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New Details All But Confirm the John Travolta Rumors (Gay)

John Travolta breaks the scene as a movie star that helps define male machismo for a new generation. His roles in such hit films as Grease and Saturday Night Fever in the late 1970s. Films feature the star as a womanizer who’s the skills to get what he wants from the ladies. Recently, the actor’s image as a womanizer is a statement of the Church of Scientology to cover up his homosexuality! Join Facts Verse as new details all but confirm the rumors that John Travolta is gay.

Over the course of John Travolta’s Hollywood career, numerous men have claimed to have had homosexual experiences with the actor. One of the men having a love affair with John Travolta is a pilot by the name of Doug Gotterba. Doug claims that he had a romantic affair with John Travolta that lasted for six years throughout the 1980s. Though John Travolta’s camp continues to deny that Doug’s tales have any veracity. His stories feature idiosyncratic details that are hard for him to make up. And they coincide with allegations from many other men of similar conduct from the movie star.

Doug Gotterba Alleged Romantic Affair with John Travolta ?

Doug Gotterba claims to have met John Travolta in 1981. In fact, Doug says that the documents prove it, as he and John meet in a professional capacity. John Travolta is looking for a new pilot, and Doug Gotterba is one of the candidates that the star interviewed. According to Doug, the interview took place in February, they have become lovers by the fall of that same year. On their first date, they go to California and share wine over dinner at the Hyatt Carmel Highlands.

After their first dinner, Doug alleges that John Travolta invited the pilot up to his room for a massage. Doug accepts the invitation and claims that things quickly turned sexual after the massage began. The relationship lasts for six years before coming to an end later in the 1980s due to increasing tensions. As a result, John hides the true nature of his sexuality from the public, as well as his obsessive tendencies. It seems that John Travolta worries that Doug is cheating on him during their six-year relationship. John shows up at Doug’s house and gets his belongings without his permission in order to find proof of infidelity.

Their relationship turns dark later on, starting as a fairy-tale romance for the movie star and his new pilot. John and Doug go on a trip to unusual cultures in Kenya, Amsterdam, and Hawaii. John takes special care so that no one in the public ever realizes what the star is really up to. He takes a woman on the trips so that he could pretend that he’s on a heterosexual getaway. While Doug ushers into the movie star’s room in secret so that the two can canoodle away from prying eyes.

Doug Gotterba Public Relationship with Brooke Shields

Doug Gotterba initially enjoyed the secrecy of his alleged affair with John Travolta. In fact, Doug claims that it’s his idea for John to start a public relationship with fellow star Brooke Shields. John’s relationship with Brooke proves the perfect cover to hide the movie star’s homosexual relationship with his pilot. Doug claims that John and Brooke never had any actual chemistry whatsoever. Despite Doug’s happiness for being John’s secret lover, the secret eventually becomes too much for the pilot to bear. Between the secrecy and John’s obsessiveness about their romance, Doug decides to end his relationship with the star.

After their relationship in the 1980s, Doug claims to have run into the movie star one subsequent time by chance. The chance meeting occurred in 1992, by which time John had married his wife Kelly Preston. Doug asks John if he is still carrying on relationships with men during his marriage, and replies that he is. Doug keeps telling about his affair with the movie star until he decides to go public in the 2010s. By the time Doug comes forward with his story, others accuse John Travolta of covering up his true sexuality. I

Prior to pilot Doug Gotterba coming forward with his tales of a supposed six-year-long romantic affair with movie star John Travolta. John had been the subject of some controversy when two anonymous male masseuses had come forward with allegations. They stated that the actor had fondled them inappropriately while they were giving him massages. The first of these anonymous male masseuses went on to retract his claims after John Travolta was able to provide an alibi. Which suggesting that he couldn’t have possibly been where it was alleged that he was. When Doug Gotterba came out with his own tales later on; John Travolta’s camp reminded the public of the accusations from the first anonymous male masseuse that had been proven false by John’s alibi.

John Travolta’s Homosexuality

From the perspective of John Travolta’s PR team; it seems that there is a conspiracy against the movie star to paint him as a homosexual. When in reality he has always been straight.  The first person to ever come forward with allegations that John Travolta was hiding his true sexuality from the public was a porn star by the name of Paul Barresi. Paul came out with his story about John Travolta all the way back in 1990. He and John Travolta had been engaged in a romantic relationship that lasted for two years. It is from 1983 to 1985. Of course, if Paul’s story were true, this would mean that John was actually cheating on Doug Gotterba with Paul Barresi. This would make John a pretty big hypocrite given how much of a hard time he gave Doug out of fear that he was being unfaithful.

According to Paul Barresi, his and John Travolta’s romantic relationship started when the movie star approached him while they were both at a gay bathhouse. John perhaps recognized the porn star from his variety of adult features, some of which Paul had even directed. After John approached him, Paul claimed that the two had sex dozens of times that night. The romantic encounter led to a two-year relationship. Similar to Doug Gotterba, Paul claimed that things ended up getting pretty weird between him and John Travolta, with the movie star proving incredibly obsessive.

Paul Barresi Alleged Relationship with John Travolta

A little over a decade after porn star Paul Barresi came forward with his tales of a supposed two-year relationship with movie star John Travolta. It was revealed that the male porn star had actually done some shady work for a celebrity attorney that painted his tale in an incredulous light. People became convinced that Paul had made his story up. And the porn star was forced to retract his tale in order to abate public harassment. Despite the fact that Paul ended up officially retracting his tale; He would later claim that he only did so because he felt pressured to. Nowadays, Paul Barresi still stands by his allegations that he had a two-year-long romantic relationship with John Travolta during the 1980s.

While Paul may have decided to go back on retracting his tale of a supposed romantic affair with John Travolta, the retraction had already done too much damage to the porn star’s already-limited credibility. John Travolta’s camp continues to point to Paul Barresi as an example of someone who is willing to make up stories in order to paint John Travolta as a gay man. With all of the many men that have accused John Travolta of being gay; the movie star’s PR team has thought of a way to discredit each one.

The Open Secret of John Travolta’s Sexuality in Hollywood

Besides all of the men that have accused John Travolta of being gay, there’s also the fact that the actor’s late close friend Carrie Fisher constantly talked about the fact that John’s gayness was an open secret in Hollywood. According to the late Carrie Fisher, all the ladies in Hollywood knew that John Travolta was gay and none of them cared. It remains uncertain how Carrie’s public statements regarding John’s sexuality affected their supposedly great friendship.

If the ladies of Hollywood have never cared that John Travolta was gay, the Church of Scientology may be another story. The church holds some decidedly homophobic beliefs, and many believe that it may have been their decision to coerce John Travolta into hiding his sexuality. The movie star has been a long-standing member of the controversial church, and many also believe that the church may have used some of it’s resources over the years to help discredit those coming forward with allegations against the star.

While many, many people claim that John Travolta’s long-standing homosexuality is an open secret in the entertainment industry, the star and his camp continue to deny it. Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that multiple male masseuses have accused movie star John Travolta of inappropriately fondling them during massages, and that several other men have claimed to have had romantic relationships with the actor in secret?

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