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Mother Hides Recording Device In Son’s Backpack, Which Leads To 2 Teachers Getting Fired


Autism is a developmental disorder that varies in severity. The disorder makes social interaction and communication difficult. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 59 children has autism. Boys are more likely to develop autism than girls. Statistics show that 1 in 37 children will show signs, and 1 in 151 girls will. Autism makes day to day life more complicated than it does the average person. Simple tasks like looking a person in the eye when they are speaking can be hard. Sadly, autistic children are often bullied. You would just never expect an autistic child to be bullied by a teacher the way Camden Davis was.

Camden Davis

Camden Davis has severe autism. This makes life more difficult than the average 12-year-old boy. When Camden turned 11, his mother enrolled him in a school that specialized in caring for children with special needs. She thought that it would be the best thing for him. Little did she know that it would make matters worse.

Hope Academy

The school that Camden’s mother, Milissa, enrolled him in was Hope Academy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. According to their website, they promote inclusion, encouragement, positive relationships, and recognition of student accomplishment. This all sounded great to Milissa.

Going Backward

Milissa believed that Camden would progress at Hope Academy. Instead, she noticed that his progress was going backward. Before he started Hope Academy, he was making small improvements both mentally and physically. She believed in the right school; he could improve even more. When he began to decline, she became suspicious.

Looking For Answers

Shortly after he started at Hope Academy, Camden began to having temper tantrums, peeing in the bed, and showing signs of distress. Milissa didn’t think that it was a coincidence, so she decided to try to get some answers from the school. She spoke to the school board, but each time, she got no real answers. Finally, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Hidden Device

Milissa thought that maybe a student was bullying her son, so she put a hidden recording device inside his backpack. If he was getting picked on, she was going to find out. When she listened to the recording later that day, she never expected to hear what she did. It wasn’t a student bullying her son. It was his teacher and the teacher’s assistant. This mother hides recording device in son’s backpack, which leads to 2 teachers getting fired.

The Recording

The teachers could be heard in the recording mocking Camden in front of the whole class. One teacher said, “Camden, why don’t you have anything written down? That’s why you can’t sit with everyone. Tell your momma that.” This was harsh, but the recording only got worse from there. In another part, a teacher can be heard saying, “You’re just writing a word. What is so hard about that.” Next, you could hear Camden make a noise, and the teacher mocked him. The last recording was the worst. A teacher was heard saying, “Let’s see what they do with him in f**kin school. He is going to go to Live Oak Middle. He wouldn’t last a minute there.” The recording brought Milissa to tears.


Milissa took the recording to the principal of the school, and the teachers were immediately terminated. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the end of the issue. The teachers believe that Milissa invaded their privacy by putting the device in her son’s backpack. Because of this, Milissa had to hire an attorney. She couldn’t believe that she was being made to be the bad guy for using the recording device.

Social Media

Milissa posted the recording to social media, and most people were outraged. The few who told her that it was a violation of the teachers’ privacy angered Milissa. She told these people that she would do whatever it takes to protect her son and keep him safe. She let people know that she didn’t regret what she did. If she hadn’t, her son would be bullied to this day.


Milissa says that she is sad and heartbroken that this happened to Camden. She says that she is his biggest advocate and biggest fighter for justice. She said, “No child should have to have this happen to them.” What Milissa did was far from wrong. Had she allowed things to keep going the way they were, all of the progress Camden made over the last year would have been for nothing. It is highly unlikely that this was a one-time incident and that the teacher would never bully Camden again. It was Milissa’s job to step in and get to the bottom of things by any means necessary.

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