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He Thought He Brought Home A Puppy, But Later Realized It Was Something Else

A Lost Puppy

An 18-year-old college student from Tucson, Arizona named George was walking down the street one day when he saw an abandoned puppy in a shopping cart. The puppy was adorable, and he wanted to keep him. The only problem was that he lived with his parents. Before he could get his heart set on keeping the puppy, he had to ask his parents. Fortunately, his parents thought that it would be nice to have a dog around, and they were willing to take on the responsibility. He thought he brought home a puppy, but later realized it was something else.


George named the puppy, Neo. From the moment that Neo moved in with the family, he was a bit of a terror. He often peed in George’s car. He also wouldn’t allow anyone but George to pay attention to him. This was surprising because when George was home, all Neo did was beg for his attention. When George went off to school or to work, Neo was a mess. His parents tried to bond with Neo and give Neo the attention that he craved from his owner, but he wouldn’t allow it. He only wanted George.

The Backyard

George’s parents figured that Neo would enjoy himself better in the backyard than in the house. It would give him a chance to run and play the way other dogs do. George and his family realized early on that Neo wasn’t a typical puppy. He didn’t want to play ball, he didn’t want to play fetch, and he certainly didn’t want to lounge around. Neo was athletic, smart, and sneaky. Every day, he dug his way under the fence to escape the yard. If he couldn’t get over the fence, he would jump over it.

Visiting His Friends

Each time Neo escaped from his yard, he would go down the street to the neighbor’s house to visit his friends, the German Shepherds. Neo never wanted to hang out with humans; he only wanted to be around other dogs. When the neighbors found Neo in their yard, they would try to bring him home, which often didn’t work. Neo wanted to spend time alone in their neighbor’s bathroom where he would remain until George came home to collect him. He didn’t even want the treats that the neighbors offered him. His trips to see the German Shepherds became a regular thing.

Adding Some Security

George’s parents thought that if they could strengthen the fence a bit that they could keep Neo in the yard. It was an expensive fence, and it was very strong. Unfortunately, the fence wasn’t strong enough. He had incredibly strong jaws, and he was able to bite his way through the fence. As soon as he found his escape point, he went back to visit the German Shepherds.

Running Out Of Options

When Neo kept showing up at the neighbor’s house, they had run out of options. They decided to call the local animal shelter. They figured that they could bring Neo to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona to get some help. They figured that he could stay there until George went to pick him up. When the CEO of the shelter, Maureen O’Nell, met new, she had news that shocked everyone.

Neo Wasn’t a Dog

It turned out that Neo wasn’t even a dog. His beautiful markings, his body shape, and his amber eyes were proof that Neo was a wolf, not a dog. Unfortunately, Neo being a wolf was going to cause problems for George. According to Arizona state law, residents are not allowed to have a wolf unless they are of Native American descent or if they had a special permit. The shelter wasn’t even allowed to keep Neo. If George didn’t figure something out quickly, he would need to be put down.

Wolf Connection

Maureen did some research and found some information on an organization in California called Wolf Connection. The organization has plenty of land, special facilities, and professionals who had experience with wolves and wolf-hybrids. Going there would give Neo the best life possible. All that was left to do was wait for Neo to be accepted.

His New Home

While it broke George’s heart to say goodbye to Neo, he knew that the Wolf Connection would be the best thing for him. He brought his friend there, and he said his goodbyes. When a new wolf arrives at the facility, the staff often keeps them separate so that they can ease the animal into his new home. This didn’t work for Neo. After a few hours, he had broken out of his pen and went to meet the alpha female. It wasn’t long before Neo felt right at home.

He Finally Has a Pack

Neo adjusted to his new home quickly, and he finally had the pack that he always wanted. The reason he went to the neighbor’s house each day to see the German Shepherds was because he wanted to be a member of their pack. Being part of a pack is instinct. When Neo finally had a family and enough room to run, he was happy. George was able to say goodbye knowing the Neo is better off at Wolf Connection than he was cooped up in his home.

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