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Pattie Boyd Hides Nothing About Her Tragic Love Triangle

In the late 1960s, musicians George Harrison and Eric Clapton found themselves fighting over the same woman. That woman was George Harrison’s then-wife, who was a model by the name of Pattie Boyd. Eric managed to steal George’s wife away from him, all the while remaining friends with the legendary Beatles guitarist. Some have speculated that the musician used voodoo to do so! Many years after the fact, Pattie Boyd came out with an intimate account of the story. Join Facts Verse as Pattie Boyd hides nothing about her tragic love triangle.

Not all music fans know Pattie Boyd, they will be familiar with two famous songs that are written about her! She is a former model that found herself the object of affection of two competing musicians during the late 1960s. Those musicians are George Harrison and Eric Clapton. George Harrison is the lead guitarist of the most popular rock band in the world, being the Beatles. Meanwhile, Eric Clapton is the guitarist of the rock band Cream and will later break out as a solo artist.

George Harrison wrote the song “Something” for Pattie during their marriage. The song is on the Beatles’ 1969 album Abbey Road. Eric Clapton is standard if he wants to compete romantically with George, so he wrote the song “Layla”. Eric is recording the song with his new band, Derek and the Dominos. It is on the band’s 1970 albums “Layla” and “Other Assorted Love Songs”. Before the album’s release, Eric premiered the song to Pattie in private.

Eric had already expressed his romantic interest to Pattie before showing her the song that he had written for her. According to her, Eric played the song three times over for her before asking her what she thought. Pattie claims she worries that the public will know the song is about her upon its release. However, this didn’t end up being the case. Pattie impresses by the fact that Eric wrote the song about her that she finally falls into the guitarist.

Things only got more serious between Pattie and Eric later that evening. Pattie went to a party while George stayed home. Eric Clapton ended up being at the same party, and he and Pattie began socializing. George showed up at the party later and wasn’t happy when he saw how close Pattie and Eric were getting. Upon approaching the two, Eric tells Geroge that he is in love with his wife.

Pattie Boyd and George Harrison met in 1964, while the Beatles were filming A Hard Day’s Night. Pattie starts working in the film as a schoolgirl, and the appearance of the band’s guitarist immediately affects her. She is dating somebody else at the time, she can’t help but fall for George’s advances. It turns out that he felt the same way.

George Harrison apparently mockingly asked Pattie Boyd to marry him during their initial conversation. Although the guitarist was just goofing around, the two ended up marrying only a few years later. After dating for some time, Pattie and George ended up tying the knot in 1966. It is only several years into their marriage that George wrote the iconic song “Something” for his new wife. Things turn for the worse in their relationship already.

In 1968, the Beatles go on their trip to India, where they study metaphysical concepts alongside the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. After coming back from this trip, George Harrison takes over yoga and esotericism. Pattie didn’t quite like the impact that these newfound fascinations is on her husband. George Harrison impresses by the yogi way of life that those various gurus have stable concubines. Upon his return to America, it was George’s goal to emulate this trait of the yogis. In doing so, he began to be rampantly unfaithful to Pattie Boyd.

After returning from India with his bandmates, George Harrison began cheating on his wife a great deal. During this time period, Pattie became incredibly depressed. This opened up the opportunity for Eric Clapton to step in and seduce her. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! Also, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to know when more Facts Verse videos upload!

Pattie is hurt that George Harrison expresses romantic interest in other women during their marriage. One of the women that Pattie suspects involving her husband are a former flame of Eric’s Clapton. George invites her to come to stay with him and Pattie after they broke up. George explains to his wife that she needs a place to stay because she is distraught. However, Pattie began noticing that the woman didn’t seem very distraught, and instead seemed to be spending quite a bit of time fraternizing with her husband.

After a brief time period of Pattie coexisting under one roof with George Harrison and Eric Clapton’s former flame, Pattie apparently gave her husband an ultimatum. Pattie stays out of the house and tells George that she isn’t going to return until the other woman is gone. A short time later, George called her up and told her that the woman was, indeed, gone and that Pattie could come back. However, this incident is far from being the only incident wherein, as if George is open to the idea of loving another woman.

As things got worse and worse between Pattie Boyd and George Harrison, Eric Clapton began coming over more and more. George and Eric had become friends, with the latter often coming over to the former’s house so that they could work on music together. However, it now seems as if the real reason that Eric may have been coming over was so that he could get closer to Pattie. Though Pattie claims that Eric was incredibly shy around her at the time, the guitarist managed to win her over with his subtle charm. Eric apparently took the time to notice small things about her, which was something that George had long since stopped doing.

He knew that he couldn’t have Pattie, so he ended up setting his sights on Pattie’s teenage sister. He also met Pattie’s younger sister, Paula, in 1969, when Pattie took her along to a concert. The two became instantly smitten, and Paula was soon living with Eric at his mansion. However, Paula’s not enough for Eric, and still felt that he needed Pattie. It was around this time period that Eric wrote “Layla”. Before inviting Pattie Boyd over to listen to the song, Eric Clapton wrote her an anonymous letter expressing that he was still in love with her. Pattie had initially assumed that a crazed fan had written the letter. However, a later phone call from Eric revealed that it was, in fact, he who had written it.

Pattie Boyd was born in 1944 and was working as a shampoo girl during her teenage years when someone spotted her that worked for the magazine Honey. That person offered Pattie a job as a model, and the work led to appearances in other magazines, including Elle and Vogue. Before long, Pattie was offered her aforementioned life-changing role in A Hard Day’s Night. Pattie had been given her role in the film after having worked with director Richard Lester in a series of commercials beforehand.

George Harrison and Pattie Boyd married in 1966, and remained married until 1977, despite the fact that their marriage had begun deteriorating soon after it’s inception. Two years after officially divorcing from George Harrison, Pattie went on to tie the knot with Eric Clapton in 1979, a decade after he had written the song “Layla” for her. Sadly, the love story between Pattie and Eric didn’t end up turning out much better than the one between her and George. Soon into their marriage, Eric began cheating on Pattie with various other women. Much of this behavior was spurred on by Eric’s worsening pattern of substance abuse.

After a decade of trying to make things work, Pattie and Eric ended up divorcing in 1989. After divorcing from Eric Clapton, Pattie Boyd decided that she didn’t want to date any more rock stars. Instead, she went on to find a third husband in property developer Rod Weston. The two began dating in 1991, shortly after Pattie’s divorce from Eric. However, they decided that they wanted to take things slow, and didn’t end up getting married until just recently, in 2015.

Although Pattie Boyd coming out with her intimate account of what happened between her, George Harrison, and Eric Clapton put a good deal of speculation to rest regarding the love triangle, there are some that believe that what really happened between the three involved voodoo. There are many who think that Eric Clapton used voodoo in order to steal George Harrison’s wife from him, and those who theorize such things also credit said voodoo with George Harrison and Eric Clapton remaining friends after the latter stole the former’s wife. According to those who believe these tales, Eric Clapton learned voodoo from fellow musician Dr. John, who allegedly gave the guitarist a love potion that he then gave to Pattie Boyd, resulting in her leaving George.

Although Eric Clapton worked tirelessly for years to win Pattie Boyd from George Harrison, he ended up cheating on her soon after they got married. Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that two of the biggest rock songs ever were written about a former model by the name of Pattie Boyd, and that she is still around today? As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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