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The Queen Has Banned Meghan Markle From Borrowing Her Royal Jewels

Royal Protocol

When someone marries into the Royal family, there is protocol that needs to be followed. The way a member of the Royal behaves both publicly and behind closed doors is a very important part of being a member of the family. If a family breaks protocol, it is looked down upon by the Queen and other members of the family. It is also often published in the media. The Queen has very high expectations for the members of her family, and if someone breaks protocol, there are repercussions. Meghan Markle is a perfect example of this.

Meghan and Harry

The wife, Meghan Markle was an actress from the United States. She had a leading role in the television show, Suits, and she was divorced. She hadn’t dated much for quite some time when a friend offered to set her up on a blind date with Prince Harry. Meghan thought it would be fun, so she agreed to the date. The two hit it off right away, and they started dating exclusively. During the beginning of the relationship, the couple was photographed constantly. People wanted to know more about Meghan Markle and her relationship with Prince Harry, and the media didn’t disappoint. It was to the point that you couldn’t open a magazine or log onto social media without seeing photos of the couple.

Wedding Preparations

When Prince Harry asked Meghan to be his bride, word got out quickly. People all over the world couldn’t wait for the Royal wedding. Every Royal wedding is a big deal all around the world. People around the world made it a point to wake up at all hours of the night to watch the ceremonies on television. Many people want to be a part of the wedding, even if it is from their own couch. During preparations for Meghan and Harry’s wedding, there were rumors of rifts within the Royal family, and according to reports, they were started with Meghan.

Dress Fitting

One highly publicized rift was said to have occurred when Meghan, Kate Middleton, Prince William’s wife, and her daughter Charlotte, went for a dress fitting. According to reports, the tensions during the dress fitting got so high that Kate left the shop in tears. Nobody knows exactly what transpired behind closed doors, but many believed that Meghan was struggling. She was working as an actress in the United States and was suddenly thrown into a world with Royal protocol and rules. Many believed that she was having trouble adapting from her Hollywood background, which was causing a significant rift within the family.

Brother vs. Brother

According to reports, Meghan’s behavior wasn’t sitting well with members of the Royal family. Things got so bad that it created a rift between Prince William and Prince Harry. Meghan and her future sister-in-law were also always in the media. It was claimed that the two women didn’t get along, which only deepened the rift between the two brothers. This was upsetting everyone in the Royal family, including the Queen.

The Emerald Tiara

According to reports, Meghan had her heart set on wearing a tiara embellished with emeralds on her wedding day. When she expressed her desire to wear the tiara, she was told that it was off-limits. The Queen offered her an alternative, but this didn’t sit well with Prince Harry. He was furious that his bride-to-be was denied her request, and he insisted that what Meghan wanted, Meghan got. During the wedding preparations, Meghan’s behavior and her treatment of the royal staff gave her a reputation for being difficult.

Royal Jewel Restrictions

The Queen has banned Meghan Markle from borrowing her Royal jewels. Many of the jewels that are off-limits to Meghan are those that were worn but Harry’s mother, Princess Diana. According to sources at Buckingham Palace, it is up to the Queen and her trusted advisors which items of the Royal collection are loaned out and who they are loaned to.

Kate Has Access

According to reports, Kate, who is second in line to the throne, is afforded higher status in the family than Meghan. Also, Kate has access to jewels. Because Kate is higher up in the hierarchy, Meghan is expected according to Royal protocol to give her more respect than Meghan should be given. The Buckingham Palace source says that until Meghan starts showing greater respect, she won’t have access to the jewels. This has also been increasing the tension between Prince William and Prince Harry, whose relationship was once much better than it is today. According to the most recent reports, the tension within the family has put a significant strain on Meghan and Prince Harry, and they are taking time off to get some distance from the messy situation and focus on each other and their son.

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