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Millionaire Dad Offers $10 Million To Marry His Virgin Daughter

A Father’s Wish For His Daughter

Most fathers want their daughter to marry a good man. Someone who is honest, caring, supportive, and who can care for his daughter the way that she deserves. In many cases, fathers get their wishes. They give their daughter away at their wedding and are happy to do it. There are cases, where the father may not be too pleased with the man that his daughter is marrying. In time, the relationship gets better, and the father and his son-in-law start getting along.

Thailand Traditions

In many areas of Thailand, it is believed that a man should pay a dowry for his bride. This means that he has to give his future father-in-law cash, livestock, property, or any other asset that is worth something. In exchange, the man would get father’s blessing to marry his daughter. In many parts of the world, this is frowned upon and considered degrading. In many areas of Thailand, it is common. Fortunately, for Karnsita Rodthong, the town of Chumphon in Thailand, the town where she lives, wedding dowries are not typical. If they were, a girl with a university education like Karnista would command a very high dowry.

Arnon Rodthong

Arong Rodthong is a multi-millionaire farm owner from Thailand. He owns the biggest durian farm in the town. One wouldn’t think that there is this much money in rural farming, the but 58-year-old man has found great success. His farm processes about 50-tons of durian, which is the world’s smelliest fruit. He is happy with his business and happy with his fortune. There is one part of his life where he doesn’t feel settled. He has a 26-year-old daughter named Karnista. He really wants her to have a husband. He wants a man to be there to care for her and to support her in the way that she has grown accustomed. Since Karnista isn’t going out and actively looking for a husband on her own, her father had decided to step in. This millionaire dad offers 10 million dollars if you marry his virgin daughter.

$10 Million

Arnon is offering $10 million, which equals to about $315,000 United States dollars to the man who marries his daughter. He is also offering his farm. He says that he wants a hard-working young man to marry his daughter. He isn’t looking for a doctor, a lawyer, or a man with several degrees. He simply wants a man who will work hard in the farm from dusk til dawn.

Offering On Facebook

Arnon decided to put his offer to perspective men. In the post, he describes his daughter as being fluent in English and Chinese. He also says that she is still a virgin. He doesn’t care about a man’s race; he is more concerned with how hard his future son-in-law works. In his post, he wrote, “I want someone to take care of my business and make it last. I don’t want a person with a bachelor’s, or master’s, or philosopher’s degree. I want a diligent man. I just want someone with a hard-working attitude. That’s all.” Karnista is single and works for her father, but he wants her to have more in life.

Going Viral

Since Arnon created his Facebook post, it has attracted more than 12,000 likes, 2,800 shares, and 3,300 comments. It has also been picked up by new outlets all over the world. The views regarding his offer are split. Some people think that what he is doing to find his daughter a good man is great, while others think that it is wrong and sexist.

Karnista Hears the News

Karnista didn’t hear about her father’s offer from him. She actually heard about it through her friends who saw the post on Facebook. She says that s he was surprised to hear about the offer, and there was a funny side to it. Although her father is willing to pay a man millions to marry her, who she marries is completely up to her. Karnista, who graduated from the Assumption University in Bangkok. She also holds a Chinese-language diploma from Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China.

Karnista Isn’t Picky

Karnista says that she doesn’t think that she is very good looking, so her future husband’s appearance isn’t too important. As long as he is a diligent and good person who loves his family, she will be happy in her marriage.


Since Arnon’s post wen viral, he has received over 10,000 applications from men all over the world. He cannot respond to every single application, so he is planning to hold a tournament starting on April 1st. He has informed the men who plan to compete to expect to work in his durian plantation for three months. He says that they should be willing to get their heads dirty. He says that seeing how hard the men are willing to work is the only way that he will be able to test the men’s skills and dedication.

Pocketing Some Of the Money

Karnista says that her future husband won’t be able to have all of the money to himself. She says that she plans to use some of it so that she can travel to Korea to have plastic surgery.

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