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Single Mom Discovers Her Foster Baby Is Actually The Biological Sister Of Her Adopted Son

Foster Parents

Making the decision to become a foster parent is generous and selfless. There are many foster children in the system who need a good home. Some foster children have issues as a result of abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Regardless of the child’s problems, foster parents are willing to give them a place to live. In some cases, the foster parents end up adopting their foster children. Katie Price is one of them.

Katie Price

Katie Price always imagined what her life would be like one day. When she turned 30, it was much different than she thought it would be. Her marriage ended in divorce, she moved to another state, she changed her career, and she decided to become a foster parent. In a very short time, she made many major changes in her life.

Baby Grayson

When a 4-day-old baby boy was abandoned at the hospital, Katie decided that she would become his foster mother. It took nearly a year for the courts to terminate the parental rights of Grayson’s parents and when it was final, Katie adopted him. Grayson was almost a year old when he officially became Katie’s son.

Baby Hannah

A week after Grayson’s adoption became final, social services contacted Katie. They told her that a little girl was left at the hospital the same way that Grayson was. Like Grayson, she was just a few days old. Since Grayson was just a year old, she wasn’t sure if she would be able to handle it. She was worried that two children so young would be difficult to handle. Even though she knew in her heart that it would be difficult, she felt that God was telling her to say yes. Finally, she agreed to take the little girl home. Her name was Hannah.

A Shocking Discovery

When Katie got baby Hannah home, she realized that she was still wearing her hospital bracelet. She noticed that the name of Hannah’s birth mother was on the bracelet. Hannah’s mother had the same name as Grayson’s mother. Katie couldn’t believe it. Nobody told her that Hannah was Grayson’s baby sister. This single mom discovers her foster baby is actually the biological sister of her adopted son.

Looking For Proof

Katie wanted to be sure that her two children actually were brother and sister, so she tracked down Hannah’s birth mother. She confirmed that she had given birth to a son before giving birth to Hannah. Katie didn’t want to leave anything up to chance so decided to have a DNA test performed. She finally had the proof that she needed when the DNA test confirmed that Grayson and Hannah were half-siblings.

Little Resemblance

Katie wanted to have the DNA test performed because Grayson and Hannah didn’t didn’t look alike. Grayson was half African-American with dark skin and curly hair. Hannah had pale skin and straight, reddish blonde hair. She knew that different features were to be expected since the two children had different fathers, so she wanted the DNA test to be sure that they really were siblings.

Ready To Adopt

Katie likely would have adopted Hannah the way that she did with Grayson if they weren’t related. However, since she knew for a fact that these two children were brother and sister, she knew that she had to adopt Hannah as well.

A Miracle

Katie believes that it is a miracle Grayson and Hannah made it to her. She struggled over the decision to foster Hannah so soon after adopting Grayson. She says that she felt like she could hear God telling her to do it and now she knows why. She believes God brought Hannah to her so that she could be with her biological brother.

A Big Family

Katie loves Grayson and Hannah with all her heart, and they are both legally her children. The two kids now have a 5-month-old sibling who Katie is planning to adopt as soon as she can. She has always wanted a bit family, and now, her dreams are coming true.

YouTube Description

Do you believe in fate? Do you believe in miracles? Katie Price never really believed in either until two amazing children came into her life. After making some major life changes, she decided to become a foster mother to a newborn who was abandoned at the hospital. A year later, she adopted him. Just a few weeks after the adoption was finalized, a social worker contacted her to adopt another baby. As fate would have it, the baby was abandoned at the same hospital as her son, and after DNA tests, she found out that the new baby is her adopted son’s half-sister.
This story is incredible.

What are the odds that social services would ask the mother to foster a baby who turned out to be her adopted son’s sister? This story is a true miracle that brought a whole family together. You need to watch the video to believe it.

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