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On The Eve Of Their 75th Wedding Anniversary, This Elderly Couple Finally Fulfilled A Lifelong Wish

Jeanette and Alexander

Jeanette and Alexander’s love story began in Stamford, Connecticut. They were both born in 1919 to Polish-immigrant parents. The two met when they were just 8-years-old. Even at that young age, they knew that they were destined to be together. When Alexander was young, he carried around a picture of Jeanette in her Holy Communion outfit. Over time, the couple’s love grew and grew. Finally, in 1940, the two were married.

Off To War

Shortly after they were married, Alexander joined the United States Navy as a telegraph operator. This was around the time that World War II was beginning. He was sent to the Pacific to battle Japan. Fortunately, he came home to his wife safely when his time in the service was over.

Settling Down

When Alexander came home, they were finally able to live together like a normal married couple. Alexander took a job in the advertising industry in New York City, where he worked for the next 20-years. During this time, the couple did some traveling. They had adventures in tropical places such as Bermuda. The two made the most of every moment they had together.


Alexander and Jeanette always wanted a big family. They had five children, Aimee, Richard, Donna, Lynne, and Andra. They were a close family who spent plenty of time together. In the early ’70s, the couple decided they needed a change of scenery. They moved from the East Coast to San Diego, California. When they moved there, Alexander started his own marketing company called Blue Sky. He specialized in advertising and fashion photography. Wanting to spend as much time with Jeanette as possible, he made it a family business. She worked as the chief stylist. When Alexander wasn’t working or spending time with his wife, he enjoyed his two passions, golf, and art.

Hearts Beating As One

Over the years, Alexander and Jeanette’s love for one another remained strong. Their daughter, Aimee, said that she always remembered her parents’ hearts beating as one. When their children grew up, their family continued to grow. They had ten grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. They had an amazing life filled with career success, family, and love.

Hard Times

In 2015, Alexander’s health began to fail. He fell and broke his hip, which was when his health took a rapid decline. By now, he was 95-years-old. He didn’t want to leave Jeanette’s side, so the family hired people to care for him in the couple’s home. Even though he was going fast, he needed to be close to Jeannette. He has a hospital bed right beside where Jeanette slept. He couldn’t stand the idea of being away from his wife.

Jeanette’s Health Fails

As Alexander got weaker and weaker, Jeanette began showing signs that her health was declining as well. She wasn’t well physically, and mentally, she was often confused. She lost track of time, and she didn’t know what time of year it was and frequently asked her children. When they told her that it was June, she hoped that it was the 29th. June 29th was the day that she and Alexander would celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary. It was a few days short of their Diamond Anniversary, but their children decided to tell her that it was their anniversary. Her family brought flowers and balloons to their home to mark their anniversary. This was huge for the couple because one of their wishes was to spend their Diamond Anniversary together.

A Second Request

Alexander and Jeanette had a second request. They wanted to die together, in their bed, holding hands, while in each other’s arms. Sadly, that didn’t happen. Alexander passed away first on June 17th. He was holding his wife’s hand when he passed. When he went, she said, “See this is what you wanted. You died in my arms, and I love you. I love you. Wait for me. I’ll be there soon.”

Jeanette Passes

Less than 24-hours after Alexander died, Jeanette passed. Their children believe that their love was so strong that they couldn’t not be together, so Jeanette let go. Fortunately, they were able to grant one of their parent’s final wishes. Alexander and Jeanette were buried together on their true anniversary, June 29th.

It Was Love

Alexander and Jeanette’s children knew that their parents loved one another. Their caretakers were blown away by the love that the two shared. The fact that they passed away less than 24 hours from one another was the most fantastic love story the nurses and hospice workers had ever heard. This is a love story for the books. On the eve of their 75th wedding anniversary, this elderly couple finally fulfilled a lifelong wish.

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