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Couple Adopts Triplets. A Week Later, The Doctor Reveals Something Nobody Expected

Sarah and Andy Justice

Sarah and Andy Justice are a happy couple from Tulsa, Oklahoma. After three years of marriage, the couple decided that it was time to start a family. They wanted to spend a few years focused on one another as husband and wife, and now, they were ready to have children.

Trouble Conceiving

Sarah and Andy tried to conceive, but it wasn’t working. They tried for three years to get pregnant, but they weren’t successful. The stress was taking its toll on the couple, and their marriage was strained. To save their marriage and start the family they had always wanted, Sarah decided to make an appointment with a fertility doctor. Since there were no reputable fertility specialists in Tulsa, they traveled to St. Louis, Missouri. It was 2014 when they took the six-hour drive to the specialist. Unfortunately, they got bad news. Despite this, they decided not to give up.

In-Vitro Fertilization

The couple asked about in-vitro fertilization, and the doctor said that they would be good candidates. They were told that there was only a 10 percent chance that they would get pregnant. They wanted a family so badly that they decided to go through with it. This meant that Sarah would need to have hormone treatments for months before having her eggs harvested. When the couple thought about the cost of the procedure and the low risk of success, they decided to find another way to have a family. The procedure could cost up to $60,000, so they considered adoption.

The Long Process

Sarah and Andy started researching adoption and discovered that it would be a long process. The application was lengthy, and their personal lives and the living situation would be vetted. When their application was finally accepted, their home had to be evaluated. The adoption agency had to make sure that their home was fit for raising a child. When everything finally passed, they just had to wait for word that a baby was waiting for them.


Finally, the couple got the call. One of the mothers they had met with chose them to raise her child. They were thrilled that eventually, all of their prayers had been answered. They started planning for the arrival of their new baby, but things didn’t go as planned. At the last minute, the mother backed out. They were devastated, but they didn’t let it stop them from trying to have their family finally. After another round of interviews, they were chosen by another mother. Sadly, the same thing happened again.

A Phone Call

After the second mother backing out, both Sarah and Andy were discouraged. They refused to give up, and they prayed every day. Finally, their prayers were answered. A third mother chose the couple to adopt their baby. This was exciting news. Although they were afraid to get too excited, they couldn’t help themselves. The birth mother invited them to an ultrasound appointment, and the couple was thrilled. None of the other birth mothers had done this, so they had hope that the baby that she was carrying would be theirs.

Something Strange

The couple was excited to see their baby for the first time on the ultrasound, but things didn’t go the way they expected. During the ultrasound, the tech detected three heartbeats. The mother was carrying triplets. They couldn’t believe it. They had no intention of adopting three babies at the same time, but they knew that these babies were meant for them. And they weren’t prepared to have three babies, but they were up for the challenge. They always wanted a big family, so they figured that they could go through the adoption process just once and complete their family now.

Preparing For the Babies

The couple started getting ready for their new family and began buying three of everything. Although it was expensive, it wasn’t as expensive as IVF would have been. In May 2013, the birth mother’s water broke eight weeks early. The couple went to the hospital to wait for their babies to be born. They all weighed just three pounds, and they were named Hannah, Elizabeth, and Joel. The babies had to remain in the neonatal unit so they could get stronger, and Sarah and Andy admired them patiently from afar.

Crazy News

A week after the babies were born, Sarah started feeling sick. She decided to see her doctor. She wanted to make sure that she was healthy so that she could care for her three newborns when they were ready to come home. When the doctor gave Sarah the results of her tests, she couldn’t believe it. Sarah was pregnant. A few months into the pregnancy, Sarah found out that she was pregnant with twins. The news that they were going to be parents to five children shocked the couple.

A Family Of Seven

Sarah and Andy expected to adopt one baby, and they ended up adopting triplets. Sarah thought that she was barren, but she became pregnant with twins. When their story got out, people from all over were donating money and baby items to the family. With five newborns, they went through 200 diapers and 84 bottles a week.

Since the triplets were identical and the twins were as well, the couple had to figure out a way to tell their babies apart. Sarah painted each of their nails a different color. They used this method until the babies began to develop distinct features. When her babies were toddlers, Sarah found out that she was pregnant again. Finally, the Justices had the big family they had always dreamed of. Couple adopts triplets. A week later, the doctor reveals something nobody expected. From there, the surprises kept coming, and the Justices couldn’t be happier.

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