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Surprising Things Men Found Attractive 50 Years Ago


Things are a lot different today than they were 50-years-ago. Technology, social standards, fashion, and just about everything has changed over the years. Even the things that men find attractive about women have changed. Here are some surprising things men found attractive 50 years ago.

Lighter Skin

In the 1960s, racism was a serious problem. Many men, even men in the African-American community, preferred women with lighter complexions. Because of this, many women used skin bleach to lighten their skin. As the years went on, women began embracing their natural skin color regardless of how dark they were.

Super Skinny Figures

For many years, women embraced their curvy figures. Voluptuous women like Marilyn Monroe were icons back then. When fashion model, Twiggy became a role model for women everywhere, men jumped on the bandwagon as well. The thinner the woman, the more attractive most men found her to be.

Flat Chests

Today, women pay thousands of dollars on breast implants to enhance their appearance. This was not the case 50 years ago. Since being rail-thin was in, women wanted flat chests. Those who were curvy weren’t happy with their appearance.

Flat Butts

Today, women are getting butt implants and injections to give themselves round, plump butts. Women today want a “Kardashian butt.” Fifty years ago, a big round butt would send women running to Weight Watchers. Men loved women with boyish figures. Women were so desperate to have flat butts that they would use a special rolling pin that they were sure would flatten their butts.

Exposed Legs

When poodle skirts went out, mini-skirts came in. Men loved women with exposed legs and the shorter the skirt, the better. When short skirts became popular, high platform boots did as well. The end of the poodle skirt created a whole new style, and men couldn’t get enough of it.

Unisex Clothing

In the late ’60s, more and more designers were creating unisex clothing as androgyny was fashionable. It wasn’t uncommon for stylish men and women to go out dressed similarly. Today, this is something that you never see.

The “Lolita Look”

Women 50 years ago went out of their way to look as young as possible. They styled their hair and dressed so that they could look like they were teenagers. This is something that men actually loved.

Going Braless

When women began to rebel against gender norms, many burned their bras. Not only was this a political protest, but it also started a major fashion trend that many men loved. What guy didn’t like a woman in a sheer dress without a bra?

Long, Straight Hair

Half a century ago, long, straight hair was in style. Women were so desperate to make their hair pin-straight that they ironed their hair. Sure, it caused the hair to break and be damaged, but for women back then, it was worth it. Today, long, straight hair is back in style, but now we have hair appliances to straighten your hair safely.


Half a century ago, women were expected to stay home and take care of their homes and their husbands. This was something that men didn’t have a problem with. Back then, it was legal for a bank to deny an unmarried woman a credit card, even if she had her own income. Married women needed their husbands to co-sign for a credit card.


Back in the late 60s, when a woman drank, it was considered unfeminine. It wasn’t just social expectations that kept women from drinking; there were also public service announcements in the mainstream media warning women not to drink. Men didn’t like drunk women because they considered it to be unladylike.


Fifty years ago, we didn’t really know the dangers of smoking. When a man saw a woman smoking a long cigarette, they looked at them as being glamorous and sophisticated.


Men wanted their women to be unemployed in the late 60s. While many women were entering the workforce, men preferred their women to be unemployed so that they could focus all of their attention on them.

Leg Makeup

During World War II, when there was a shortage of nylons, women drew on the stocking seams so that it didn’t look like their legs were bare. In the late ’60s, women used leg makeup to cover up flaws thanks to rising hemlines. Bruises, scars, and other imperfections were often covered with makeup.

Athletic Skills

Men found athletic women in the 60s very attractive. It wasn’t so that they could see them play; it was actually so that the women could keep their rail-thin boyish figures. Back then, women couldn’t appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated, but this didn’t stop men from loving an athletic woman.

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