair. She felt like a fool, and she considered calling off the wedding for a split second. Instead, she was going to go through with the ceremony so that she could let everyone know the type of man Alex really was.

The Ceremony

Casey didn’t want people to know that anything was off, so she put on her dress and acted like she was excited. She really was excited, but not about marrying Alex, but about letting everyone know what he had done. People had traveled from far away to attend this wedding, and she was going to go through with it, to a point. When Casey was walking down the aisle, Alex could tell by the look on her face that something was wrong.

Vows, Reading The Husband’s Affair TExt

When it was time for Casey to say her vows, she took out her phone. Alex assumed she was going to read the vows she had written, but when she began reading, he got the shock of his life. She read, “This weekend, You and I. It is on hot stuff. Bring your A-game. Your body is so fkin incredible. And st do you know who to use it. I wish my GF has skills like you.” She went on to read each of the text messages word for word, while Alex stood in shock. He didn’t even know what to say.

Finally, Alex tried to grab the phone, but she didn’t let him. He knew he was caught. He knew that the girl he loved more than anything had caught him, and it was over. And he ran from the altar with his best man running close behind.


Casey apologized to Alex’s family for the way that she handled things, but she thought that it was the best way for people to know the real story. She didn’t want Alex to put the blame on her if she called off the wedding at the last minute. She needed people to know the truth. Then, she let everyone know that they were still invited to the reception for food, drinks, and dancing. The story quickly went viral on social media because it was something that just didn’t happen. Wife reads out her husband’s affair texts instead of her vows during ceremony, and it was the perfect revenge.

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