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Married With Children Scenes We Simply Can’t Take Our Eyes Off

Married With Children

Married With Children is an iconic show. It first premiered on the new Fox network, which made people wonder if the show would be a success. Being a brand new show on a brand new network had people worried. It was a shock to viewers and critics when the show became an instant success. The show is funny, and the perfect people were cast in the show. There are some “Married With Children Scenes We Simply Can’t Take Our Eyes Off, and most of the episodes are unforgettable. Here are a few things that you didn’t know about the show.

Each Episode Cost $1 Million to Produce

Married With Children didn’t need a huge budget for special effects, but it was one of the most expensive shows at the time. The slutty outfits that Kelly wore cost a fortune, and they needed money to pay the actors. They also needed money in the budget to pay people who sued the show because they were offended.

The Audience Loved Kelly From Her First Scene

This was Christina Applegate’s breakout role, and the audience loved her. The guys loved her in her skimpy little outfits, and everyone enjoyed her sense of humor, her self parody, and her willingness to put it all out there for the audience.

Katy Segal Had a Great Audition

When Katy auditioned for the role of Peggy, she needed the job to pay bills and save her career. On the day of the audition, she dressed the way she thought Peggy would. She went in in short dress, with giant hair, and she never broke character the whole time. The casting directors knew right away that she was Peggy.

Christian Groups Didn’t Like Kelly’s Clothes

The network received many complaints about Kelly’s wardrobe and her behavior. Fortunately, the network didn’t listen to these critics. Kelly would not have been funny if she had been a good, smart girl. They made the right decision in the end because Kelly helped make the show a huge success.

A Different Bud and Kelly Appeared In the First Episode

Fox was very short on time, so when they hired the actors to play Bud and Kelly, they hadn’t brought in the show’s star, Ed O’Neil (Al) in yet. When he met them, he didn’t like them at all, and he let them know. He told the network that it was them or him. They set out to find new actors quickly, and this was when Christina Applegate and David Faustino were cast. They shot the whole episode again, which was expensive, but it was an excellent investment.

Christina Was in High-Demand

Thanks to her role as Kelly, Christina’s career really took off. She started doing modeling, music videos, and movies. The show’s producers gave Christina some time off to other things, which the fans were not happy about. They made sure to let the network know how they felt.

Kramer Almost Played Al Bundy

It’s hard to picture anyone but Ed O’Neil playing Al. Their first choice was Michael Richards, aka Kramer from Seinfeld. They thought that he had too much energy, and they needed someone who was more grumpy and tired. This was when they realized that Ed O’Neil was the best person for the role.

The On-Set Feud Changed the Storyline

Initially, Al and Peg were supposed to love their annoying neighbors, Marcy and Steve. Ed didn’t get along with Amanda Bearse, and the hatred was noticeable on-screen. They used this in the storyline, which was why the characters were always at each others’ throats. The reason for the issues was that Ed didn’t approve of Amanda’s lesbian lifestyle. Today, he is much more tolerant of the LGBT community.

Katy Sagal’s Miscarriage Was Seen On Screen

When Katy Sagal found out that she was pregnant, they wrote the pregnancy into the show. A few months later, Katy has a miscarriage. She was devastated, and the writers thought that it would be insensitive to make her have a baby on screen. They wrote the pregnancy as Als’ nightmare. A few years later, she gave birth to two healthy children.

The Night the Show Premiered Made TV History

The ratings for the first show were so high that Fox aired the episode back to back three times. After the first episode, people heard about the show, and they were calling the network panicked because they didn’t get to see it. This is the first and only time any network has ever done this.

Al’s Name

As the show went on, the producers started making fun of Al’s name. During the 11 seasons that the show ran, they called him Al Boondy, Al Birdy, and Al Bumby. The actors also had nicknames for each other, especially Christina Applegate. To this day, she won’t say her nickname for David Faustino.

Kelly’s Wig

While filming the show, Christina was also working on a movie that required her to dye her hair brown. The producers had to put Kelly in a wig, but the audience didn’t love it. She writers thought that it worked because a running joke on the show was about Kelly’s real hair color, so the wig worked with the storyline.

The Legacy Lives On

When the show premiered in 1987, Fox didn’t expect it to have such a huge impact. To this day, it is the network’s longest-running live-action comedy. It ran for ten years, and 259 episodes were filmed. Today, the show is still in syndication all over the world, and it can be seen on Netflix.

Vista Cards

During the show’s original run, the producers were forbidden from using the name Visa for the credit cards. They changed the name to Vista, and you can see signs for these cards in Al’s shoe store.

Big Uns

Al loved his dirty magazines and was often seen reading, Big Uns, in front of his wife and kids. This shocked some people, but these little things are what made him so hilarious.

The Bundy’s Address

The Bundy’s address changed during the show. First, it was 9764 Jeopardy Lane; then it changed to 9674 Jeopardy Lane. The street and the address is a fictional Chicago address.

Peggy’s Maiden Name

Peggy’s maiden name is Wanker, which we know to be a British slang for a swear. It wasn’t used that way in 1987, but today, it likely wouldn’t fly.


In 1991, Ed O’Neil starred in a movie called Dutch. It is about a working-class guy who tries to get to know his girlfriend’s son better. The movie was mentioned twice on Married With Children. Once, when Al was on a plane, and again, when Al and Peggy were renting movies.

They Deserved An Emmy

Married With Children was nominated seven times for an Emmy but never one. Even though Married With Children and Baywatch were the longest-running shows, they still never won an award.

Banned Relationship

In 1989, Fox refused to air an episode in season three. I’ll See You In Court was considered racy, and at the time, Mitt Romney’s sister, Terry Rakolta, was attacking the show. She was a Michigan housewife who tried getting advertisers to pull out of the show, and she wrote a letter-writing campaign. To keep matters from getting worse, they pulled the episode. It was finally released on FX in 2002.

The Dodge Wasn’t a Dodge

Al loved his “mighty Dodge,” but it wasn’t even a Dodge. It was actually a 1972 Plymouth Duster with a vinyl top.

Ed’s Inspiration

Ed O’Neil had inspiration for his role. She says that he used his Uncle Joe because he had similar qualities as Al.

Bud’s Real Name

Bud’s real name was Budrick Franklin Bundy. It was not mentioned often, but they called him Bud for short.

No Ma’am

This would never have passed today, but in the show, Al was part of a group called No Ma’am, which stood for National Organization Of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood.

Peggy Loves Oprah

Peggy was always on the couch, watching television, and eating Bon-Bons. Her favorite show was The Oprah Winfrey Show and never missed it. Al’s favorite show was Psycho Dad.

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