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Most Ridiculous Wedding Fails Caught On Film – Try Not To Crack Up

Wedding Photos

Engagement photos and wedding photos are very important to the bride and groom. These are the photos that they are going to look at for the rest of their lives; therefore, they need to be perfect. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out the way they hope. Here are some of the Most Ridiculous Wedding Fails Caught On Film – Try Not To Crack Up.


This would be an adorable wedding photo if the bride and groom‘s names didn’t start with S and M. In the picture, it appears that the happy couple is saying I do so S & M, aka bondage.

Doggy Style

This gorgeous farm is a magnificent backdrop for wedding photos. Had these two dogs not decided to get busy in the picture, it would have been perfect.

Wedding Collapse

The wedding photographer thought that standing on a dock by the water would make for a beautiful wedding photo. Unfortunately, the photographer didn’t consider how much weight the dock would hold, and it collapsed beneath the wedding party’s feet.

Taking a Peek

Kids are curious, but there is a time and a place. The little boy in this photo chose the wrong time. This poor, unsuspecting bride was dancing at her wedding, not realizing that a little boy was looking up her dress.

Bored, Tired, Drunk?

This bride was either tired of taking photos, bored with the whole process, or too drunk to take one more good picture. The look on her face should have been enough to let the photographer know that picture time was over.

Redneck Wedding?

It isn’t too often that you see a bride doing a keg stand at her wedding. This just goes to show that you never know what will happen at a wedding.

A Horrible Photobomb

This couple posed for a wedding photo on a set of stairs. Before taking the shot, the photographer should have asked the dry humping couple in the background to move. If not, the happy couple could have moved over a bit.

Creepy Uncle Sal

Everyone has that creepy uncle that you don’t want to invite to events, but you are forced to. Judging by the bride’s face in this photo, she has her own creepy Uncle Sal.

Was the Venue Warm?

It isn’t too often that the groom strips out of his tux during the reception. Maybe it was warm in the venue, or perhaps he did it on a bet. Whatever the reason, it isn’t appropriate.


This would have been a beautiful and loving photo of this couple if it weren’t for the fat shirtless guy in the background. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Most wedding photographers want to get a picture of the bride and her bridal party from behind. The photographer should have let the bridesmaids know before taking the picture because maybe they wouldn’t have chosen that moment to pick their wedgies.

Those Boxers!

Robbi was a beautiful bride, and she loves her new husband. When he pulled down his pants to reveal boxers that read, “Robbi’s Husband,” she started to second guess her decision to get married.

A Morbid Photo

At first glance, this picture is perfect. A gorgeous bride is standing with her new husband in the forest. If it weren’t for the gun in her hand or the dead body in the background, this picture would have been perfect.

Wedding Foul

Wedding cakes are extremely expensive. Many couples spend thousands of dollars on their cake. This couple wasn’t being very careful when cutting the cake, and they knocked the whole thing over. This is one of the worst things that could happen at a wedding.

Grandma Doesn’t Approve

Most couples want to capture their wedding proposal on film. This couple would have had the perfect photo if it weren’t for grandma flipping off the camera. Does she not approve of this union?

Get Off My Veil

A bride’s dress and veil are sacred. This is why this bride’s reaction is understandable when one of the groomsmen steps on her veil, stopping her in her tracks.

No Dogs Allowed

Before taking wedding photos, this couple should have put their dogs inside. There is nothing worse than a dog peeing on your wedding gown. Maybe he mistook her dress for a fire hydrant.

Fire the Bartender

Many brides want to take a shot with their friends on their wedding day. Since the bride spit out her shot and the other people in the photo look disgusted, they should have fired the bartender. Their only job is to make a tasty drink, and they failed miserably.

A Nude Beachcomber

Beachfront photos are gorgeous. This couple’s picture would have been perfect if it weren’t for the naked man climbing the rocks in the background. Did he not notice that there was a wedding going on?

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