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Meghan Markle’s Secret Health Hack Will Change The Way You Travel

The Royal Family

At all times, all eyes are on the Royal Family. When the family is not at home, caring for their families, and handling their diplomatic duties, they are traveling for Royal business. When the family travels, there are some pretty crazy, yet sensible rules they must follow. For example, certain family members must travel with bags of their own blood-type, as well a s personal physician. Every family member must travel with a black outfit, just in case, another member of the family passes away while they are gone. This is so they can dress in their “mourning attire” immediately.

The Reason

The reason that this rule came to be was when Queen Elizabeth II was overseas in Kenya in 1952. While she was away, her father, King George VI, passed away. In the midst of her grief, she had to be sure that she was appropriately dressed. When he returned to the U.K., her staff had to deliver a black outfit to the plane before she disembarked. After that incident, she made sure that every traveling royal always has a black outfit with them. There was once a rule that the Royal family couldn’t fly together. They worried that if they did and the plane crashed, the entire lineage would be wiped out. This rule changed when air travel became safer.

The Newest Family Member

The newest member of the family is Megan Markle. She was an American actress, who starred on the hit show, Suits. She divorced actress, and Prince Harry was set up on a date with a mutual friend. They hit it off and became an item. The couple quickly fell in love, and Megan made a huge decision. She decided to give up her career, and her home in America to be with Harry. For Megan, this was going to be a significant life change. The couple married, and Megan became an official part of the Royal Family. Millions viewed the wedding, and Megan was in the spotlight daily. She understood what life was like as a celebrity, but it was nothing compared to live like a Royal.

Megan’s New Role

As a member of the Royal Family, Megan has a lot on her plate. She is the patron to several essential charities, including The Association of Commonwealth Universities and the National Theater. She also has to work with other family members to support the Queen at events such as banquets and receptions. Her work also requires a lot of travel. She often travels around the world to meet heads of states and serve as a diplomat. With all of this traveling and working that Megan does, it is surprising that she always looks wonderful. Anyone who has taken a trip around the world is a mess when the plane lands. This is not the case with Megan. She always looks wonderful. Have you ever wondered how she does it? Meghan Markle’s secret health hack will change the way you travel.

A Lot riding On Her Appearance

Megan knows that she needs to look fabulous the second she disembarks from the plane. She understands that there will be press there waiting, ready to take photos. Since the press today can be brutal, Megan cannot leave anything up to chance. As a member of the Royal Family, she doesn’t want the press to focus on her tired, haggard appearance when she gets off the plane. This is why she makes sure that she always looks great. She also knows that her style has a significant impact on the world of fashion and beauty. When she is photographed in a particular outfit, the demand for the outfit rises instantly all over the world.

Megan’s Favorite Beauty Products

Megan says that she loves the Jan Marini skin-care line. She uses the serum and says that it helps her skin glow. She also loves the Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder because it foams on your face, subtly exfoliating the skin. She also loves Nars blush in Orgasm. She says that it gives her a beautiful glow both on camera and off. Megan says that her favorite mascaras are Diorshow Iconic and RevitaLash, which both make her lashes look long and full.

Five-Minute Face

Megan calls her beauty routine, “five-minute face.” She uses Touche Eclat, curled lashes, mascara, ChapStick, and a bit of blush. This is her favorite look, and if she wants to amp her look up a bit for a night out, she uses M.A.C. Teddy eyeliner. Megan says that it is a really beautiful brown with some gold in it.

Tea Tree Oil

Megan says that one thing that she makes sure she always has when she travels is tea tree oil. She says that it is her cure-all oil. Whether she has a mosquito bite, a cut, or a small breakout, it works. It is also small enough for her to take with her wherever she goes.

A Portable Hug

Megan calls her scarf a portable hug. She likes to wrap one around her neck to keep from getting a chill, and it makes her feel comfortable. She says that because the scarf smells like home, it keeps her from getting homesick while traveling. She also suggests wiping down your tray before sitting down and use Neosporin on cuts or cracks to keep from getting sick.

Take Her Advice

If you want to look as fresh and rested as Megan after an hours-long flight, follow her beauty tips. Unlike the Kardashians, she doesn’t fly with a “glam squad,” and she still looks just as great as they do when she lands. When the cameras start flashing, Megan is always ready.

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