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Mom Sits Down To Birthday Dinner Before An Emotional Figure From Her Past Unexpectedly Emerges


Your birthday signifies the day that you came into this world. Most people love to celebrate their birthdays. You may love birthday parties, being showered with gifts, and having a delicious birthday cake. Some people go as far as taking a whole week to celebrate their birthday. Estellita Murg was celebrating her 42nd birthday, and she got the biggest surprise of her life.

Estellita Murg

Estellita was celebrating her 42nd birthday one afternoon with her friends and family. She moved around for most of her life. She spent most of her childhood in Mississippi before she moved to Texas. She lived there for several years, but it wasn’t her permanent home. After Texas, she moved on to Buckhannon, West Virginia. There, she started working as a sales and marketing manager for Harbor Freight Tools. By the time she turned 22, she had two children and her sister, Hope Cunningham, helped her care for her kids.

Tough Times

Estellita loved being a mother, but it wasn’t easy. She was in the middle of a divorce, and she ended up getting pregnant with her third child. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to give her newborn daughter, Dakota, the care that she needed. She also wouldn’t be able to give her two children the life that they deserved if she was raising a third child. She decided to give her daughter to a family who could love and care for her the way that she deserved. Estellita decided to have a closed adoption. This meant that once Dakota went to her new family, Estellita wouldn’t be told anything about her. Also, Dakota would never be able to find out about her biological mother.

Always On Her Mind

Giving Dakota up was very difficult. Estellita continued to raise her children, but she never forgot about the daughter she gave up. Dakota was adopted and moved with her adoptive family to Florida. When the adoption process was final, Dakota’s name was changed to Natalie Rodgers. Natalie and Estellita were connected on a deep level, even though they spent very little time together after Natalie was born. She told her mother one day that she loved the name Dakota and she didn’t even know that Estellita called her that before her adoption.

Finding Her Birth Mother

When Natalie was old enough, her mother told her that she was adopted. She found a way around the “closed” adoption, and she managed to track Estellita down on social media. She was scared and anxious, but she decided to send her birth mother a message on Facebook.

She Responded

When Estellita saw the message from her daughter, she couldn’t believe it. She responded as soon as she saw the message. Natalie told Estellita that she had a happy life and she was healthy. The two talked online, but they never discussed meeting in person. Years passed, and the two stayed in contact, but neither of them ever mentioned meeting face to face.

C.J. Maggie’s

When Estellita’s 42nd birthday was coming up, her friends and family members planned a birthday party at a local barbecue and pizza restaurant, C.J. Maggie’s. Everyone at the party seemed to be having a good time. Estellita noticed that everyone seemed more excited and antsy than usual, but she didn’t think much of it. She had no idea that they had something planned.

Hope Disappears

When the food was served, Estellita’s sister, Hope, went to the lower floor of the restaurant. Estellita wasn’t sure why her sister left the table in the middle of the meal. She was worried that something was bothering Hope, but she didn’t want to ruin Estellita’s party. Estellita kept looking toward the stairs, waiting for her sister to return and join the party. The rest of her party guests were watching Estellita’s every move, and some were recording her every move.

Returning To The Party

When Hope returned to the party, she was with a group of people that Estellita didn’t recognize. As she looked closer, Estellita recognized one person who was with her sister. It was Natalie. The daughter that she had given up for adoption 20 years earlier. The two hugged and were so happy to see one another. Both women say that the connection that they felt was instantaneous.

Natalie’s Gift

Natalie didn’t come to her birth mother’s party empty-handed. She brought her a scrapbook of her life. She wanted her birth mother to get to know her better. She also wanted to give her birth mother evidence that she made the right decision in giving Natalie up. At the party, the whole family was able to reunite. This mom sits down to birthday dinner before an emotional figure from her past unexpectedly emerges, and it was the best gift that Estellita ever received.

YouTube Description

Thanks to social media, more and more adopted children are being reunited with their birth parents. Even if the adoption is a closed adoption, it is still possible for an adopted child to find their birth parent. When a woman gave up her daughter for adoption at birth, she never expected to hear from her again, as painful as that was.

Thanks to social media, her daughter found her, and the two began messaging. After years of keeping in touch, the two never met face to face. During Mom’s 42nd birthday party, she finally met her daughter, thanks to some help from her sister Hope.
The reunion between the two women is incredible. You have to see the video to see how genuinely touching this story is.

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