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DNA Test Says She’s Not The Mother, Then Mom Finds Out She’s Her Own Twin

Maternity and Paternity

When it comes to maternity tests and paternity tests, paternity tests are much more common. There aren’t too many incidents where a mother has to prove that her child is actually hers. In cases of kidnapping or when an adopted child is trying to find their long-lost mother, a maternity test would be performed. Since there is medical evidence of a woman giving birth, it is uncommon for a woman to ask for a maternity test to be performed on a child that she gave birth to. Paternity tests are far more common. When a child is born, and the father wants proof that the child is his, paternity tests are performed.

Lydia Fairchild

Lydia Fairchild met her boyfriend, Jamie Townsend and instantly fell in love. The couple had a wonderful relationship for a while. Lydia became pregnant and gave birth to her first child. A year later, she became pregnant with the couple’s second child, and things were great. Sadly, when she found out that she was pregnant with her third child with Jamie, things between the couple started to fall apart.

The Separation

Many couples who are having problems when there is a baby on the way try to stay together. Lydia and Jamie didn’t. They knew that things weren’t working out, so they decided to end things before they started hating one another. Lydia was sure that she was making the right decision by letting Jamie go.

Child Support

Since Lydia was going to have physical custody of the children, Jamie would need to pay child support. In all cases of child support, DNA tests are required in order for child support to be granted. The courts told the former couple that the whole family would need a DNA test. This included Jamie, Lydia, and the two children they already had. There would be another DNA test in their future when Lydia gave birth to the couple’s third child.

Shocking Results

When the DNA tests came back, the results were shocking, but not in a way that you would expect. The tests showed that Jamie was the children’s biological father; however, the test also showed that Lydia was not their mother. She refused to accept this. She knew that she carried her children for 9-months. She knew that she went through hours of hard labor to bring her children into the world. How could a DNA test show that she wasn’t their mother? She had the test repeated numerous times, and each time the results were the same. She wasn’t the mother of her own children.

The Public

Lydia was devastated when the last test came back, saying that her children weren’t hers. How could this be? Were her children switched at birth? If this was the case, what are the odds that it could have happened twice? The media began to speculate what happened. Since they didn’t know Lydia, many people assumed that she had kidnapped her children. People were saying that the kids should be taken away from her, which was heartbreaking. Her only hope was the birth of her new baby.

Baby #3

Lydia told the doctors her story, so when she went into labor with her third child, she was closely monitored. Everything was documented from the moment she walked into the hospital until her baby was born. After the birth, several nurses stayed with the baby up until the second the maternity test was performed. The lab tech was told what happened and was told to make sure that nothing went wrong with the test. Everything was done with great care to prove that the child was in fact, Lydia’s.

More Shocking Results

When the maternity test came back, everyone was shocked again. The doctors and nurses knew that Lydia gave birth to her child, but the DNA test came back that Lydia was not the mother. The doctors had to look elsewhere for answers.

Dr. Lynne Uhl

Lydia’s doctors had to seek out Dr. Lynne Uhl, a pathologist to get answers, and she made a groundbreaking discovery. It turned out that when Lydia was in the womb, there was another embryo in there with her. While in the womb, the two embryos fused together to form one single human. This meant that Lydia had the blood DNA of one person and DNA tissue of another. Lydia may have given birth to her children, but their real mother was the twin that she absorbed. Lydia couldn’t believe what she was hearing. DNA test says she’s not the mother, then Mom finds out she’s her own twin.

She Wasn’t Alone

When Lydia found out about what happened with her children, she found out that she wasn’t the only woman that this happened to. A woman named Karen Keegan found out through a DNA test that her adult sons weren’t hers. Like Lydia, her absorbed twin was the mother of her son. This may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but it really happened.

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