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Woman Dislocated Her Jaw After Laughing Too Hard During Exciting Card Game


Poker is a very popular game. It is played at casinos, it is played at bachelor parties, and it is played at parties, and some people play poker to make a living. There are some people who gamble as a career. Some are very successful, and some, not so much. People also play poker on long train rides.

The Key To Being a Good Player

There are a few critical elements in being a good poker player. First, you need to understand the game in depth. Next, you need to be able to read people. Being able to read a person’s expressions can take you far in poker. Finally, you need to have a poker face. This is the ability to keep your face frozen, regardless of the hand that you were dealt with. If your hand is excellent, you should be able to hide your excitement. If your hand is poor, you should be able to hide your disappointment. If your opponents can read your face, they will know for sure whether they should fold or raise the pot. Without a good poker face, you should just quit.

A Long Train Ride

Have you ever been on a long train ride? If you have, you know that it can be really boring if you aren’t prepared. Some people will bring a good book on a long train ride. Some will rely on their Smartphone to keep them busy during the ride. Finally, some people play cards. Of all the options to keep busy on a train, a Chinese couple boarded a train with cards. They were going to spend their time playing poker. They just never thought that it would have disastrous consequences.

The 28-Hour Trip

The couple, the Qiaos, were taking a 28-hour train ride. They were traveling from Nanning to Qingado City, Shandong. They knew that it was going to be a long trip, so they brought along a deck of cards. The plan was to play poker. Unfortunately, Mrs. Qiao didn’t have a very good poker face. Her lack of skill in their area landed her in the emergency room with a very painful injury.

The Game

Throughout the whole game, Mrs. Qiao was really lucky. She was getting amazing hands during every game. When she won game after game, she became more and more excited. Finally, during the last game, disaster struck. Mrs. Qiao was so enthusiastic about her hand that she was laughing and screaming so hard that her jaw became dislocated. This woman dislocates her jaw after laughing too hard during exciting card game.

A Painful Injury

A jaw dislocation is a very painful injury. When your jaw is dislocated, you cannot open or close your mouth. This makes eating and speaking almost impossible. When your jaw is dislocated, you won’t be able to put it back into place by yourself. Mrs. Qiao experienced this first hand.

Getting Help

Mr. Qiao quickly alerted the train staff of his wife’s injury. She was in agonizing pain, and he was hoping that they had medical personnel on board. Unfortunately, they didn’t. The staff member quickly went to the train conductor to let him know that there was a passenger on board who needed help right away.

Speeding to Guilin

The next city with a train station for the train to pull into was Guilin. They decided to speed the train up a bit so that they could get there as quickly as possible. This poor woman was in great pain, and they needed to get her help immediately.


When the train got to the station, medical personnel was there waiting. They took Mrs. Qiao and her husband to the medical center where the woman had to undergo two hours of treatment to get her jaw back into place. It wasn’t as simple as the woman thought it would be and with each shift of her jaw, she felt pain. Even with pain medication, she was still in incredible pain. The treatment was long and painful, but when she heard her jaw pop back into place, she felt better. She was able to open and close her mouth, and the pain was gone. The doctor told her that her jaw would be a bit sore for a while, but she would make a full recovery. Finally, it was time to continue on with their trip. This time that had something different planned for the rest of their journey.

Leaving the Cards Behind

When the couple got back on the train to continue their trip, they left the cards behind. It will probably be a long time before the Qiaos play another game of cards again. They tried to avoid any type of competitive pastimes while they were on the train. Instead, they decided to stick with reading.

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