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Two Men Exploring An Abandoned Old Mine Uncover A Wild Scene That People Need To See

Adrenaline Junkies

Adrenaline junkies are thrill seekers. The more dangerous the situation, the better. When an adrenaline junkie does something daring or dangerous, their adrenaline in their bodies starts pumping at a rapid rate, and it gives the junkie the high that they are looking for.

Mikhail Mishainik

Mikhail Mishainik is an adrenaline junkie. He and his friend are always looking for danger so that they can get the fix that they need. When he and his friend came across an abandoned mine in the middle of the remote Ural Mountains in Russia, they had to go inside. Two men exploring an abandoned old mine uncover a wild scene that people need to see.

Stumbled Across

The two men weren’t out looking for the abandoned mine. They stumbled across it when they were traveling through the mountains. They were surprised when they came across the mine because it wasn’t on any of the maps that they had. When they saw the entrance of the old mine, they realized that it had been abandoned in a hurry. From the outside, Mikhail could see decaying logs, rusty tracks, and collapsed rocks. It looked dangerous inside, so the two men decided that they had to go in.

Not An Uncommon Find

It isn’t uncommon to find abandoned mines in remote locations of Russia. Mikhail knew that there were hidden mines in the area, so he often went exploring in the hills trying to find them. The Soviet military built most of the mines during World War II. The purpose of these mines was to ore materials that could be used for military equipment such as tanks, bombs, and machine guns. During the war, the Soviets were desperate for natural resources. Because of this, they built the mines quickly. This meant that the protocols and regulations were not followed. When these mines were in operation in the ’40s, they were very unsafe, but the Soviets were willing to take the chance if it meant winning the war.


Cave-ins were not uncommon back then. Men would often become trapped in the corridors, and very little was done to try to rescue them. If they were unsafe in the 1940s, you could only imagine how dangerous they are today, after being abandoned for 80 years. This is why Mikhail and his friend were crazy to go inside. They had no way of knowing if the mine would collapse and trap them forever.


When the men first walked into the mine, they came to a passageway. Some tunnels branched off in all directions. The floors were filled with a sludgy substance that they couldn’t identify. When the man walked through, it felt like they were walking through a river of molasses.

Neon Pools

There were so many tunnels in the mine that the two men were sure that they could never explore them all. The deeper they went into the tunnels, the more dangerous things became. The tunnels were flooded, and it caused the abandoned tracks and equipment to become submerged in neon pools. Other than using the mine to excavate ores, the Soviets also used it to store nuclear waste. Nuclear waste will decay over time; however, it would take thousands of years to do so. This made the men’s visit to the mine even more dangerous. To make matters worse, there was a chance of a gas leak that would expose the men to the chemicals that could cause them to suffocate or could explode.

Old Mechanical Ruins

The men came to two massive steel doors. They looked like they were hiding something, so the men had to get inside. When they got into the corridor, they saw what looked like a museum of old mechanical ruins. All of the mining equipment was sitting there untouched for 80 years.

The Storage Room

At the end of the tunnel, the two men came across a room that contained many tubs. They were lined up and used to store mined material. Around the walls were a silky fungus growing. It was an amazing ecosystem created with time. They also found slimy stains on the rocks, but they had no idea what it was.

The End Of the Trip

After Mikhail was done exploring, he headed out of the mine. He says that the reason he went in regardless of the dangers was to see something that no human had set eyes on for over 80 years. He took a considerable risk, but that is what adrenaline junkies do.

YouTube Description

Spread out around the mountains of Russia; there are many abandoned mines. The Soviets used these mines during World War II to get the metals that they needed to build tanks, guns, and bombs. These mines were developed very quickly to get them up and running, and there were no safety procedures in place.

Two men who were adrenaline junkies weren’t worried about the safety issues, and they went inside. What they saw had been sitting there, cut off from the rest of the world for 80 years. The two men went in, took photographs, and got some pretty amazing shots. They didn’t go in for the photos; they went in for the thrill. The mine is unstable, and there was nuclear waste inside. You have to see the video to believe it.

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