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Mom Takes Dying Teen Off Life Support And An Hour Later A Nurse Sees An Angel On The Security Camera

Dr. Aaron Tabor, MD

Dr. Tabor is a child life specialist. He often gets calls from the ICU at Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina. When he got calls from them in the middle of the night, it was usually because something bad had happened. One night, right around Christmastime jin 2008, he got a phone call from the hospital. This time, it wasn’t because something bad had happened. His co-worker called him so that he wouldn’t miss something divine and absolutely amazing.

Colleen and Chelsea

Colleen Banton has a 14-year-old daughter named Chelsea. Chelsea is disabled is a frequent patient at Presbyterian Hospital. Chelsea’s disability has caused many health problems during her short life. Around Christmas, right before Chelsea’s 15th birthday, she was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. Due to her disability, pneumonia was very serious. When she was admitted to the hospital, she was in the pediatric ICU and was placed on life support. Chelsea couldn’t breathe on her own.

Removing Life Support

Chelsea was on life support for about a month. The doctors told Colleen that her daughter wasn’t doing well. On a Saturday, the doctors spoke to Colleen about her daughter’s condition and together, they decided that it was time to take Chelsea off life support. Colleen knew that this day was coming and she wanted her daughter to finally be at peace.


Chelsea was removed from life support on Saturday, and by Wednesday, she was still alive. The doctors couldn’t believe it. Chelsea still hadn’t woken up, but she was still alive. Colleen was praying over her daughter. The girl and her mother in the bed beside Chelsea’s were praying as well. A nurse came into the room and took the oxygen mask off Chelsea’s face. She left the room to go to the nurse’s station to mark on the chart the time that the oxygen mask was removed.

Security Doors

Like most ICU floors in hospitals, there were double security doors. There was also a camera outside the door, and there was a monitor in the nurse’s station. If someone came to the door and hit the buzzer to come in, the nurse would be able to see on the monitor who it was. The cameras were there as a safety precaution.

Seeing Something Strange On the Monitor

The nurse was sitting at the desk at the nurse’s station charting when she saw something at the security door. She thought that it was a man trying to come in, so she pressed the button to open the doors, but there was nobody there. She assumed the person walked away. After a minute, she looked at the monitor again, and the figure was still there. She opened the doors again, and like the last time, there was nobody there. The nurse thought that she was seeing something amazing and called another nurse over to see what she thought. While this was happening, Chelsea was still fighting for her life. Mom takes dying teen off life support, but one hour later, nurse sees ‘angel’ on security cam.

It’s An Angel!

Both nurses were sure that what they were seeing was an angel. It was a figure of light, and you could clearly see wings. The nurses couldn’t believe what they were seeing, and they called the other parents and staff members so that they could witness the miracle for themselves. Colleen was one of the people who came out to witness the miracle. Everyone around was trying to take a photo of the angel on the monitor, but the figure wasn’t showing up on anyone’s photos. When Colleen took a photo, it showed up on her phone.

Chelsea’s Condition

When the commotion settled down, a nurse went to check Chelsea’s vitals. She couldn’t believe what was seeing. For the first time since being admitted, her vital signs were normal. The teenage girl was at the brink of death for days, and they even discontinued care. After the angel appeared at the pediatric ICU doors, Chelsea was out of the woods. Colleen, the staff, and the other patients were sure that they had just witnessed a miracle.

Colleen’s Opinion

When Colleen was first called to the door to see the angelic figure, she didn’t know what to think. She was sure that it was an angel, but she wasn’t sure if the angel was there to heal her daughter or to take her off to Heaven. When Chelsea suddenly got better with no explanation, Colleen was sure that the angel was there to save her daughter.

YouTube Description

Do you believe in angels? Do you believe in miracles? Many people don’t. There are many people who believe that there is no God, there is no Heaven, and there are no such things a divine intervention. A mother in North Carolina never really thought about it until the day that she witnessed a true miracle with her own eyes.

The woman’s daughter was disabled and suffering from pneumonia. The doctors and the mother decided that it was time to take the poor, suffering teen off life support and let her go. Shortly after they removed care, a figure appeared at the hospital door. When a nurse saw the figure on the security camera, she called other staff members over to see if they saw what she was seeing. Suddenly, staff members and parents were crowded around the security camera. They all tried to take photos of the image on the screen but it wouldn’t show up on any phone but one. The mother of the sick girl was the only one who could get a photo of the image. You need to see the video to see how amazing this story is.

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