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Man Waits Two Years To Get Back At Ex-Girlfriend With Perfectly-Planned Wedding

Long Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships aren’t easy. The couple is apart for long periods of time, and they get lonely. This can lead to infidelity. Trust issues are also common in long-distance relationships. Being apart for long periods of time makes the couple wonder what their partner is doing. This is something that a man named Dino understood all too well.


Dino worked on an oil rig. His job had him working far from home for long periods of time, leaving his girlfriend behind. He enjoyed his job, and it paid well. Since his expenses were paid for while he was on the rig, he was able to bring his whole salary home. Dino was a responsible guy, and unlike many of his friends, he didn’t blow his money on stupid things. He didn’t need a degree for his job, but it takes a lot of skill and intelligence. One thing that he needed was an eye for detail. That was something that Dino had, and he had no idea how essential this skill would be to his social life.

A Responsible Guy

According to Dino’s friends, he was a good guy, a quiet guy, and a responsible guy. He was much different than many of the hard-partying guys they worked with. They admitted that he made good money, but he knew how to save it. He wasn’t flashy when it came to his bank account, and he lived a humble life. He could have bought an enormous house but chose to buy a condominium, and he paid for it in full. The only thing missing in his life was a partner.

Looking For Love

Dino had the material things that he wanted, but he had nobody to share it with. He decided that it was time to find love. Many of Dino’s friends went from woman to woman. Their relationships would end while on the rig, and when they went home on furlough, they would find a new woman and a new relationship. Dino didn’t want to do this. He wanted to find the right girl, who would be there while he was home or away. His friends would tell him about their conquests, and he knew that wasn’t the life that he wanted to live. He didn’t want a one night stand; he wanted a wife.

Out Of His League

Dino was a patient man, and he didn’t mind being patient when it came to finding the right woman for him. When he met an absolutely gorgeous woman, his friends were shocked to see him in a relationship with someone so beautiful. Dino’s friends thought that his new girlfriend, Andrea, was gorgeous, but they felt that as a person, she was awful. Despite their first impression of Andrea, Dino’s friends were happy for him. He was ordinary looking and a bit shy, but he was charming. His friends were sure that his charm is what swept her off her feet. Most of them were just glad that he had found someone.

Getting To Know Her

One of Dino’s friends became suspicious of Andrea after meeting her once. He says that she caused the hair on his neck to stand up. The friend decided to give her the benefit of the doubt, and try to get to know her better. When he did, he discovered that she was the most self-centered person he had ever met. He wanted to tell Dino how he felt, but he didn’t want his friend to take it the wrong way.

Manipulative and Suspicions

Dino’s friend discovered that Andrea was as intelligent as she was gorgeous. He also saw that she could manipulate everyone around her. When Andrea moved in with Dino, his friend really started to worry. Soon, Dino began to worry too. He began to become suspicious of Andrea, especially when she was out with her friends. When Dino would leave for work, the money went missing from his bank account. He gave her a credit card, and the items on the statement weren’t right.

A Gold Digger

Dino saw that Andrea was spending $500 a week at the supermarket, which is unheard of. He believed that she was getting cashback and putting it in her pocket. He realized that she was a gold digger. Soon, he started to wonder if she was being unfaithful. When he flew home seven days early, he knew that he would catch her by surprise. He asked the doorman to go to the condo with him so he would have a witness. When they got to the condo, Andrea was there with another man. Dino remained calm, gave her a hotel room key, and $50 for a cab. He told her to get out and never come back. Andrea flipped out, cried, cursed, and apologized. It was an embarrassing display. The police came, Andrea was removed, and Dino had the locks changed. Andrea reacted by damaging his car, which was his prized possession. He wanted to get back at her, and he decided to be patient. Revenge would eventually come.

A Wedding

Dino heard from Andrea’s sister, Nancy, that she was getting married. Nancy knew how mean Andrea was and how badly she hurt Dino, so when Andrea got engaged, and she told Dino. Dino wrote an anonymous letter. It included a picture of a Monte Carlo, a wedding dress, and a ketchup package. Next, he had a friend call her claiming to be from the dress shop talking about a red dress. Andrea freaked out. She was sure that her wedding dress was ruined. Andrea knew Dino was up to something and panicked. She removed everything red from the food, letting the caterer know. She was worried that Dino would send someone to the wedding to ruin her dress with something red. After getting his letter, she knew something was up. He sent 30 red lipsticks to her house, and she panicked even more. He even put a red sharpie in her car.

The Revenge

For the weeks leading up to the wedding, Andrea panicked every day. She changed details over and over to make sure that Dino couldn’t do anything to her. She was a basket case. This was Dino’s revenge. Getting ready for a wedding should be the most beautiful time for the bride, and thanks to Dino, Andrea’s experience was horrible, terrifying, and full of stress. This man waits two years to get back at ex-girlfriend with perfectly-planned wedding. His revenge was getting into her head, and it worked.

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